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The CEO says if he has seen farther, it is because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Plus whatever is happening around Wally.

The Boss hired a humour consultant to teach them how to have more fun at work. Dilbert wonders if he cancels out the consultant hired to filter Internet access to entertainment.

Asok complains there are ugly people and places all around him. Dilbert say it's ok because he gets to eat lunch with the other engineers.

The Boss asks Dilbert why the task took so long. Dilbert says the Boss is comparing the task, which has never been done before, to his imagination of how long things should take.

The Boss hires a consultant to teach them how to be less confident. Dilbert asks if this is because overconfident people don't recognise their own mistakes.

For a job applicant, the Boss researched his brand online. Blog, tweets, Facebook, Googled his name, everything was researched.

The Boss fought with his boss for a raise for Alice. But he lost.

Dilbert asks the Boss if he is planning layoffs. The Boss responds to the question with a question, which Dilbert says indicates the next thing he says will be a lie.

Ted got a big promotion. Alice congratulates him and says she's not jealous. Her body language indicates she's lying.

The Boss is converting everything Dilbert did into a waste of time, Carol tells Dilbert.

The Boss does not want to know the technical details of Dilbert's idea. Instead he makes his decisions based on what he knows about the people involved.

The Boss stops by Dilbert's cubicle to boost morale by pretending to be interested in Dilbert as a person.

Wally claims to have invented an invisibility cloak. He'll be testing it over the next couple of months, so he may not be seen in his office.

A co-worker learns biotech workers are practical joker when he receives stem cells instead of a flu shot.

Asok asks Wally if there is any difference between trust and stupidity. Wally demonstrates.

The Boss takes issues with Wally's goals for the coming years. Work as little as possible and avoid the Boss's wrath.

The Boss wants to tell the engineers about his golf game. They aren't interested.

Asok fears the bogeyman. Dilbert says there's no such thing, but Asok knows better.

The Boss wants to fire Wally but can't risk it. Wally's the only one who can program an unknown system.

The Boss introduces Toby, a new employee who is a world-class inventor. Actually, a competitor just fired Toby for stealing.

Wally tells the Boss he installed a patch to an unknown system. It's just a bunch of ones and zeroes.

Dilbert tells his mom he's a project manager. She asks him not to tell anyone else.

Dilbert, project manager, creates a time line that doesn't reflect reality or consensus since none of his team would respond to his e-mails.

A salesman shows the engineers some blank slides because he doesn't know what their product does. He never bothered to find out because he doesn't work on commission.

Dilbert wants to make a purchase but the unmotivated sales guy, who isn't on commission, doesn't want to help.

Wally spent last week planning how to get everything done this week. The Boss gives him something new so he must replan everything.

The Boss gets smartphone interface rage, caused by a combination of bad interface design, chubby fingers and low signal strength.

Someone keeps sending links to articles about the world's worst bosses to the Boss. And it happens every time he leaves Dilbert's cubicle.

A co-worker had a bad week. Dilbert cheers him up by saying he's seven days closer to death.

Carol worked the weekend to enter some employee data for the Boss. Turns out he no longer needed it.