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Dilbert's Mom calls him to ask for technical support for a rebate form, laptop, TV and ringtone. Dilbert suspects it's to prevent him from moving back home.

Wally reports to the Boss he's running a batch job while talking so is accomplishing two things at once.

Dogbert the empire consultant advises the Boss to make his employees less productive. That way he can hire more of them.

Dogbert the empire consultant says the Boss should be nearby when something good happens so he can share in the credit.

The Boss adds his name to Dilbert's patent application. The reasoning is the Boss didn't prevent Dilbert from working on it so should share the credit.

Dilbert introduces two people at a meeting, one who has no reason for being present, the other who is a total waste of protein.

Dilbert finishes his presentation and thanks everyone for their apathy. Especially those people who actually stayed awake.

Carol takes a phone call from her kids while Dilbert is trying to ask her to do something.

The Boss asks Dilbert to work on a highly secret project, and when he's done, to dig his own grave and beat himself to death.

Dilbert asks for information from a co-worker for his confidential project.

Dilbert reports the new performance test returns flawed results so asks permission to fake the data for the customers.

The Boss shows off his new vampire tips on his teeth.

Dogbert recommends corporate suicide because they're a third-rate company in a dying industry.

Dilbert tells his mom his company is going web-only. She asks if the next step is to operate only in people's imaginations.

The Boss asks the group to split into smaller groups to discuss options. Dilbert wonders why smaller groups are better.

An engineer shows the Boss a music device to read brains and select music that fits the listener's mood. The Boss instantly kills him.

The Boss wears a black turtleneck and old-man jeans.

The Boss, with his Steve Jobs-inspired look, uses his phone's browser to impress people.

The Boss announces the company is reincorporating in Dogbertland for tax reasons.

A CEO introduces the new head regulator for the industry. The regulator fits in the CEO's shirt pocket.
Note: On his blog, Scott Adams published an enlargement of the first panel showing the tiny person.

The Boss introduces Rodney, a man covered in bandages who is in charge of product safety testing.

Dilbert believes he has died and become a ghost. That's because no one responds to his e-mails or phone calls or makes eye contact with him.

There's a baby shower for Kim who is having triplets. Dilbert gets a gift.

The Boss asks Dilbert to delete unnecessary data from their servers to make room. Dilbert says it's all unnecessary anyway.

Carol tells the Boss she managed his calendar based solely on what would create the least amount of work for her.

Wally says he's already forgotten everything that was said at the beginning of their meeting.

Wally is not a morning person, and gets sleepy in the afternoon. He is good for an hour at lunchtime, though.

The media is critical the company uses Elbonian slave labour. The Boss says it's not as bad as it sounds.

A new salesman asks Dilbert to have lunch so he can explain about their new products. Dilbert doesn't want to because new people chip away at his freedom.

Catbert tells Alice she got the internal job she applied for. But she'll have to keep doing her old job too.

Alice tells Dilbert she's doing two jobs now. Dilbert complains he's heard it too many times.