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The Boss asks an interviewee for his process on solving a problem. The candidate says he would ignore it for a week to find out if it was important.

The Boss asks for ideas for a tagline for the new product. Like "just do it".

A co-worker says he works sixty hours per week. Dilbert says he must be a lousy employee if he needs to work that many hours to keep his job.

The CEO says trusting yourself is the key to success. Dilbert asks if that applies even when he's wrong.

Ted died in his cubicle a week ago and they just found him. That's why he was a good listener.

A presenter asks for questions. Alice asks if he accidentally stabbed himself in the brain.

Dogbert says motivation is a form of magical thinking in which you imaging your words can turn useless people into high achievers.

Carol asks Dilbert for advice. Her son is trying to pick a major for college. Dilbert recommends banking.

Dilbert asks for time off as long hours are taking a toll on him. The Boss says that would defeat the point of being an employee.

Dilbert has always wanted to write a Sci-Fi novel. He asks Dogbert if he should follow his dreams.

Dilbert has writer's block. Dogbert recommends just starting to write.

Dilbert tells everyone he's working on a novel. He can use social influence for motivation.

Dilbert, who was supposed to be organising the company picnic, invents a brain stimulator to regulate his mood.

Dilbert wears a brain stimulator to avoid boredom while he's organising the company picnic.

Dilbert wears a brain stimulator to avoid boredom during conversations. He tests it with Tina who says she's a foodie.

A co-worker has a different personality type than Alice. One type is not better or worse, just different. She's competent, he's a waste of space.

With his brain stimulator, Dilbert can enjoy meetings no matter how boring they are. He gets paid and enjoys work.

Dilbert explains his brain stimulator to a woman at a party. She says she could not be attracted to a false personality.

Dilbert's brain stimulator malfunctioned for a moment and he killed Ted in a cafeteria brawl.

Police arrest Dilbert for killing Ted, even though it was a malfunction in his brain stimulator.

Dilbert explains to the police officer it was his brain stimulator that killed Ted, not Dilbert.

Dogbert, as Dilbert's lawyer, will argue Dilbert can't get a fair trial by jury because all the people like Dilbert are already in jail.

Dilbert meets a woman who works in an industry that will be destroyed by an app that he is building.

Robots Read News: Engineers cannot be found guilty of murder because good engineers know how to get away with murder.
Note: robots read news

The Boss likes to take long walks instead of having sit-down meetings. It's hard to walk, read, think, talk, and drink coffee at the same time.

The Boss survives falling off a bridge. The search team couldn't find him because he ended up a mile downstream.

The CEO announces replacing the company health plan with nano robots.

The company will inject nano robots into employee's bloodstreams to keep them free of disease and rewire their brains to be more effective.

The nano robots in Wally are slowing down. He is demotivating them and they are dying.

Everyone should act like entrepreneurs, but they can't take risks, act like a boss or get financial rewards.

Wally killed ten thousand medical nano robots in his blood, so is the biggest mass murderer of robots in history.