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Dilbert understands since Walgetco handles 60% of their distribution, Walgetco now owns them.
Business, distribution, Walgetco, Wal-Mart, practical purposes, own, legal liabilities, orange vests, bow, headquarters, touching, Dilbert, Boss

An accounting troll complains to the Boss Walgetco takes all of the profits.
Business, cut costs, distributor, Walgetco, Wal-Mart, gain, demand, lower prices, shopping, nice day, accessories, troll, Boss

Wally hatches a plan to become irreplaceable to the Company.
Start of saga: Wally becomes irreplaceable
Office Politics, irreplaceable, fired, behaviour, trust, escaped felon, Wally, Asok, customer

The Boss confronts Wally about what he told their biggest customer.
Office Politics, customer, escaped felon, fire, trust, key learning, crime doesn't pay, alleged, caught, Wally, Boss

Dilbert tries assisting the Boss with setting up a new password.
Management, password, characters, letters, numbers, 123, abc, foursome, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss's advice blinds Dilbert.
Start of saga: The Boss blinds Dilbert with the obvious
Management, problem, valuable advice, stare, screen, monitor, starve, death, gather data, decision, blinded, obvious, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert sees a doctor about his blindness.
Health, temporary, blindness, flash, obvious, guide, prescription, dopey, seeing-eye dog, Dilbert, doctor, Dogbert

The Boss once again exposes Dilbert to blinding flashes of the obvious.
Management, blinding, flash, obvious, sightless, drive, upsetting, Dilbert, Boss

A non-engineer tries to explain video compress to a group of engineers.
Engineer, explain, video, compression, electrical engineer, zeros, round, fat, ones, begging, Dilbert, co-worker, Alice, Asok

Wally decides to become indispensable to the Company.
Office Politics, indispensable, employee, outrageous, annoy, crushed ice, chomping, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert coaches Wally on not giving away knowledge.
Office Politics, knowledge, power, crush, understand, not saying, Dogbert, Wally

The Boss hires a cubicle vampire.
Interview, weakness, cubicle vampire, co-workers, pounce, suck, blood, work-related issues, life, drained, instinct, sucked dry, Boss, vampire, Dilbert

Alice attacks a man asking lots of questions. Turns out he's the new stock analyst.
Start of saga: Alice kills the new stock analyst
Business, questions, asking, fist, throat, pants, inside out, eat death, stranger, Alice, Boss, stock analyst

The Boss complains about Alice killing the new stock analyst.
Business, look, stock analyst, buy, recommendation, hold, conflict of interest, Alice, Boss

Dogbert offers to be the new stock analyst.
Start of saga: Dogbert recommends stock to the public
Business, recommend, stock, public, conflict of interest, worthwhile, investment banking, poison waffles, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert is interviewed on TV about owning stock in the company he recommended.
Investment, television camera, stock analyst, recommended, Blackberry, PDA, dump, shares, spiked, very wrong, profit, helicopter, suspenders, Dogbert, interviewer

Dilbert's cousin just got her English degree and would like some advice from Dilbert.
Start of saga: Dilbert's cousin, Lauren, a fresh graduate
Family, cousin, degree, English, diploma, graduated, meagre living, frustrate, work environment, thought, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert, Lauren

Dilbert helps his cousin post her resume on a jobs web site.
Family, submit, post, resume, web site, optimism, human being, parents, look for a job, e-mail, Dilbert, Lauren

Dilbert wants Dogbert to wish him luck for his job interview. Dogbert refuses.
Interview, job interview, luck, hero, Albert Einstein, safe, outspoken critic, war, missile guidance systems, Jeffrey Dahmer, lottery, Dilbert, Dogbert, interviewer

Dilbert's cousin inserts some key words into her online resume.
Family, responses, online, resume, inserted, keyword, attracted, older, chubby, married, wrong, levels, job offers, Dilbert, Lauren

Dilbert tries to get through a meeting without telling the customers how stupid they are.
Engineer, meeting, stupid, pressure, builds up, head, unbearable, Boss, Dilbert, customer

Asok is concerned about his objectives being vague and unmeasurable.
Management, concerned, objectives, vague, unmeasurable, inspired, full potential, bad job, punish, heard, Asok, Boss

Dilbert creates a combined online dating service, job search, and auction site.
Technology, combine, online, dating service, job site, auction, date, bid, hire, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, Tina

Marketing is looking for volunteers for a cat scan. Everyone looks at Catbert.
Pun, marketing, volunteers, study, advertisement, stimulate, brains, cat scan, predictable, Boss, Catbert, Asok, Alice, Wally

A sales guy asks Dilbert for the benchmark results.
Sales, benchmark, results, explanation, useless, sales guy, Dilbert

A co-worker asks Dilbert to check his spreadsheet for accuracy.
Office Politics, check, spreadsheet, accuracy, impenetrable, jumble, organised, data, cryptic, labels, document, column, ratio, product, returns, gross, revenue, sales taxes, co-worker, Dilbert, Boss

Wally uses a character flaw for his philosophy.
Philosophy, review, e-mail, spreadsheet, inconvenience, character flaw, combine, Tina, Wally

A vendor spills the beans concerning a reorganisation.
Start of saga: The Boss doesn't tell his people about a pending reorganisation
Management, server software, reorganisation, layoffs, heard, face, vendor, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert is upset the Boss tells a vendor about the reorganisation before his own staff.
Management, vendor, reorganisation, staff, trick, diversion, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert wonders why the Boss would tell a vendor their strategy before telling him.
Management, Boss, vendor, strategy, combination, importance, insignificance, more, questions, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss tries to calm down his staff about the impending reorganisation.
Management, nothing to fear, reorganisation, fear itself, don't think, Boss, Alice, Dilbert