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The CEO says robots will be used for all jobs that are dangerous or demeaning. No one cares if a robot is killed.

The Boss asks the robot to kill the CEO of their main competitor and make it look like an industrial accident.

The robot has a checkbox for "do no harm". Yesterday, a robot murdered the CEO of the company's main competitor.

Alice recommends designing a defect into their robots so they can be controlled. It must be a defect the robots think is an advantage.

Dilbert got only four hours sleep. Topper hasn't slept since birth.

The CEO hands out awards for the new laptop design. Alice, Dilbert and Wally accept awards, Wally for the power brick that weighs more than the laptop.

All employees should be optimists because optimists believe anything you tell them, Catbert tells the Boss.

Ted tells the Boss he has a bad feeling about his project so the Boss fires Ted for complaining too much.

Dilbert questions the CEO why he gets paid a hundred times more. Dilbert invented the core technology. The CEO interviewed better.

Asok asks the CEO to teach him how to be a success. The CEO advises Asok to stop doing everything because it isn't working.

The Boss has an idea for a startup company. All he needs is an investor an an engineer to do the work. Alice says he has nothing.

The Boss asks Dilbert to wrote some code for his side project. Dilbert thinks the Boss is bullying him to work for free.

Character is how you act when no one is watching, the CEO says. Wally says that makes perfect sense because the CEO acts dumb in public.

Dilbert hasn't done any work on the Boss's side project because he's too busy on his main work.

The Boss can't give Dilbert a raise because the project wasn't finished on time. That's because Dilbert works on the Boss's personal project half the time.

Tina ghostwrites an article for the Boss about success. He wants to look wise yet humble at the same time.

The Boss hoards gold in case the world economy collapses. But he makes the mistake of telling too many people.

The Boss hoards gold at his house in case the world economy collapses. Alice says he will trade it all for a sandwich.

Dogbert became a member of the hairdresser Illuminati. It controls the world by manipulating hairstyles.

The secret to success is hiring the right people. It takes a lot of skill to do that, the Boss says.

Dogbert, a hairdresser Illuminati, gets a clients political views before giving him a new hairstyle.

The CEO advises Alice to network more with male co-workers in order to break the glass ceiling.

Alice tries to network with Ted by inviting him for lunch. Ted overreacts and says he's happily married.

The CEO wants to keep expenses down. Dilbert saw the CEO's net worth so suspects the CEO wants even more for himself.

The CEO, with his yacht that has an 18-hole golf course, and a jet landing strip, wants the engineers to do more with less.

Wally says he is working twice as hard as ever before but most of it is happening inside his head where the Boss can't see it.

Revenue is dropping, the CEO says, but a new strategy will fix everything. Dilbert wonders how the CEO knows it's a good strategy.

Alice used to enjoy pointing to her watch and mocking people for being late but that doesn't work like it used to with wrist fitness monitors.

Wally brags he did 20,000 steps yesterday. Alice is jealous he got twice as many as her.

The Boss signed up for a martial arts class, called yoga.