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The Boss gets seated next to a cannibal on an airplane.
Travel, cannibal, seating, skull, bone, grass skirt, Boss, cannibal

The Boss gives Asok the job of helping Tina write the department newsletter.
Start of saga: Asok, Tina's assistant
Management, challenge, insult, newsletter, assistant, Boss, Asok

Tina designates Asok to be her cub reporter.
Office Politics, newsletter, university, photocopier, paper jam, engineering degree, wasted talent, Tina, Asok

Dilbert complains about the problems caused by the Boss's renaming of the conference rooms.
Office Politics, conference room, scheduling, quality, teamwork, excellence, action, good planning, budget, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Ratbert explains how he handled his personal wealth.
Financial, fortune, incompetent, personal wealth, pig, garbage dump, invested, investment, Ratbert, man, woman

The Boss hires a porpoise because he's heard they're smart.
Note: Two versions were published. The offensive version showed a porpoise still lodged up the lawyer's ass. The tame version showed a porpoise-sized hole in the middle of the lawyer's back.
Start of saga: The Boss hires a porpoise
Law, shark, attack, snout, surprised, dolphin, Alice, Boss, Porpoise, Dilbert, Wally, lawyer

The Boss has to reprimand a porpoise for killing a company lawyer.
Management, management, reward, reprimand, fish, dolphin, Boss, Porpoise

The Boss mistakes the FAX machine for the shredder.
Secretary, management, shredder, moron, FAX, strategy, water fountain, men's room, Boss, Carol

Tina points out to Dilbert having two computers is a violation of the company's rules.
Bureaucracy, 5S, workspace, standardisation, company rule, compromise, solution, red tag, Tina, Dilbert

Alice observes all company rules are designed for the sole purpose of being huge inconveniences.
Bureaucracy, access, server, password, letter, number, doodle, sign language, squirrel, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

Dogbert hosts an anger management seminar.
Dogbert-Schemes, anger management, angry nut, volunteer, sleep, infuriated, Dogbert, woman

The Boss uses goons to motivate Dilbert.
Management, Elbonian hacker, beat up, data security, motivating, motivational, firewall, tattoo, tire iron, lug wrench, Dilbert, Boss, goon

Wally wants to know who's going to be in the meeting so he can blame those who aren't.
Start of saga: Wally assigns blame for his project's failure
Office Politics, meeting, debriefing, blame, list, Carol, Wally, Boss

Wally blames his project's failure on the guy who just left the meeting.
Office Politics, meeting, blame, Wally, co-worker

Wally denies blaming the project failure on someone else.
Office Politics, blame, failure, bad vibe, reputation, future, impediment, Wally, co-worker, Boss

The Boss asks Dilbert to pick up Ted's function.
Start of saga: Dilbert does Ted's job too
Management, overworked, quality, impossible, hate, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert has done Ted's job in addition to his own for a month.
Management, overworked, accomplishment, reward, bonus, fire, frazzled, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert wins a bet and doesn't let the other person welsh.
Dating, character, vacation, base tan, sunburn, myth, bet, welsh, SPF, push, ignorant, contentious, Dilbert, woman

A marketeer has identified the one person who would buy their high-end product.
Start of saga: The Company's time machine
Marketing, target market, rich, stupid, high-end product, diamond, time machine, gizmo, presentation, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, marketeer

Dilbert questions the new time machine product.
Marketing, time machine, presentation, weight loss, future, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, marketeer

Dogbert suggests a minor modification to the time machine.
Dogbert-Schemes, time machine, time travel, presentation, vanish, toilet, plunger, gizmo, Alice, Dogbert, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, time traveller

Dogbert tricks a lawyer into getting into the time machine with his client.
Dogbert-Schemes, time machine, time travel, attorney, sue, consult, belligerent, toilet, plunger, gizmo, Dogbert, lawyer, time traveller

The Boss complains he can't tell if Wally is working.
Start of saga: Wally grimaces so you know he's working.
Management, program, compile, compile, design, designing, module, grimace, Boss, Wally

Wally is practising his work grimace.
Work Avoidance, face, grimace, overwork, intestinal discomfort, subplot, scheme, sweat, Dilbert, Wally

Wally helps the Boss diagnose his cell phone problem.
Engineer, cell phone, signal, reception, isolate the problem, roof, jump, garbage, battery, lesson, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss has Carol assign raises based on the gifts he received on National Boss Day.
Management, gift, raise, sculpture-o-gum, value, sort, Boss, Carol

Wally does an interview to test his market value.
Start of saga: Wally does interviews to test his market value
Interview, market value, tip, instinct, palace, bathroom, restroom, coffeemaker, wristwatch, newspaper, Wally, Dilbert, interviewer

Wally eats a sandwich during his interview.
Interview, sandwich, crumb, weakness, cheese, Wally, interviewer

The interviewer tells Wally they don't pay a base salary.
Interview, base salary, work from home, business card, private office, Wally, interviewer

Wally gives the Boss a chance to buy his loyalty.
Office Politics, loyalty, job offer, opening offer, whack, telephone, assassinate, Wally, Boss