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Alice and Carol argue over who gets the new hire with his fake British accent.
Character, love, new guy, fake, British, English, accent, married, forget, single, Alice, Carol, new hire

The Boss tells Alice she is one of two candidates for a promotion.
Management, congratulation, candidate, promotion, qualification, voice, face, Boss, Alice

Wally reports he couldn't do his job because of the Boss's freeze on expenses.
Budget, software, freeze, expense, freeware, open source, version, available, develop, coffee-sipping, noise, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss zings an employee leaning against a wall.
Management, holding up the wall, zing, crush, fell over, Boss, Dilbert, structural engineer, Wally

Wally chooses a literal interpretation of a motivational poster.
Work Avoidance, status report, blank, eagle, type, motivational poster, break room, spirit, soar, mundane, soul, decay, you want it when?, Wally, Boss

The Boss wants Dilbert to ask a vendor to add an extra option for free.
Vendor, beta version, archive option, no extra money, free, save time, raging moron, ask, yell, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert becomes the Boss's life coach.
Start of saga: Dogbert, the life coach
Personal, life coach, unmotivated, drift, unorganised, dolt, confuse, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert, the life coach, instructs the Boss to keep a journal of everything he does.
Personal, journal, help, writing, personal growth, Dogbert, Boss

Wally observes all of the good people have quit.
Office Politics, noticed, good people, quit, wretched, incompetent, lazy, miscreant, anyhoo, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert reports he doesn't have enough resources to do his job. The Boss is unimpressed.
Management, resource, how now brown cow, worse, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss cuts Dilbert's project by ten percent.
Budget, ten percent, round number, thinking, affect, result, cutting back, Boss, Dilbert

An employee asks the Boss for a day off because his son is having his tonsils removed.
Management, day off, vacation, health, surgery, tonsils removed, tonsillectomy, rare blood type, donate, waiting room, moral support, immoral, Boss, employee

Catbert announces all birthdays will be celebrated on the same day to improve efficiency.
Policy, efficiency, birthday, celebrated, same day, year, forever, special, yesterday, Catbert, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Boss

Dogbert presents the Boss with a bill for the consulting he had done in his head.
Consultant, bill, report, head, waste paper, recommendation, status quo, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss complains Dogbert, as a consultant, never makes any recommendations.
Consultant, paying, recommendation, feel good, secure, knowledge, brilliant, strategy, weird, Boss, Dogbert

The Boss becomes a victim of Dogbert's consult and blabbery.
Consultant, incentivise, incentive, resource, grow, bandwidth, end state, vision, kimono, change agent, brain dump, drill down, core competency, confused look, huge invoice, victim, consult and blabbery, magnifying glass, eye, Dogbert, doctor, Boss, police officer

Wally asks the Boss for a new assignment that will challenge his abilities.
Work Avoidance, tiger meat, project, challenge, ability, glory, delight, stockholder, motivated, Wally, Boss

The Boss announces the Company's core values.
Management, core value, service, integrity, respect, teamwork, responsibility, trust, honesty, fun, passion, fairness, excellence, inherent conflict, hygiene, Boss, Wally, Asok, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss gives Dilbert an assignment late, and tries to motivate him by reading the slogans from motivational posters.
Management, weekend, finish, deadline, soar, eagle, motivational poster, question, cell phone, luxury sailboat, heat, kitchen, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert, the consultant, recommends getting rid of their underperforming CEO.
Start of saga: Dogbert gets rid of an underperforming CEO
Dogbert-Schemes, worst performer, Fortune 500, convince, reckless, adventurer, bungee jump, active volcano, Dogbert, CEO, Asok, Boss, Wally, Alice

Dogbert convinces the CEO to bungee jump into a volcano.
Dogbert-Schemes, PR, public relations, fearless, adventurer, dangerous, CFO, chief financial officer, safety, estimate, length, bungee cord, bungee jump, volcano, lava, magma, pedestal, Dogbert, CEO

Dogbert tells Dilbert how he got rid of the underperforming CEO.
Dogbert-Schemes, CEO, underperforming, convinced, bungee jump, live volcano, problem solved, punished, pumiced, evil, amusing, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert searches for a new CEO.
Start of saga: Dogbert finds the Company a new CEO: first a vampire, then Ratbert
Leadership, executive search firm, hire, CEO, buzz, reputation, toughness, torch, cape, fang, blood sucking, Dogbert, vampire, Boss, manager, victim

Dogbert asks a vampire to be the new CEO.
Leadership, executive search firm, CEO, major corporation, dental plan, benefit, effective, day, pedestal, cape, fang, coffin, casket, Dogbert, vampire, Boss, manager

Dogbert asks Ratbert if he would like to be the new CEO.
Leadership, executive search firm, CEO, major corporation, dream, extension cord, power cord, gnaw, committed, see it through, risk taker, achieve, goal, eye, tail, electrocute, Dogbert, Ratbert, Boss, manager

A co-worker thinks the ancient Egyptians might have already patented Dilbert design.
Management, diagram, presentation, design, plan, question, hieroglyphic, patent, risk, ancient Egyptian, microchip, pyramid, research, schedule, Dilbert, co-worker, Boss, Alice

Ratbert, the CEO, tells his secretary to have his driver fetch his limo.
Leadership, Miss Pennington, driver, fetch, limo, name, legally changed, wrong, surgery, sex change, telephone, intercom, Ratbert, Harold

Ratbert demonstrates how becoming a CEO has made him smarter.
Leadership, best part, CEO, smarter, capital of Japan, Mitsubishi, right, genius, yesterday, nine, Ratbert, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Ratbert, the CEO, is losing his empathy.
Leadership, CEO, empathy, decorating, office, important, health care, plan, varnished, desk, furniture, remodelling, Ratbert, Boss

Ratbert, the CEO, gets fired for abusing the employees.
Leadership, CEO, board of directors, dipping, employee, varnish, office furniture, fire, severance package, corporate jet, perpetual benefit, salary, taking it well, victory dance, happy dance, Ratbert, director