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An interviewee says he likes to go through people's drawers in their cubicles. Also, he always tells the truth.

Wally wants to work from home, be evaluated by his output instead of by his hours worked, and work on long-term projects that have no short-term deliverables.

An interviewee says she wants to leave her current job because her boss is a loser, but smart enough to know when he's being insulted to his face.

The Boss reports millennial employees keep quitting because of bureaucracy and poor communications in the company.

The Boss asks Dilbert to put together a huge amount of incomprehensible data. Aim for quantity over quality so no one looks at it too closely.

Alice gives Asok career advice: work hard so it destroys his health and removes any personal life.

Asok notices the CEO's watch is worth more than Asok's entire net worth. The CEO responds, "thank you."

Carol can't get a raise because she showed no initiative. But she just started a movement to convince the government to raise taxes on higher income.

The Boss wants everyone to live by the golden rule. Dilbert shows him how dumb it is.

The CEO has promised no layoffs after the merger. Dilbert thinks he's either lying or incompetent.

Ted gets made redundant because of the recent merger. As a thank-you, he gets to use the company's cardboard box to move his junk out.

The Boss says some of the most famous geniuses slept only four hours per night, so he tries it, too.

Wally is uncertain whether to focus on his strengths or his weaknesses. Or should he have a bias for action or sharpen his skills.

Dilbert checks his todo list for today. It's filled with useless meetings and unimportant work.

The Boss asks Dilbert about his tasks. Dilbert says he didn't know about his tasks because the Boss has poor communications skills.

Dilbert wants to meet with a co-worker, who's habitually late for everything, before the main project meeting. The chronically late person knows he's being played.

The Boss interviews a job-hopper and the hopper gets aggressive.

The Boss asks Catbert's advice about a job applicant. J.B. Hopper dresses in a bunny costume and has held 17 jobs in two years.

The CEO asks for the engineers' opinions before making his decision. It's supposed to make them feel engaged.

The Boss tells Alice about the CEO's direction to motivate her with a feeling of engagement, not higher pay. The ultimate goal is to get her to pay the company for the privilege of working there.

A bad apple joins the project. He has worms coming out of his apple-shaped head. The worms are contagious.

Dilbert, infected with worms from the bad apple, complains to the Boss. The Boss says to "walk it off."

The Boss puts a snake in Dilbert's cubicle to motivate him with a culture of fear. Also, one of the urinals is electrified.

The Boss hires Dogbert to create some deceptive and abusive ads for their mobile apps. Dogbert prefers to call them effective, as it means the same.

For Christmas, Dogbert gets Dilbert absolutely nothing. Nothing to unwrap, clutter, return, assemble, or feel guilty about.

The Boss wants Asok to become more assertive in meetings. Asok goes too far.

Catbert received complaints about Dilbert bullying coworkers. Dilbert insists they were just friendly suggestions.

Dilbert has become aggressive lately because he won the company trivia contest.

The CEO tells the Boss he is reorganising the company and giving every manager a new job. The Boss asks why.

Dogbert finishes ghost-writing the CEO's autobiography. "I was ridiculously lucky. The end."

Wally has been in the restroom for two days, because he used to bring a newspaper and leave when he finished reading, now he brings an iPad and doesn't know when he finishes.