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On his way out, Dilbert asks the janitor to not clean the whiteboard in the conference room as it contains the project timeline.

The Boss asks Alice for her status report. She responds by imitating and mocking him.

Dogbert, the doomsday pundit, predicts a hobo army formed by Goldman Sachs will take over the world.

A co-worker leaves a meeting early because he's part of a carpool. Wally wants to follow suit.

Dogbert recruits Ratbert to be in his rebel army. Dogbert wants to be an iron-fisted dictator.

The CEO thanks Carol for subsidizing his mansion. The CEO is in a lower tax bracket than her.

Dilbert wraps up a boring presentation. The group didn't enjoy it.

The Boss asks Dilbert to fly to Seattle for a meeting. Dilbert asks if the people have never heard of Skype.

Alice woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Wally compares her to a gargoyle.

Wally gives life-lessons to Asok: self respect is a prison for the soul. Goals are self-inflicted slavery.

The Boss hands out the list of 25 focus areas for next year. Asok laughs because no one can focus on 25 things.

Dilbert is worried because he doesn't have any problems yet today. He thinks he's insane or something big is coming.

The Boss announces the company is going into the tablet computer business. Other companies will make the product with the company's logo.

Dilbert says the Elbonian factory is having safety problems where employees are going blind.

The Elbonian factory will miss their ship dates because they're too green. They turned off their air conditioning so their hats expanded until their eyes were covered.

The Boss asks Carol to schedule a meeting with Dilbert and Alice. His phone completes the task before Carol can react.

The Boss says he doesn't trust his new smart phone. It understands spoken language and that's creepy.

The Boss asks Dilbert to get Ted to explain what needs to be done before the upgrade. Dilbert says Ted is not good at explaining.

A Google employee tells the engineers they're encouraged to develop their own ideas for 20% of their time. He also works 60 hours per week.

The Boss asks Wally if he has the tools required to do his job. Wally asks if the Boss considers himself a tool.

Carol compares herself to the CEO when either does a good job. She gets more work and the CEO gets a fifty million dollar bonus.

Ratbert peacefully protests against Dogbert's greed and corruption. Dogbert sells him a permit to protest.

The Boss reads conflicting policies regarding putting company documents into blue recycling bins. Green policy says put them in and security policy says never put them in.

The Boss asks Dilbert to come with him on a sales trip but Dilbert is not to talk with the customer.

Dilbert gives a gift to Sarah, someone who attended a meeting with him back in April.

Alice asks about Dilbert's ugly sweater. It was a gift from his mom.

The Boss decides to be Alice's mentor. It means spending hundreds of hours together as he explains his wisdom.

The Boss signs up for a charisma class. Carol will learn how to ignore his fake charisma.

The Boss gives Dilbert a sample of what he learned from his online charisma class.

The Boss excitedly waits for a meeting with Awesome Bob, who does everything in a way that is a bit more awesome than anyone else.

Dilbert tries to avoid being wished a happy new year at a new year's eve party.