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Dogbert explains how to make their new MP3 player less scary.
Marketing, guru, gizmo, mp3 player, large, scary, Angelina Jolie, love, never speak of this, deviant, lip, Dogbert, Boss

Catbert asks the Boss to make sure a candidate isn't too old.
Interview, candidate, too old, age, illegal, stall, explosive, explode, ear hair, growth, wrinkle, moisturiser, sun, waited, Catbert, Boss, candidate

Company policy does not allow space heaters in cubicles.
Note: Scott reported some newspapers changed the punchline from "it keeps Uranus warm" to "it keeps Venus warm".
Policy, space heater, cubicle, air, Uranus, warm, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss sends Ted on a "team-building" exercise.
Start of saga: Asok is mistakenly left in the desert
Downsizing, team-building, exercise, security guard, desert, rescue, fired, abandon, Boss, Ted

The Boss mistakenly sends Asok on a "team-building" exercise instead of Ted.
Downsizing, tricked, desert, team-building, exercise, transfer, kill, awkward, mistaken identity, Boss, Ted, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Asok knows how to survive in the desert.
Nature, survival, method, Indian Institute of Technology, wounded, rodent, animal, highway, tickle, feather, hawk, bird, Asok

Asok returns from his ordeal in the desert and he is mad.
Management, team-building, exercise, desert, die, mad, angry, yell, shout, shake it off, Asok, Boss, Wally

Wally doubles the length of his vacation when the Boss doesn't realise he was gone.
Vacation, vacation, three-week, leaving, twice as good, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Wally inadvertently helps the competition make a sale.
Sales, sales call, secret weapon, product, price, identical, engineering staff, genius, innovation, loser, familiar, surprised, Wally, Ed, customer, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss asks Alice to be less productive.
Office Politics, productive, productivity, automatic, promotion, justify, hiring, direct, report, work, idiot, look, pointy hair, pillow, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss hires a new employee so he can get an automatic promotion.
Office Politics, direct, report, trigger, automatic, promotion, employee, feel, team, special, hoped, Boss, new hire

Dilbert's Mom's computer asks whether or not she wants to update her security software.
Technology, security, software, computer, natural life, figure out, upgrade, hacker, steal, identity, drain, bank account, destroy, hard drive, hard disk, choice, Dilbert's Mom

The Boss brings the new hire on as a contract employee while "dangling the carrot" of becoming a regular employee.
Start of saga: Dangling the carrot in front of a contract employee
Contractor, contract, employee, motivated, dangling, carrot, regular, mistake, metaphor, hat, stick, string, Boss, new hire, Alice

The Boss threatens the new contractor with his firing finger.
Contractor, contractor, pressure, get rid, paperwork, point, finger, history, carrot, hat, stick, string, Boss, new hire

The new contractor explains his dream is to become a regular employee.
Contractor, contractor, dream, regular, employee, candy, poop, emerald, difference, half-way, successful, carrot, hat, stick, string, Catbert, new hire

Dilbert's chair breaks and the Boss tells him to turn it over and continue using it.
Leadership, chair, broken, guest chair, wheel base, unstable, upside-down, butt, Dilbert, Boss, co-worker

A co-worker asks Dilbert his opinion on her project plan.
Personality, honest, opinion, project plan, hold back, written, drunken, lemur, practical, joke, analogy, analogy, Dilbert, co-worker

A co-worker asks Wally for a second opinion on her project plan.
Start of saga: The infeasible project plan
Work Avoidance, second, opinion, project plan, hypothetically, terrific, engineer, implement, reek, infeasibility, Wally, co-worker

A co-worker asks Alice for a third opinion on her project plan.
Engineer, refuse, support, project plan, stupidity, leaping, burrow, brain, won't work, pass out, passed out, Alice, co-worker

A co-worker complains to the Boss the others don't like her project plan.
Management, engineer, project plan, Wally, perfect fit, problem solver, won't work, Boss, co-worker

Dilbert complains his cubicle is inhibiting brain growth.
Health, study, dull, appearance, cubicle, inhibiting, preventing, growth, neuron, brain, complain, complaint, Dilbert, Catbert

Topper claims he carried over so much vacation time they had to create a new month named for him.
Personality, carry over, vacation, carried over, new month, pie hole, topperuary, Dilbert, Alice, Topper

The Boss gets "minimised".
Office Politics, performance, abysmal, minimise, downsize, manager, office, refrigerator, crisper, direct report, job title, director, unnecessary, special, project, maximised, jump, roof, view, spectacular, murder, kill, push, Boss, CEO, manager

The car rental place has no cars left for Dilbert.
Start of saga: No more rental cars
Travel, reserved, mid-sized, car, borrow, glove, lost-and-found, frozen, hand, Dilbert, Rental Car Agent

Dilbert has to run to a meeting.
Travel, car, rental, car, glove, lost-and-found, ran, Dilbert, man

Dogbert plans to build his own country on the ocean using barges.
Start of saga: Dogbert's "Barge City"
Dogbert-Schemes, build, country, ocean, barge, rule, dictator, monarch, iron hand, iron paw, punishing, citizen, entertainment, home, oceanfront, Dogbert, Dilbert

Vijay funds Dogbert's plan to build an ocean city on barges.
Dogbert-Schemes, desperate, venture capitalist, VC, hundred billion, ocean city, barge, money, stock, insincere, wag, financial, Dogbert, Vijay

Dogbert is recruiting a couple for his "Barge City".
Dogbert-Schemes, barge, city, affordable, ocean, brochure, iron paw, rule, dissident, shark, snitch, marriage, Dogbert, husband, wife

Dogbert welcomes the first residents of his "Barge City".
Dogbert-Schemes, barge, city, fish, lifesaver, ramp, dock, float, paradise, cell phone, signal, help, garbage, bird, seagull, trash, scow, Dogbert, husband, wife

Wally inadvertently admits to several indiscretions before the Boss can finish what he's saying.
Training, let you go, bound, e-mailed, CEO, daughter, chimp, guest house, stolen, office supplies, dollar, desk, every day, training, class, admission, confession, guilty, steal, Boss, Wally