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Wally attends an Elbonian culture class.
Society, culture, class, course, businessman, business card, crumple, mouth, chew, spit, forehead, duelling, yak bones, Elbonian, Wally

Wally flies to Elbonia.
Travel, landing strip, jump, airplane, flap, arm, aim, plump, cushion, Wally, Elbonian, Elbonian pig

Wally lands in Elbonia.
Travel, luggage, suitcase, eyeglasses, America, here to help, Wally, Elbonian, Elbonian pig

Wally explains to the Elbonians he's there to solve all of their problems.
Society, America, fix, problem, arrogance, offencive, armed resistance, fight, end of time, Wally, Elbonian

Wally reports his trip to Elbonia was successful.
Society, business trip, Elbonia, success, civil war, lie, loot, souvenir, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss wants an assistant manager who is slightly worse than him in every way.
Management, hire, similar, slightly worse, ideal candidate, threat, replace, database, applicant, hideous, criminally insane, pretend, five languages, Boss, Catbert, assistant manager

The Boss wants Wally to help Alice on her project.
Start of saga: The Boss assigns Wally to help Alice
Office Politics, help, project, work harder, dependent, Boss, Wally, Alice

The Boss is disappointed with the way Wally helped Alice.
Management, help, project, work harder, expect, tell, shut up, Boss, Wally

Carol insults Wally and feels her first tingle of job satisfaction.
Office Politics, problem, rat, upgrade, hygiene, rat bait, unwashed, tingle, job satisfaction, Carol, Wally

Wally challenges some cliches.
Philosophy, notice, kill, weaker, great minds, think alike, patent office, invention, suspicious, cried, spilt milk, cashier, bill, lunch, Wally, Asok, Dilbert

The Boss announces the Company is relocating to a high-crime area.
Start of saga: The Company relocates to a high-crime area
Management, relocate, high-crime area, tax reasons, CEO, safety, limo, underground parking garage, chain, bicycle, wino, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Catbert reassures the department about the relocation to a high-crime area.
Management, high-crime area, expert, chance of survival, outside, estimate, assumption, gang member, exhausted, beat, Catbert, Alice, Boss, Wally, Asok

The Boss is confused about which project is which.
Project, staff, caribou, new chip, Caribbean, muskrat, projected return, research capital, enterprise software, meerkat, musk ox, zebra, panda, squirrel, status report, proboscis monkey, fault, Dilbert, Boss

Alice hates walking to work in a high-crime area.
Management, hate, walking, high-crime area, fiduciary, misconduct, attack, Alice, CFO, Dilbert

The Company is being relocated back out of the high-crime area.
Management, move, office, high-crime area, beaten up, pyramid-shaped hair, police, sketch, fist of death, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

Carol gets Asok to set up a conference call for her.
Start of saga: Carol gives Asok her job of setting up a conference call
Office Politics, set up, conference call, division manager, secretary, appointment, question, Carol, Asok

Asok sets up a conference call.
Meeting, intern, set up, conference call, schedule, Asok

Asok reports the conference call he arranged was a success.
Meeting, conference call, success, available, forgot, telephone call, mute button, Asok, Boss, Alice, Wally

The Boss demands a forecast from Alice.
Management, forecast, right now, predict, pants, choke, death, belt, townspeople, statue, honour, Boss, Alice

The Boss mistakenly pledges his loyalty to a dead guy in a meeting.
Management, introduction, instinct, figure out, important, senior executive, disengaged, mirror, mannerism, side comment, sense of humour, pledge, loyalty, Boss, Dilbert, dead guy

The Boss literally doesn't know how to tell Ted he's being fired.
Management, don't know how to say this, lean up, process improvement process, smartsize, downsize, resource, figure of speech, Boss, Ted

Dogbert uses arguments based on definitions not found in any dictionary.
Personal, argument, definition, dictionary, fascist, pyjamas, top, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert has copyrighted all of the stupidest opinions in the universe.
Dogbert-Schemes, entitled, opinion, copyright, stupidest, universe, never, uttered, drink, bar, wine, Dogbert, man, woman

Tina accuses Dilbert of thinking the software integration project is a waste of time.
Start of saga: Tina starts a rumour Dilbert hates a project
Office Politics, software, integration, project, waste of time, history, guide, defend, misunderstanding, hallucinate, Tina, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Dogbert about being a victim of an ugly rumour at work.
Personal, victim, ugly, rumour, bad news, clarification, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss confronts Dilbert about hating the software integration project.
Management, hate, software, integration, project, pros, cons, conditioned, take sides, balanced analysis, hard to be me, Boss, Dilbert

Carol takes advantage of being shared by two managers.
Secretary, share, drowning in work, double, load, prioritise, fax, top priority, business card, Marmaduke, comic, newspaper, Carol, Boss, manager

Dogbert recommends Dilbert prescribe medicines from the Internet to fix his co-workers' disorders.
Start of saga: Dilbert prescribes drugs from the Internet
Office Politics, problem, emotionally unstable, co-worker, prescribe, meds, medicine, drug, Internet, fix, defect, wrong choice, sexually aroused, Viagra, aphrodisiac, Dogbert, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

Dilbert gives some pills to Wally because he's bloated and lethargic.
Office Politics, bloated, lethargic, prescribe, pill, medicine, drug, highly recommended, safe, Internet, horn, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Dilbert gives Karl some pills to help with his habitual lying.
Character, habitual liar, pill, medicine, drug, Internet, can't resist, free stuff, skull, Dilbert, Karl

Karl, the habitual liar, has been reduced to a skeleton but insists he feels great.
Character, habitual liar, died, feel great, dead, head, skull, carbs, carbohydrates, detached, yoga, decapitated, Alice, Karl, Wally