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Wally, the chief economist, actually got something right, so is called the best economist of the age. Wally only wants cash.

Will Wally win the Nobel Prize for Economics? No, there is no such thing according to Dick from the Internet.

Dick from the Internet asks Alice if there's anything he can mock. She points out a blog comment she's writing.

Dilbert writes an app that evaluates job candidates based on their online footprint. Example: no friends, no family and lots of submissions to Github.

The CEO asks the employees to use 20 percent of their time to work on their own project ideas. But still work on company projects for 100 percent of the time.

A job candidate is assessed by an app to be a serial mansplainer with an unsuccessful dating history.

Alice says her project team is full of useless mansplainers. They explain things to her but she knows more than they do.

A mansplainer wants to explain the corporate network to Alice even though she designed it.

Tina complains to the Boss about off-colour jokes she hears from the engineering department. The Boss will talk to the guys about it.

Tina complained about Alice's foul language creating a hostile work environment.

Catbert says there's an employee who embellished his resume, saying he accomplished things while working for the Boss.

Dilbert pays compliments to Alice because experts say leaders should surround themselves with people they admire. Alice is creeped out by his compliments.

One of the Boss's employees keeps embellishing his accomplishments. The CEO says to fire him if he works in engineering and promote him if he's in marketing.

Wally filed seventeen patents in the past month. It'll be three years before they'll know if the patents will be accepted.

The CEO awards Wally employee of the year for filing the most patent applications. None of them have been granted yet.

Wally uses his employee of the year trophy as a coffee mug because it gives him credibilty with other people.

Wally drinks coffee from his employee of the year trophy to get new ideas.

Wally invents a coffee mug with two handles. Alice says its Wally's best idea yet.

Dilbert and Alice try to decide where to go for lunch. They can't decide because of negative reviews.

Marketing says Wally's double-handled coffee mug could be a big seller. The Boss asks Wally to brainstorm with other engineers for features.

Dilbert and Alice suggest new features for Wally's double-handled coffee mug.

Wally complains his coffee mug invention has been ruined with useless features. He suggests canceling the project.

Dilbert asks an interview candidate if he smokes. Smarter people don't smoke.

Dilbert says the root cause of the company's problems is people. They are buggy.

Tim introduces himself to Dilbert. Dilbert forms a snap judgment about Tim.

Dilbert gives the Boss an estimate for the requested work. Four hours or seven months, depending on how much interruption Dilbert gets.

Dilbert asks a co-worker if the estimates are current. The co-worker interprets the question as an attack.

Tina complains she didn't get the promotion she deserves. Alice thinks she didn't deserve it.

Tina didn't have a strategy for getting a promotion because she felt she deserved the promotion

Dilbert suggests leaning-in when Tina complains she didn't get a promotion.