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Ratbert brags about being worth more money than Dilbert.
Personality, engineer, success, fail, funny, reverse, head, glass, Ratbert, Dilbert

The Boss announces everything they do will be part of a documented process.
ISO 9000, shoddy, mistake, documentation, process, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss wants Dilbert to come to his office to talk.
Productivity, office, privacy, example, information, geographically dependent, benchmark, cubicle, Boss, Dilbert

A beautiful woman wants to date Dilbert because she's tired of dating sexy, handsome men.
Start of saga: Dilbert dates a beautiful co-worker
Dating, ex-boyfriend, sexy, handsome, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert dates a woman who's tired of dating pretty boys.
Dating, restaurant, wine, pretty boy, bad manners, Dilbert, woman

The company lawyer analyses a contract that's subject to the "reasonable man" interpretation.
Law, contract, reasonable man, interpretation, threat, lawyer, Boss

Dilbert's date tells him she'll use clues when he's done something she doesn't like.
Dating, don't like, curse, curse, spit, forehead, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert's date wonders why men can't learn to communicate.
Dating, fair, spit, disagree, crazy, quiet, communicate, Dilbert, woman

The Boss goes to the doctor due to a bad case of manager's elbow.
Health, manager's elbow, patting, back, butt, Cirque du Soleil, prescription, leotard, stethoscope, underwear, doctor, Boss

Wally teaches Asok the "Wally Reflector" move.
Work Avoidance, teach, reflector, work, resistance, offender, demonstration, design, database, product feature, service, comprehensive list, data field, inspire, creepy, Wally, Asok, co-worker

The Boss wants Asok to join him on a flight to L.A.
Start of saga: The Boss and Asok fly to a meeting in LA
Travel, fly, Los Angeles, meeting, milestone, career, pre-board, ticket, boarding pass, Boss, Asok, boarding steward

The Boss makes Asok ride in the overhead storage so he can have more leg room.
Travel, seat assignment, cramped, scooch over, Boss, Asok, passenger

The Boss orders a wake-up call at a hotel.
Travel, wake-up call, team, bellmen, bellman, maid, pants, manager, bathrobe, telephone, Boss

The Boss orders breakfast and a massage at the hotel.
Travel, hotel, breakfast, massage, breakfast cart, telephone, bathrobe, Boss, waiter

The Boss checks out of the hotel.
Travel, check out, movie, rented, recommend, burn, furniture, Boss, hotel clerk

Dogbert invents a cure for the common cold. It's side-effects are the same as the symptoms of a cold.
Health, invent, cure, common cold, side-effect, cough, sore throat, runny nose, congestion, nausea, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert says the Boss's budget will only work if everything goes perfectly.
Leadership, budget, project, problem, plan, failure, deceptive forecast, shocked, inspire, optimism, swelling, Dilbert, Boss

An Elbonian demands a bribe before giving a contract to Dilbert's company.
Start of saga: The Elbonians want a bribe
Business, bid, cell phone, network, illegal, bribe, nuclear weapon, flavor, Dilbert, Elbonian

The Boss tells Dilbert how to deal with the Elbonians.
Business, Elbonian, bribe, overpaid, consultant, legal, caught, potato, po-tay-to, po-tah-to, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert tells Dilbert how to deal with the Elbonians.
Business, Elbonian, bribe, plan, nuclear weapon, microwave oven, Persian rug, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert gives the Elbonians fake plans for a nuclear weapon in order to win a contract.
Business, Elbonia, bid, contract, promise, nuclear warhead, Internet, modify, toaster, blueprint, bread, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, Elbonian

Dilbert says the project has a 30% chance of complete disaster. The Boss likes the odds.
Project, chance, minor success, corporate ruination, odd, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

Dilbert shows the Boss the best way to make their decision.
Management, decision, calculate, expected value, outcome, multiply, pretend, dead, tongue, Dilbert, Boss

Asok finds the Boss's behaviour described in the book "Putrid Boss". The Boss retaliates.
Office Politics, hammer, mallet, intimidation, Asok, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss has to give a failing performance review to 20% of his 4 staff members.
Performance Review, monkey hurlage, Boss, Wally, Alice

The Boss asks Alice where the quality estimates he asked for are.
Start of saga: The Boss wants his absent-mindedness cured
Management, quality estimate, blame, Boss, Alice

A doctor recommends the Boss have his brain replaced with a monkey brain.
Health, insult, stethoscope, Boss, doctor

A doctor refers the Boss to Dr. Dogbert for a brain replacement.
Health, cauliflower, stethoscope, absent-mindedness, specialist, surgery, operation, Boss, Dogbert, doctor

Dr. Dogbert describes the surgery he's about to perform on the Boss.
Health, cauliflower, stethoscope, surgery, insurance, anaesthetic, hospital bed, operation, Boss, Dogbert

The Boss returns from his brain transplant surgery believing he is much smarter.
Health, surgery, operation, salad dressing, quiz, test, bandage, roman general, Rubicon, Caesar, Dijon vinaigrette., Boss, Dilbert

The Boss makes a "car call" to Alice. She causes him to crash to get him off the phone.
Management, car call, telephone, cell phone, waste of time, distraction, crash, traffic, entertainment, small talk, going to hell, Boss, Alice