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The Boss says they're not to say they don't have enough resources. Instead, say their resources are dedicated to other, higher priorities.

Tina asks for a minute of Dilbert's time. He say no because it always takes longer than she says.

The next project is a private shuttle to the moon. If there are any mistakes, innocent tourists will die.

Dilbert complains to Dogbert he has to design a private moon shuttle in three months. Dogbert says he send over a scapegoat.

The Boss asks Asok to test pilot their new moon shuttle prototype. Asok suggests a monkey instead.

Asok gets into the moon shuttle prototype. His co-pilot is the grim reaper.

The Boss reports Asok died during the test of their new moon shuttle prototype.

Dilbert clones Asok from his DNA. The DNA gets mixed up with some candy.

The Boss asks Dilbert for an estimate. Dilbert says he hasn't had time to gather requirements. The Boss says he won't hold him to the estimate.

Dilbert tells Asok he died in space and was cloned from some DNA. Now Asok has to reincarnate into his clone.

Asok compares stories with Carol. Asok died and reincarnated into his own clone, then did some shape shifting.

Carol asks Wally to not drink so much coffee. Then she won't have to order so much.

Mordac made some network changes and is on vacation for three weeks, out of touch.

Wally complained he couldn't work as everything he had to do needed something else done first. Like a mobius strip.

A co-worker asks Wally why he's at her meeting. He says he's creating the illusion of work.

The Boss can't give Dilbert the maximum raise as he didn't exceed expectations. Dilbert said the expectations were set too high.

The Boss interviews a dead horse and asks if he can take a beating.

The Boss hired a dead horse and introduces him to the group. He says the horse can do good work if beaten enough.

The Boss can't tell Dilbert about the politics of his project, nor tell him about the new strategic direction or the upcoming reorg.

The Boss asks Alice to move to a cubicle closer to the rest of the department. Alice asks why.

Wally asks to skip the staff meeting because it will waste an hour of his life.

The Boss asks Dilbert what he's done to enhance their strategy into the next adjacency. Dilbert doesn't know what that means.

The Boss is off to the management retreat. He won't be reachable because he'll be too busy golfing, swimming and drinking. Carol is to count sheets of paper while he's gone.

Dilbert finished the useful part of his presentation and asks for questions from unqualified people.

The Boss moves Bruce to a different job because he's totally incompetent at his old job.

Wally did not finish his tasks because he thought other people wouldn't finish their tasks either.

Dilbert complains his new cubicle is too small. Catbert says he was spoiled before.

Alice submits her resignation. The Boss asks her to stay for a 20% raise. She accepts.

Ratbert wants to know what kind of party they're having for New Year's Eve. Dilbert says there's no sense in a party.

Alice is interviewed for a management job. She says she wants it because of money, prestige, abusing subordinates and she speaks fluent managerese.

Wally is upset because people stop working on the day before a holiday. He does it all year round.