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The Boss confronts Alice about her badgering of managers.
Management, complaint, badgering, decision, critical issue, ignore, e-mail, telephone call, insist, overpaid, Boss, Alice

The Boss wants Dilbert to share his cubicle with a beautiful woman named Lola.
Start of saga: Lola, Dilbert's new cubicle-mate
Dating, space, share, cubicle, fight, board of directors, remember, teamwork, Boss, Dilbert, Lola

Lola wants to sit on Dilbert's lap while she works and discusses Star Trek.
Dating, share, cubicle, chair, lap, Star Trek, series, laptop computer, Lola, Dilbert

Dilbert asks Dogbert whether or not he should date a co-worker.
Note: A completely different strip was published by one newspaper's online archive. The different strip showed Dogbert on a pillow contemplating corn starch and wondering why anyone would iron corn.
Dating, co-worker, pulse, bad judgement, restraining order, hot, still warm, Dilbert, Dogbert

Lola admits she would date Dilbert, but they share a cubicle.
Dating, share, cubicle, back massage, reminded, incredible time together, Lola, Dilbert

Catbert announces employees are not allowed to date each other.
Dating, campaign, employee happiness, not allowed, each other, forbidden fruit, yummy, rule-breaker, Catbert, Lola, Dilbert, Wally, Asok, Alice, Boss

Lola moves out of Dilbert's cubicle and takes everything.
Dating, cubicle, vacancy, move, attorney, divide, workspace, property, eyebrow, client, nude, Lola, lawyer, Dilbert

Dogbert convinces the Boss their software is all ones. He can buy zeros from Dogbert, but must arrange them himself.
Dogbert-Schemes, audit, software system, software development, scrap, clever combination, zero, one, tweak, arrange, little assignment, Dogbert, Boss

A new hire develops a stress hump on his first day.
Start of saga: The upbeat new employee
Health, first day, employee orientation, start, busy, web site, guess, hump, back, stress, new hire, Boss

The new hire has nothing to do and must resist the urge to name his stress hump.
Health, new employee, assignment, computer, friend, hump, stress, resist, urge, name, talk, new hire

The new hire starts looking to make a friend.
Health, new employee, friend, reduce, stress, hump, judged, associate, lazy, new hire, Boss, Wally

Wally gets the new hire to do his work.
Work Avoidance, new guy, culture, teamwork, task, assignment, unimaginable difficulty, sucker, Wally, Dilbert, new hire

Alice punches the new hire's stress hump moving it down to his butt.
Health, new guy, stress, hump, fix, punch, gone, honest, new hire, Alice

The new hire asks for a few days off to see if his stress hump goes away.
Health, day off, vacation, stress, hump, goes away, fire, new hire, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss hires Dogbert as a consultant for $400 an hour.
Consultant, agreed, expensive, get what you pay for, ball rolling, question, process, recommendation, slow, Boss, Dogbert, Alice, Wally, Dilbert, Asok

The is shopping for a new vehicle.
Start of saga: The Boss buys a new SUV
Nature, practical, vehicle, environment, Envirocrusher-4, 40 tons, owl, fuel, engine noise, stun, SUV, Boss, salesman

The Boss can't find enough owls to fuel his new SUV, so he starts breeding his own.
Note: Most newspapers published a censored version of this strip. The censored version had the final panel covered up with a note that said the offensive finale may be seen by going to The uncensored version showed the Boss in a hot tub with an owl.
Nature, SUV, fuel, good idea, breeding, rodent, hot tub, jacuzzi, wine, Boss, Carol, owl

An accounting troll doesn't want photocopies of receipts, but faxing them is OK.
Accounting, process, travel expenses, photocopy, receipt, original, fax, telephone, troll, Alice

The Boss tells Alice there's no budget for a raise due to his hotel costs.
Budget, blame, raise, business/trip, Las Vegas, passed out, bathtub, water, running, flooded, bartender, irresponsible, Boss, Alice

The Boss gives Asok an assignment. Wally gives Asok advice.
Office Politics, important, month, start, smarter, last minute, big show, unreasonable deadline, Boss, Asok, Wally

Catbert tells the Boss he needs a leadership succession plan.
Policy, leadership, succession, plan, hiring freeze, staff, promotion, bad idea, Catbert, Alice, Boss

The Boss tells Alice personal items can't be higher than the cubicle walls.
Policy, personal item, higher, cubicle wall, curiosity, logic, bizarre, smooth line-of-sight, aesthetic, Einstein doll, hideous, stock price, beautiful, soul, music, Boss, Alice

Dogbert tells Dilbert about a medical procedure that will make him attractive to the opposite sex.
Personal, medical, procedure, attractive, opposite sex, doctor, remove, body part, replace, painful, all at once, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert asks Catbert for help with balancing his career with his personal life.
Start of saga: Dilbert wants to balance his career with his personal life
Personal, help, balance, career, book, No One Will Every Love You, crush, hop, unhealthy, pill, crybaby, Dilbert, Catbert

Dilbert asks Alice for help with balancing his career with his personal life.
Personal, trouble, balance, work, anger, destabilise, hormonal balance, crush, competing urge, punch, biological clock, Dilbert, Alice

Wally offers Dilbert advice on how to balance his career and his personal life.
Personal, good advice, balance, zen, approach, friend, perfect, make stuff up, lunch, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Dilbert asks Milt for advice on how to balance his career and his personal life.
Personal, wife, kid, exercise, eating, healthy, dangerous, trained, defibrillator, Dilbert, Milt

Dogbert tells a tech support customer he has a bad case of computer rot.
Tech Support, case, computer rot, designed, slower, unreliable, over time, upgrade, false hope, defragment, disk drive, telephone headset, Dogbert

Dilbert shows the Boss something he's proud of.
Management, show, proud, pride, automated, task, resourceful, lazy, brilliant, accomplishment, character flaw, complainer, forget, quitter, Dilbert, Boss

The Elbonians trick the department into giving themselves wedgies.
Psychology, product, name, Elbonian language, definition, intense pleasure, yourself, wedgie, hatched, greatest prank, perpetrated, gotta try that, Boss, Asok, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss thought he hired a genius. But it turns out he was just faking a British accent.
Start of saga: The Boss hires a guy with a fake British accent
Character, hire, genius, ordinary, fake, British, English, accent, sexy, sound, Boss, new hire, Alice, Catbert