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Catbert finds out the employees don't trust management.
Office Politics, employee satisfaction survey, trust, retrenchment, purr, retaliation, fire, Catbert, Boss

Ted gets fired for saying negative things about the company in his personal blog.
Office Politics, blog, fire, freedom of speech, constitutional right, founding fathers, lawyer, supreme court, paycheck, retaliation, Catbert, Boss, Ted

Dilbert can't get Carol to give him an appointment with the Boss.
Start of saga: Carol harpoons the Boss
Secretary, calendar, refuse, appointment, cancel, combing, knuckle, Dilbert, Carol

Carol cancelled all of the Boss's meetings because they create work for her.
Secretary, meeting, cancelled, harpoon, insubordinate, lazy, Boss, Carol

The Boss, with a harpoon stuck in his posterior, goes to the doctor.
Health, harpoon, doctor's office, stethoscope, examination table, doughnut, secretary, annual review, Boss, doctor

The Boss hires Dogbert to write the FAQ for their web site.
Start of saga: Dogbert, the FAQ writer
Customer Service, FAQ, web site, question, CEO, window, Boss, Dogbert

Dogbert writes a FAQ for the company web site.
Customer Service, FAQ, web site, question, toast, stupid, children, Dogbert

Catbert gives an encoded negative reference for ex-employee Ted.
Personnel, reference, telephone, company policy, weather, cloud, lazy, stupid, Catbert

The Boss explains the company values.
Management, bias, action, passion, result, value, presentation, question, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

The Boss wants Tina to write the company's annual report with a positive spin.
Start of saga: Tina writes the annual report
Management, annual report, poor result, positive spin, plummeting, afford, Boss, Tina

Tina writes the company's annual report with a positive spin.
Creativity, annual report, footnote, crushing debt, moronic management, ageing product line, font, Enron, Beelzebub, Boss, Tina

The Boss wants to fire Carol, but he needs the right paperwork first.
Secretary, fire, involuntary termination form, 904-B, Boss, Carol

Carol calculates how rich Dilbert would have to be before she'd date him.
Dating, calculate, rich, wealth, four trillion dollars, happily married, insult, Dilbert, Carol

Dilbert thinks the Elbonians are pirating their software.
Start of saga: The Elbonian Frisbee(TM)
Product, total sales, software piracy, Frisbee, mouth, accusation, Dilbert, Boss, Elbonian, pig

An Elbonian tries to return a CD-ROM thinking it's a Frisbee that doesn't fly right.
Product, Frisbee, merchandise return, software CD, idiot, user's manual, CD-ROM, Elbonian, pig, clerk

Dilbert tries to buy a chair.
Retail, chair, in stock, hope, eternity, Dilbert, Dogbert, sales person

The shareholders are suing for being mislead about the company's financial problems.
Start of saga: The shareholders sue the Company
Law, shareholder, sue, misleading, financial problem, illegal, innocent people, minutes, suspender, Boss, Wally, lawyer

The company lawyer hints the Boss should delete the e-mails they're supposed to turn over to the court.
Law, e-mail record, deleted, regularly scheduled system maintenance, wink, flirt, suspenders, hinting, Boss, lawyer

The Boss orders Dilbert to delete all of their incriminating e-mails.
Law, e-mail, delete, incriminating, kill, murder, cover-up, phase two, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Dogbert he's afraid of the Boss.
Dogbert-Schemes, malfeasance, afraid, alone, abandoned warehouse, beneficiary, life insurance policy, insult, goon, kill, murder, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert asks Bob to be his bodyguard.
Work Avoidance, kill, murder, bodyguard, carrot stick, eating, nap time, Dilbert, Bob

The Boss explains the trouble with hiring a hit man.
Management, kill, murder, hit man, cover your tracks, endless cycle, Catbert, Boss

Catbert explains the company's new guidelines on who can fly on the same plane.
Personnel, guideline, airplane, fly, risk, employee, CEO, president, flight, vice president, intern, infinite, run with scissors, plastic bag, Catbert, Boss, Asok, Alice, Wally

Dilbert explains the similarity of unpaid overtime and death to his date.
Start of saga: Unpaid overtime and death
Dating, similar, unpaid overtime, death, pleasure, alive, good night kiss, rejection, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert meets the Spectre of Unpaid Overtime.
Character, unpaid overtime, death, life, shadowy region, existence, meaning, sticky note, rake, grim reaper, Dilbert, Spectre

The Spectre of Unpaid Overtime hopes to someday get into the grim reaping field.
Character, unpaid overtime, death, rake, grim reaper, die, blunt, weapon, Dilbert, Spectre

The Boss announces company management has a plan to make the pension fund solvent.
Management, plan, pension fund, solvent, workplace safety, smoking, cool, health, dangerous, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

Dogbert realises he only enjoys Dilbert's stories when they involve Dilbert getting hit by a rake.
Family, bandage, spectre, unpaid overtime, rake, grim reaper, injury, enjoy, story, gardener, insult, wife, Dilbert, Dogbert

Wally explains happiness is related to your wealth relative to other people.
Office Politics, happiness, wealth, absolute, relative, good job, pay cut, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert introduces Asok to Tex. Tex then proceeds to insult Asok about his national origin and size.
Character, Texan, ten gallon hat, cowboy hat, intern, name, taxi driver, large, small, fibre, school, angry, gnaw, ankle, explode, explosion, skull, skeleton, Dilbert, Asok, Tex

Dilbert asks the Boss about the company strategy.
Start of saga: Flashy, controller of the thermostat
Strategy, project, strategy, question, answer, how are you?, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert