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Dilbert must coordinate with many managers, clients, project leaders, planners. So many people that he wants to give up.

The Boss wants to do more forecasts. Dilbert asks what problem that will solve.

A rat with a dartboard can manage pension funds as well as anyone. Ratbert, however, can't.

Wally is asked to respond to an RFQ but must evaluate the request among all the other requests for his time. He'll decide after the deadline has passed.

Wally decides he must get more into the work-life balance he heard about. Since he was up all night thinking about work, he's unsure what to do at work.

The Boss has installed so many toolbars on his browser that his browser window is only an inch tall.

The Boss reports to the CEO none of their oil rigs exploded, nor are their pharmaceuticals tainted, nor is the government investigating their financial practises.

The Boss asks Alice to present to the sales division. She is nervous about public speaking so gets dehydrated.

The Boss asks Asok to present to the sales division. He is nervous about public speaking and his stomach comes out his mouth.

The Boss sends all the engineers to a public speaking class. He wants them to get rid of their nervous habits.

The Boss wants the employees to feel ownership for change. The engineers are worried about what changes are coming.

The Boss asks a prospective salesman if he likes to travel. The salesman says yes, and the Boss accuses him of being an idiot.

Dilbert can't get the rental car he reserved because the rental agency is in the business of selling car insurance and overpriced gas.

Dilbert arrives at a meeting with low self-esteem from his tiny rental car.

Wally announces he now has enough money to retire, and wants to find a witty name for that amount of money.

The Boss shows Dilbert a way to keep the best talent from leaving -- a head mounted on a robot body.

Wally tells the Boss he's on his way to meet with a prospective customer. His efforts won't be known for at least two years.

The Marketing video shows inaccurate technology claims and the engineers want to provide comments even though the video is already released.

A co-worker asks if Dilbert wants his opinion. Dilbert says he'll listen but ignore it.

The Boss tells Dilbert he wouldn't worry about Dilbert losing his job after the merger.

The people buying the company don't know about Alice's project, and she's not allowed to talk with the buyers.

Dilbert invents a brain scanner that can predict buying decisions. The Boss wants to kill Dilbert and take credit.

The CEO takes an interest in Dilbert's death ray invention, even though Dilbert says it's not a death ray.

Dilbert asks the Garbageman how to prevent his invention from being used as a death ray.

The Boss is pleased a project is being transferred to his department. It's flashy and sexy but ultimately not worth funding.

Wally is put in charge of a light show and weapon demo in New York harbour.

The CEO asks Dogbert for advice on how to handle PR after the company destroys the Statue of Liberty.

Dogbert helps improve the company's image after they accidentally destroyed the Statue of Liberty. Its head is floating toward Cuba and will probably need to be sunk.

Dogbert helps the CEO show some fake remorse so the public will forgive.

Dilbert's date suggests they take a pottery class together. He replies he doesn't want any expensive, unattractive dishware.

Dilbert says there's no objective standard for how much to accomplish each day, nor is there any way to know if things would turn out better if he would have done things differently.