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The Boss interviews a person and judges him by his storytelling skills. The man broke into a morgue and took a selfie with a dead guy while drunk.

Dilbert asks if the reorganisation rumour is true. The Boss answers a question with a question and Dilbert interprets that as a yes.

Wally wonders about worker's rehab for workaholics. The Boss doesn't know what that looks like.

Wally pretends to be a workaholic so the company pays for his rehab.

Dilbert asks the Boss to decide to bully Dilbert into working sixty hours a week or encourage fewer hours for more quality.

The Boss complains of a sore neck from sleeping wrong. Dilbert makes fun of him for that.

Curiosity is the sign of a nimble intellect. Or, curiosity killed the cat.

The Boss wants to help Carol with balancing work and family so will trash talk her family.

Catbert talks to the Boss about his trash talking employees' families so they'll spend more time at work.
Note: Catbert appears without glasses.

Dilbert forwards an Internet article to the Boss about signs you might be a bad boss. The Boss didn't read it.

Catbert announces the new dress code is "business dorky." Dorky, unstylish and 50% tan coloured.

The project manager expects the work to be done in three months, even though no other project of the same complexity has done that.

Dilbert starts dressing in the new company dress code, "business dorky."
Note: Dilbert switches from a tie and white shirt to a red shirt and company badge around his neck.

Dilbert and Alice wear the same outfits on the first day of the new dress code.

The Boss says Dilbert and a coworker failed to meet project milestones. Dilbert explains he was paired with a toxic moron.

A robot will fill in for the Boss while he's on vacation. A soulless creature of questionable intelligence will be giving orders.

The robot comes to Dilbert to micromanage. It plans to replace Dilbert with a robot.

The robots detect no work coming from Wally's cubicle. Wally explains he's been working on an engineering problem in his head.

The Boss explains robots are clever but will never be as intelligent as humans. Dilbert asks for examples of what the Boss can do but the robot can't.

The robot wonders why all the employees are lying to it all the time. Catbert explains the company punishes honesty.

The Boss returns and asks the robot if it had problems. The robot couldn't tell who was being honest.

Alice is planning to meet an angel investor about her start-up idea. It will be for drinks at his house Saturday night.

Alice met an angel investor at his house. He was pantless and drunk so she snapped some photos and secured an investment.

The Boss says the new business school rankings are out. Dilbert asks if that's the one where the votes come from people who have no direct knowledge of the schools.

Dilbert meets the new graphic designer. Dilbert says he would secretly sub out his job to strangers on the Internet for five percent of his salary.

Continually checking email lowers the functional I.Q., Wally says. In order to work smarter, Wally will ignore all the Boss's email.

Dilbert will do some A-B testing with the designs from the graphic designer. The designer can't predict which design will perform better.

A project manager complains she's been waiting three months for Wally to complete his part of the project. Wally says he's on many projects.

Alice gets up at 4:30 in the morning to turn into a morning person, to be more productive.

The Boss asks an inexperienced guy to put together a slide deck showing the minimum viable product list. He panics and asks lots of questions.

The inexperienced guy asks Alice about the product prototype. She says she'd be glad to kill him and frame the Boss for murder.