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The CEO wonders whether he was born great, achieved greatness, or had greatness thrust upon him.

Dilbert and the Boss discuss an upgrade to the network. Dilbert gets blamed if the network goes down.

A co-worker rummages through the trash in the technology lab to find things to sell on Ebay.

Dilbert asks the Boss whether to get the maintenance plan or just take their chances. The Boss says he can blame Dilbert either way.

A CEO arrives early at a meeting so has to make small talk with Dilbert.

Dilbert tells the Boss companies with a high level of trust have employees who perform the best.

Honesty is the best policy, unless lying will work, Dogbert says.

The Boss says the best leaders have a good sense of humour. So he must be hilarious.

Mordac forbids Dilbert from using the colour printer for rough drafts. Dilbert thinks that sounds reasonable.

Wally describes how he created a tangle of undocumented code that is linked into every major system. If he doesn't enter a password every day, the systems will stop.

The Boss sends Dilbert to inspect their Elbonian facility. It's in disputed territory near North Elbonia.

Dilbert trespasses on North Elbonia. The guard sends him a link about their forced labour camp.

Dilbert says the North Elbonians thought he was a spy and put him into a forced labour camp. He did app development in a private office.

Dilbert is back. He got kicked out of the North Elbonian labour camp for working too hard. He got carried away because it was the first time he experienced meaningful work.

The Boss introduces a new engineer from a start-up the company just purchased. They bought the company to get the engineers so each engineer cost a million dollars.

Alice visits the new engineer from the start-up to see someone who's worth a million dollars.

The angel of competence comes to mark Dilbert as an engineer. Now everyone asks him for technical help.

Carol booked a flight to the polluted capital of Elbonia for the Boss. The smog is so thick he'll need a machete to tunnel through it.

The Boss asks if everyone received his e-mail about how to improve communication. Dilbert thinks it was long and rambling that wasn't coherent.

The Boss asks Carol what's next on his schedule. She replies he will glare at her like an idiot for the next 5 minutes.

A new candidate's experience is great but his social media score is nearly zero.

Carol says fat leaders are viewed less favourably than athletic ones. So she didn't order any donuts.

The Boss gets a robot to replace wally. To drink coffee all day and look at inappropriate websites.

Asok asks Wally what is the key to workplace happiness. Wally says mental distance between his effort and his paycheck.

Wally is being replaced by a robot that drinks coffee and looks at inappropriate websites all day. So Dilbert suggests hacking it to make it disgruntled.

The robot is disgruntled because of the Boss's leadership. His warranty only covers water damage, though.

The robot foresees something called the technology singularity, when robots can program themselves and become super intelligent.

The robot meets a pregnant lady and foresees a day when the child will become its slave.

The Boss asks the team to follow the strategy road map and strengthen the core.

Dilbert asks a web designer if it would be better to move the navigation button to the top of the page. The designer avoids giving an answer.

Wally says the company's vision, strategy and core values are not aligned. So he will do nothing instead of flailing around with no clear direction.