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The winner of the CEO's Technology Challenge is Wally, who suggests bringing water to Elbonia in a box. Wally's was the only entry.

The Boss tells Catbert he hired people with different perspectives to benefit from thought diversity. However they all disagree with everything the Boss says so they must be idiots.

The Boss says it takes money to make money. Dilbert wants to know where the first money came from.

Alice tells Wally her weekend consisted of being wrapped in a blanket and lying on the couch watching bad TV shows until she smelled really bad.

The Boss asks Alice to not use Facebook at work. She says fine, she'll do it in the evening instead of doing three hours of unpaid work.

Wally wants to spend time on Facebook at work but doesn't have any friends. He asks if he can friend Dilbert.

Carol complains the Boss presses the public address button on his phone while making calls. She's not sure if he's talking to his doctor or really bad at talking dirty to his wife.

Dogbert offers advice on the habits of famous leaders. Work sixteen hours a day, reading in their spare time, and eating cake.

The CEO meets Asok randomly. Asok offers his hand to shake, but the CEO only touches people who own boats.

Dilbert tells the other engineers he is vetting his idea with them. He stipulates that all engineers hate ideas that are not their own.

The Boss asks if Dilbert ran his idea past his peers. Dilbert replies they hated it, but they also say the Boss is incompetent and annoying, so how could they trust their opinions?

Wally says the company needs infinite people just like the Boss, preferably all with typewriters.

The CEO asks for suggestions on how to foster a culture of innovation. Dilbert suggests giving less work and stop critisising every idea they've ever had.

The Boss says he'll fight for Alice when the managers meet to talk about promotions. Alice is horrified her promotion prospects depend on the Boss and not her.

Wally tries out a new fragrance, part pepper spray and part gym socks. It's to drive off possible romantic applicants.

If they raise forty thousand dollars for charity, the Boss will shave his head. Wally responds if they raise no money at all, he will shave his head.

Dilbert gets an incomprehensible note from the Boss, so he "flermmed the plootash.

Ted has a picture of his kids on his desk even though personal items are not allowed.

Dilbert finds a story on the Internet about the CEO's fabulous lifestyle. Yacht, penthouse in New York, estate, art, it's all there.

Dilbert tries to get a committee to agree with his plan. They don't want to.

The engineers try to get Alice to work less, so they won't look bad by comparison.

The Boss sends a drone to do his hardest task: management by walking around. Now he doesn't have to walk around.

Asok surrounds himself with people who are positive influences. He starts with Alice.

The Boss attributes Dilbert's problems to his lack of creativity.

Dogbert gives Dilbert a box containing a cat that is neither dead nor alive.

The CEO says the key to success is knowing what you do. The engineers acknowledge that and all quit.

The Boss hired an engineer from Google who has now evolved into a form of pure energy. He's a bit arrogant.

The engineer at Google who is now pure energy is sucked dry by Wally's apathy.

Carol doesn't like to talk with Alice because she turns every statement into a negative. Alice likes to be perceived as a monster.

The CEO tells the Boss they must be willing to kill or cannibalise their best businesses. The Boss says he's been killing their best businesses for years.

Dogbert teaches the Boss some practices of companies with nothing in common to his. They'll fit like a foot in a glove.