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Mordac assigns Dilbert a new password.
Corporate Services, The Da Vinci Code, scenery description, book, password, annoy, Mordac, Dilbert

Mordac changes Alice's screensaver security to lock up after two seconds of inactivity. Alice responds with a head-bobbing bird.
Corporate Services, screensaver, security, inactivity, keyboard, login, head-bobbing bird, Mordac, Alice

Dogbert decides to become a suicide negotiator for the police.
Start of saga: Dogbert, the police negotiator
Dogbert-Schemes, negotiator, jumper, suicide, fall, reverse psychology, Dogbert, police officer

Dogbert negotiates a person's surrender.
Note: Two preliminary versions of this strip were shown on Scott's blog. The first version showed the cop firing his gun. The second version had the middle panel replaced with "bam bam bam bam". The published version was like the first version except the cop was firing a donut instead of a gun.
Dogbert-Schemes, negotiator, cop, police car, bullhorn, doughnut, gun, pistol, shootout, shooting, Dogbert, police officer

Wally reports he's complying with all of the Boss's policies.
Office Politics, ISO 9000, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEI-5, compliance, pretending to work, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert and Dogbert discuss guilt and karma in a bad doodle.
Philosophy, guilt, defective product, karma, deserve, bad doodle, mushroom, gadget, weird, Dilbert, Dogbert

Alice learns why it's a bad idea to discuss her raise with co-workers.
Office Politics, raise, humiliating, frustration, percentage, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Carol, Asok, Wally

The Boss tells Alice he has good news -- she didn't get her promotion. Alice is not amused.
Office Politics, good news, promotion, positivity, management, Boss, Alice, Catbert

The Boss tells his staff one of them will be running a marathon the next day.
Start of saga: Wally, the marathon runner
Office Politics, good news, bad news, marathon team, corporate, 26 miles, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss selects Wally to run in the corporate marathon.
Health, marathon, corporate, 26 miles, coffee, Boss, Wally

The Boss calls for honesty in the project postmortem.
Office Politics, postmortem, honest, colossal ineptitude, natural talent, blame, finger pointing, Dilbert, Boss, Asok, Wally, Alice

Dogbert takes up a new hobby: phishing.
Dogbert-Schemes, hobby, phishing, banking, financial, stealing, social security number, password, gullible, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert

Dilbert talks to his date about the office politics of doughnuts.
Dating, restaurant, xeno's doughnut, flower, hard liquor, Dilbert, woman, waitress

Asok takes the annual employee satisfaction survey for Catbert.
Management, evil wind, benefit, human resources, survey, office politics, Asok, Catbert, Boss

Ratbert listens to the life story of the world's fastest lawyer.
Law, homeless, wino, world's fastest worker, lawyer, estate plan, will, bill, Ratbert, lawyer, client

Topper tops the Feature Creep.
Office Politics, competition, keyword search function, foreign language, Friulian, Kataang, Horpa, Wagi, marriage, civil union, Feature Creep, Topper

Topper tops a customer.
Personality, Iditarod, dogsled race, world's toughest terrain, burn, Topper, customer

Topper tops Alice about sleep deprivation.
Personality, sleep deprivation, Topper, Alice

Topper tops the Boss about fishing.
Personality, fish, fishing, dinosaur, dental floss, pull tab, beer can, barbecue sauce, Topper, Boss

The Boss plans to use a newly-available window-facing cubicle to store printer paper.
Office Politics, cubicle, prestigious, prestige, printer paper, free trip, bleach out, wood chip, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Asok, Wally

Dogbert is broadcasting the news on the Dogbert Easy News Channel.
Dogbert-Schemes, television, television camera, pronunciation, top story, telephone, debate, panelist, dumb crook, Dogbert, Dilbert

The Boss gives Dilbert instructions full of jargon and undefined acronyms.
Management, acronym, initialism, LDC, MRT, URPED, RFIT, NERKED, ORCAT, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss decides to standardise on a new programming language.
Start of saga: The Boss selects a new programming language
Management, black hole, objective, Boss, Dilbert, Asok, Alice

The Boss decides to standardise on a new programming methodology in the middle of the project.
Management, coding, programming, moron, standardise, methodology, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert reports the results of the Boss changing their coding language and methodology.
Management, coding, programming, language, methodology, timeline, MC Escher, deep-sea submarine, morale, new feature, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert deletes the Boss's e-mail thinking it's spam.
Technology, urgent, subject, e-mail, Boss, Dilbert

Catbert explains his new idea: the stealth layoff.
Personnel, layoff, Boss, Catbert, Wally

The Boss appoints Dilbert his new Director of Post-Decision Support.
Management, Director of Post-Decision Support, tears of joy, nuclear contract, North Elbonia, fallout, Boss, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dogbert decides to start a discount religion.
Dogbert-Schemes, religion, tithing, sin, Dilbert, Dogbert

Carol gets the Boss the least expensive flight available.
Start of saga: Carol gets the Boss the least expensive flight available
Secretary, company policy, travel, flight, connecting flight, layover, prison, ballerina, tutu, police officer, cop, national monument, desecration, jail, Carol, Boss, Elbonian

The Boss gets upset about the Elbonian Airlines agent making a "joke".
Travel, airline food, cannibal, joke, funny, seating, skull, bone, grass skirt, Boss, Elbonian, cannibal