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The Boss asks Dilbert to develop relationships with school kids in order to attract them away from the big companies.

An interviewee engineer tells the Boss Google offered him a million dollars per year. The Boss can only offer him a chance to change the world.

Since Dilbert did such good work this week, the Boss gives permission for him to leave early.

The Boss reads a news article about LIBOR rates but does not understand it. He reads an article about the Higgs Boson but doesn't understand it either.

The Boss asks an interview candidate if his facial tatoo might be bad for his career. The candidate says no, and asks the Boss if overeating was a bad idea.

Dogbert invents a new fracking technology by grinding poor people into slurry and pumping it into shale.

Wally likes to have opinions because it feels good.

A co-worker realises he loves the sound of his own voice. He can talk as much as he wants in meetings.

The Boss puts Dilbert on a project with Topper, Loud Howard and the new guy who loves the sound of his own voice.

The Boss announces their biggest competitor just went out of business. Anticipation for their next product meant that no one bought their current product and they ran out of money.

During a performance review, the Boss tells Dilbert he doesn't take criticism well. Dilbert goes nuts after hearing one little thing.

The Boss tells Tina she lacks confidence during her performance review. Tina blasts the Boss in return.

The CEO tells the Boss that Dilbert came to him with a suggestion. He tells the Boss to never let that happen again.

The Boss, Alice and Dilbert look at a resume that is full of lies and exaggerations.

The CEO tells Dilbert to not speak directly to him again.

Alice's work saved the company ten million dollars this year but she can't get a bonus because the CEO wants to write down $500 million for acquisitions gone bad.

The Boss asks Alice to express her opininos if she has any issues. She responds by saying she hates every particle in his body and hopes the tree of knowledge falls on his head and kills him.

The Boss tells Dilbert to stop expressing his opinions of the company's marketing campaign in company e-mail.

The company lawyer tells the CEO they need to turn over all internal emails to the court.

Dilbert tells the CEO the company's only hope for survival is to innovate in ways that cannibalise their current products.

The Boss wants Dilbert to cloudwash their software, because no one would take the company seriously unless they're doing something in the cloud.

Asok offers advice to the CEO. The CEO turns his CEO eye lasers on the poor intern.

Dilbert greets a co-worker who hasn't reponded to many e-mails, texts or voice mails. Dilbert makes him feel as uncomfortable as possible.

A co-worker hasn't returned any of Alice's messages, so she staples a death certificate to his head.

The Boss, during an interview, says he's looking for people to tell the emperor he has no clothes. So the candidate says the Boss is not wearing pants.

Wally's telepresence robot accompanies the engineers along the hall. Wally brags about not having to commute.

The Boss finishes Alice's performance review. It's only nine months late and did not include any input from the Boss.

The engineers critisise the marketing plan for the year. Consumers reject that sort of approach but the Boss doesn't believe in research.

The Boss announces the company is hiring a director of change manangement to help employees adapt to strategic changes. Dilbert suggests they come up with strategies that make sense instead.

The Boss says management experts say bosses should have frequent one-on-one meetings with underlings. He wants to keep Carol from evolving into a lazy, thieving, toxic saboteur.

Dilbert gets upset when he wears a Halloween costume to work and no one else does, when they agreed in advance to wear one.