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Alice cremates Karl, the habitual liar, to try to convince him he's dead.
Character, habitual liar, story, alive, feel terrific, marathon, cremation, bottle, genie, wish, urn, Alice, Karl

Karl, the habitual liar, claims he's learning salsa dancing in his urn.
Character, cremated, habitual liar, learn, salsa dance, body, focus, urn, bottle, Alice, Karl, dance instructor

Wally is developing stupidity-blocking headphones and demonstrates the prototype.
Project, prototype, product, developing, modified, noise-cancellation, headphones, stupidity, block, bliss, chatter, ordinary, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Wally wants a nickname to create the illusion of competence.
Start of saga: Wally wants a nickname
Office Politics, nickname, illusion, competence, The Wizard, Info-Guru, punch, Wally, Dilbert

Wally tells Alice his new nickname is "The Wizard."
Office Politics, nickname, The Wizard, guru, status, The Lizard, small brain, lack of ambition, Wally, Alice

The Boss selects Dilbert to head up a new marketing campaign with no budget.
Start of saga: Marketing campaign with no budget
Project, marketing, campaign, budget, brave, lead, bold, risky, hiding under the table, Boss, Dilbert, Asok, Wally, Alice

Dogbert wants the customer satisfaction survey filled out before he gives tech support.
Tech Support, online, customer satisfaction, survey, help, happy, expect, telephone headset, Dogbert, customer

Dilbert handpicks Wally and Yvonne for his project.
Project, hand-picked, budget, lazy, most work, least effort, hotness, power, disability leave, Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, Yvonne

Dilbert is still determined even though he has no budget and no staff for his project.
Project, budget, staff, wit, computer, pencil, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss assigns Alice her regular goals and her stretch goals.
Management, stretch goal, achieve, sacrifice, health, personal life, criminal conduct, raise, bonus, budget, salary, ultra-stretchy goal, Boss, Alice

Dogbert has an idea to help Dilbert's unfunded project succeed.
Project, marketing, campaign, resource, free samples, celebrity, free stuff, dead cat, Dilbert, Dogbert, Donald Trump impersonator, Melania Knauss impersonator

Dilbert's marketing campaign was successful, which lowers his respect for people.
Project, marketing, plan, free sample, celebrity, lookalike, worked, decline, respect, intelligence, fine line, hate, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

Asok becomes a member of the "World's Greatest Interns" scam.
Professional, member, World's Greatest Intern, scam, gullible, overpriced, plaque, display, prominent, Asok, Alice

Marketing's plan is to brand a sports stadium with the Company's name.
Marketing, plan, sports stadium, brand, juiced up, steroids, reputation, comparison, rage, marketeer, Wally, Dilbert, Alice, Boss, baseball player

The Boss takes the staff out to a five-star restaurant. Carol has to stay behind and answer phones.
Secretary, entire staff, five-star, restaurant, lunch, food, intoxicate, wine, once-in-a-lifetime, sensation, answer, telephone, Boss, Carol

The Boss is a victim of identity theft.
Personal, police, victim, identity theft, doomed, stranger, underpants, underwear, Boss, Dilbert

Introducing Loopy, the woman who couldn't end a story.
Character, end, story, vacation, coconut, trapped, escape, ejector seat, pursuit chair, picture, traffic, Loopy, Dilbert

Dilbert's vendor says he can't deliver for three months.
Vendor, deliver, part, promise, customer, threaten, Dilbert, Boss, vendor

All Dilbert did was design one microchip, the Boss attended dozens of meetings.
Management, quarter, performance review, design, microchip, comparison, meeting, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert's doctor prescribes a drug so the doctor can get a date with the drug company's rep.
Health, healthy, prescription, Toxikill, drug, totally hot, lunch, date, side effect, stethoscope, doctor, Dilbert

The Boss consoles his people with the fact that, percentage wise, his raise is smaller than theirs.
Management, feel bad, raise, bigger, mathy, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Dogbert tells a tech support customer he must try all possible fixes in every possible combination.
Tech Support, Crashinbox(TM), computer, freeze, possible, fix, combination, guarantee, lazy, customer, Dogbert

Dilbert notices his mother only invites him over when she needs a cable pulled.
Family, dear, cat-5, closet, invite, cable, pulled, bug, salad, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert

Wally's accomplishment for the month was opening an e-mail attachment.
Work Avoidance, accomplishment, open, file, attachment, e-mail, software, download, viewer, Internet, browser, support, upgrade, operating system, application, hard disk, transfer, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

Catbert advises the Boss to not give employees "excellent" or "poor" ratings.
Performance Review, rating, rate, excellent, good, poor, ability, motivate, scowl, Catbert, Boss

The Boss explains to Wally he's rating him "good" but not because he is.
Performance Review, policy, fire, hiring freeze, shrink, empire, kill, promise, Boss, Wally

The Boss gives Asok a slight promotion.
Management, slight, promotion, cubicle, larger, shaving, fabric, wally, title, spell, pronounce, different, shaver, razor, Boss, Asok

Tina asks Alice for help with a technical problem.
Start of saga: Tina needs an engineer's help
Office Politics, technical, glitch, problem, humble, condescending, engineer, help, college, drink, beer, English literature, apology, Tina, Alice

Alice tells Tina how to fix her technical problem. Tina doesn't understand Alice's instructions.
Office Politics, local cache mode, MAPI setting, disable, delete, duplicate, messaging subsystem, registry key, understand, simpler, funny, cruel, Alice, Tina

Wally announces the Boss has failed to motivate him.
Management, motivate, fail, co-worker, plotting, sabotage, career, inspirational, Wally, Boss, Dilbert, Alice