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The Boss schedules an employee appreciation day on a Sunday.
Leadership, employee appreciation day, Sunday, potluck, lunch, volunteer, organise, woman, sexist, jacket, coat, park, outdoors, cold, personal, weekend, picture, pine cone, appetiser, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Scott Adams succumbs to peer pressure and draws an unfunny comic.
Start of saga: Scott Adams violates the third wall
Character, author, gazillion, suggestion, comic, idea, not funny, unfunny, peer pressure, connect, network, trouble report, e-mail, happy, Dilbert, Scott Adams

Scott Adams is trapped in his own comic strip. Dogbert gives advice on how to get out.
Character, still here, trapped, violated, violation, third wall, can't get out, Toto, follow the yellow sticky-note road, Wizard of Oz, Dogbert, Scott Adams

Dogbert leads Scott Adams along the yellow sticky-note road to see the Wonderful Wizard of Landfill.
Character, Wizard of Oz, yellow sticky-note road, home, wonderful wizard of landfill, coffee, caffeine, Dogbert, Scott Adams, Wally

Wally warns Scott Adams the Wicked Witch will send her winged cat after them.
Character, Wizard of Oz, coffee, wizard, ambition, wicked witch, winged cat, headcount, wing, vest, Scott Adams, Wally, Dogbert, Alice, Catbert

Scott and Wally, on their trek to see the Wizard of Landfill, meet the Boss and Asok.
Character, Wizard of Oz, wizard, ambition, home, experience, brain, heart, soul, strategic vision, fired, job, Scott Adams, Wally, Boss, Asok

Scott, Dogbert, Wally, and Asok meet the Wizard of Landfill.
Character, Wizard of Oz, wizard, ambition, home, experience, good idea, gem, idiot, manage, management, home office, creepy, trashcan, Scott Adams, Wally, Dogbert, Asok, Garbageman

Asok complains about his allergies and gets another guy started about his extreme medical problems.
Character, allergy, health, topic, bone, cast, sling, plaster, doctor, detached colon, small intestines, burrow, spleen, bunion, medical, complaint, Alice, Asok, Dilbert, man

The Boss hires an incomprehensible person for the phone centre.
Customer Service, resume, phone centre, employee, hire, tongue, gibberish, stressful, hate, customer, Boss, Catbert, interviewee

Dogbert gives a retirement planning seminar.
Start of saga: Dogbert's retirement planning seminar
Dogbert-Schemes, retirement planning, seminar, don't tell anyone, collecting money, lottery pool, food, dollar, retiree, moneybag, Dogbert, Asok, Alice, Carol, Wally, Dilbert, retiree

Dogbert continues his retirement planning seminar with "how to spend your golden years on the golf course.".
Dogbert-Schemes, retirement planning, seminar, golden years, golf course, caddy, caddying, rent, breathing tube, sand trap, golf club, Dogbert

Dilbert and Wally watch a new employee get broken.
Start of saga: The former free-ranger
Training, new guy, free-ranger, free-range, brake, broken, entertainment, photographer, cubicle, cubicled, tough, lasso, necktie, employee manual, kicking, bucking, flailing, fighting, Dilbert, Wally, Carol, Boss, photographer

Carol tells the new employee to fill out his time report in 15-minute increments.
Bureaucracy, new guy, photographer, wild, unsupervised, freedom, time report, time card, 15-minute increment, self-strangulation, attempted, attempt, succeed, choking, necktie, Carol, photographer

The new guy isn't interested in mating.
Management, new guy, photographer, apathy, captivity, dying, panda, mate, no interest, sex, proposition, Boss, Catbert, woman, photographer

Dilbert has to ask the recently fired employee for some training.
Training, two weeks notice, replace, disgruntled, professional, train, shocked, appalled, fired, fake sympathy, training, binder, card, revenge, angry, Boss, Dilbert, Tom

Carol gives the Boss a bumper sticker that says he gives money to police charities.
Secretary, bumper sticker, donate, donation, police charity, traffic law, impunity, reckless driving, sidewalk, fire hydrant, Boss, Carol

Dilbert congratulates the CEO on buying a company whose products are worthless pieces of garbage.
Start of saga: Integrating a former competitor's product line
Leadership, competitor, integrate, product line, worthless, garbage, sold, congratulations, angry, livid, hair, eye, Boss, CEO, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

The Boss assigns Dilbert the job of integrating a competitor's product line into their product line.
Leadership, integrate, product, merger, acquired, throw away, cheap, knock-off, competitor, moron, CEO, CEO, sleeveless sweater, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert asks Dogbert for ethical advice concerning the company's merger.
Ethics, integrate, product, merger, validate, validation, ethical, stall, forget, ethicist, rock, speed up, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert Tech Support first requires the tech support product identification code from the original packaging.
Tech Support, product identification code, product ID code, code, landfill, digging, dig, original packaging, seagull, peck, Dogbert, man

Dogbert takes a long walk with Dilbert while he has a tech support call waiting.
Tech Support, walk, outdoors, refreshing, call, holding, database, problem, Dilbert, Dogbert, tech support caller

The Boss is punished by the Analogy Police for making a bad analogy.
Law, product, designing, requirement, feature, play, beach, grain, sand, analogy, police, jail, bad analogy, beautiful woman, punished, punishment, necktie, Hitler, ice rink, Dilbert, Boss, Analogy Policeman, woman

During weekends, Wally forgets how to do his job.
Professional, Monday, forgot, forget, job, moron, weekend, remember, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

When the Boss reminds Wally he's in charge of the RDP project, Wally remembers it's almost done.
Work Avoidance, status, report, project, in charge, almost done, manager, vague, feeling, uneasiness, Boss, Wally

A baby shows up to a meeting claiming it's due to the jet lag.
Note: Two versions were published. The newspaper version had the baby saying "Hey, I have an idea". The web version changed it to "Less talking, more burping".
Start of saga: Still a baby in this time zone
Character, jet lag, baby, time zone, burping, burp, crazy idea, nursing, nurse, breasts, baby, woman, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss succumbs to a baby's power of cuteness.
Character, ID badge, diaper, spy, don't look, power, cuteness, strong, baby, hypnotise, trance, security guard, baby, Boss

Catbert challenges the baby's powers of cuteness.
Character, power, cuteness, formidable, win, challenge, hypnotise, trance, Catbert, baby

Catbert reassigns the baby to sales.
Character, cuteness, cute, engineering, sales, baby, hurt, advantage, deluxe package, emotionally scarred, Catbert, baby, woman

Alice tries to get a customer to give her requirements.
Project, requirement, design, software, accomplish, frustration, customer, Alice, man

The Boss finds out Dilbert plans for management foul-ups.
Management, MFU1, MFU2, MFU, management foul-up, management fuck-up, timeline, mistake, Dilbert, Boss

Catbert confronts Alice about making dismissive facial expressions.
Personnel, accused, accusation, dismissive facial expression, muttered, muttering, meeting, sarcasm, Alice, Catbert