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The Boss introduces the new team member Flashy.
Character, hot flash, thermostat, menopause, Boss, Flashy, Alice, Asok, Wally, Dilbert

Wally tries to negotiate the thermostat setting with Flashy.
Character, hot flash, thermostat, menopause, boiling, parka, hand warmer, underwear, radiant heat, body heat, redirect, question, tube, duct, Flashy, Wally

The Boss interviews a boss's pet.
Note: A preliminary version showed the Boss asking Petricial to "now do the leg thing". That was deemed to be harrassment, so was replaced by the Boss saying "nice wrinkling of the forehead".
Start of saga: Petricia, the Boss's pet
Character, boss's pet, pet employee, experience, sycophant, bully, forehead wrinkle, tongue, Boss, Petricia

The Boss assigns his pet employee to evaluating cutting-edge technologies in Hawaii.
Character, boss's pet, pet employee, sycophant, tongue, cutting-edge technology, Hawaii, wax, hairy back, good project, Boss, Petricia, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok

The Boss's pet threatens Dilbert when the Boss isn't around.
Character, boss's pet, pet employee, sycophant, tongue, nice, unkind, nerdling, do my bidding, eat you alive, head size, bite, snake, threaten, Boss, Petricia, Dilbert, Wally

An employee's behaviour radically changes and management has to decide whether he's crazy or a new manager.
Management, changing, change, quirky co-worker, waste of resources, emergency, executive recruiter, status, leadership, crazy, wallet, one of ours, Boss, Dilbert, co-worker, Wally, executive recruiter

Dogbert opens a dance club so exclusive nobody is allowed in.
Dogbert-Schemes, dance club, exclusive, screen, customer, dance move, air guitar, embarrass, shame, Dogbert, Dilbert, man, woman

The Boss asks Catbert to hire others to do the different parts of his job.
Start of saga: The Boss's assistant
Personnel, unpleasant part, hire, concentrate, strategy, fair, lazy, Boss, Catbert

Alice complains about the Boss hiring someone to do his job.
Personnel, hire, think, groundbreaking strategy, job title, my underling's underling, overwork, Boss, Alice, underling

Carol renews her vow to lure the Boss into a deadly accident.
Secretary, underling, office, learn, listen, little people, renew, vow, lure, deadly accident, Boss, Carol

Dogbert discovers a way to double is management consulting fees.
Dogbert-Schemes, double, consulting fee, outsourcing, India, blackmail, Dogbert, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert get revenge on the CEO who didn't renew his consulting contract.
Dogbert-Schemes, outsourcing, Elbonian CEO, consulting contract, revenge, Dogbert, CEO, board member

Dilbert's useless co-worker wants to take partial credit on Dilbert's patent.
Office Politics, patent application, help, refuse, e-mail, brain, dilweed, backplane, gizmo, dilbag, Dilbert, co-worker

The Boss accuses Alice of being a thief for looking at a weather web site.
Management, work of four people, web monitoring software, weather web site, thief, accusation, Boss, Alice

Wally decides to grow out his eyebrows and comb them over his eyes so no one can tell he's asleep.
Work Avoidance, hell, eyebrow, comb, asleep, quiet, Carol, Wally, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Asok

Dilbert says they need more programmers. The Boss suggests using agile programming methods.
Management, programmer, request, agile programming, more work, fewer people, ask again, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert starts a new magazine called "Gullible World".
Start of saga: Dogbert's magazine: "Gullible World"
Dogbert-Schemes, Gullible World, magazine, cover story, lose weight, shed pounds, yell, eat, gain weight, better parent, parenting, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert sells the Boss advertising space in his new magazine "Gullible World".
Dogbert-Schemes, Gullible World, magazine, advertising, billion, reader, impressed, lie, Dogbert, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert wants to do a story about how engineering makes you sexier in his new magazine "Gullible World".
Dogbert-Schemes, Gullible World, magazine, camera, picture, feature story, sexy, sexier, before and after, pose, shirtless, topless, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert's Mom tries to return one too many items.
Retail, clothes, clothing, department store, return, scarf, not scarfy enough, customer database, bad customer, list, company policy, harvest, organ, eBay, bandages, Dilbert's Mom, Sales Clerk

The Boss hires a difficult co-worker.
Start of saga: Dealing with difficult co-workers
Management, abusive, lying, liar, back-stabber, control freak, new hire, class, difficult co-worker, heard bad things, education, Boss, difficult co-worker, Dilbert

Dogbert presents a seminar on dealing with difficult co-workers.
Personality, seminar, presentation, class, difficult co-worker, education, group, lazy, mean, smart, crazy, quit, syndicated cartoonist, Dogbert, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss eats Ted's sandwich everyday.
Management, Ted sandwich, eat, lunch, free, break room, fridge, ham, looking good, lost weight, diet, Carol, Boss, Dilbert, Ted

The Boss interviews a job applicant who was fired from his last job for stealing computers.
Interview, leave, fired, accused, accusation, stealing, thief, computer, confess, confession, fifth amendment, bill of rights, Boss, applicant

Alice tries killing a cubicle cockroach.
Start of saga: The cubicle cockroach
Character, annoying, cubicle cockroach, kill, behead, persistent, flame thrower, won't die, Cubicle Cockroach, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss kills the cubicle cockroach.
Character, annoying, cubicle cockroach, kill, persistent, won't die, destroyed, hired, eternal, moving, special project, Cubicle Cockroach, Boss

The Boss announces their new business strategy.
Management, business strategy, list, past strategy, not afraid of change, working hard, huge bonus, generous, good looking, credit, answer, rhetorical question, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert asks the Garbageman about the ethics of cloning humans.
Ethics, unethical, clone, human, morality, moral, accepted norm, self causing, irony, ironically, trashcan, Dilbert, Garbageman

The Boss announces after the merger they will have two CEOs.
Start of saga: Two CEOs
Management, merger, CEO, share, sharing, top job, spokesperson, stockholder, average employee, 450 times, salary, twice, don't mind, shouldn't mind, Wally, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Asok

One of the new CEOs announces after the merger they will have two CEOs.
Management, merger, CEO, share, sharing, get along great, old married couple, wife, Boss, Wally, Alice, Dilbert, Tina