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The Boss decides he needs to be managing a sexier project.
Start of saga: A nano-technology stem cell for fighting terrorists
Technology, managing, sexier, sexy, boost, career, nanotechnology, stem cell, terrorists, Boss, Dilbert, Catbert

Dogbert advises Dilbert on how to deal with the Boss's demand to develop nanotechnology.
Technology, invent, nanotechnology, stem cells, empty hand, invisible, high-five, crushed, Dilbert, Dogbert

Bottleneck Bill hasn't been answering Dilbert e-mails.
Start of saga: Dilbert has to deal with Bottleneck Bill
Character, answer, e-mail, philosophy, worth doing, delay, Bottleneck Bill, Dilbert

Dilbert asks the Boss to force Bottleneck Bill to do his job.
Management, force, job, finish, miscellaneous, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert tells a psychologist he has uncontrollable urges to show people better ways to do things.
Psychology, uncontrollable, urge, better way, real issue, insecurity, date, looks, Dilbert, therapist

Catbert reports the number one complaint from employees is unclear objectives.
Management, complaint, employees, unclear objectives, effort, tie, selfish, Catbert, Boss

Dilbert is given a reverse makeover so he'll be a credible engineer on a sales call.
Sales, answer, technical questions, nice suit, credibility, reverse makeover, consultant, straight eye for the queer-looking guy, queer eye for the straight guy, clothes, ear hair, eyebrow extensions, genius, Boss, Dilbert, sales rep, makeover consultant, customer

Dogbert, the consultant, recommends embracing the idea customers deserve to die.
Start of saga: The Ultra-Doughnut
Dogbert-Schemes, idea, customers, deserve, die, free your mind, profitable, products, invent, Ultra-Doughnut, sharp objects, Dogbert, Alice, Boss, Asok, Wally

The government requires a warning label for the Ultra-Doughnut.
Dogbert-Schemes, government, warning label, shard-filled, Ultra-Doughnut, kill, tastes great, choked, dead, corpse, Boss, Dogbert, police officer, customer

The Boss presents the revenue and fatality figures for their Ultra-Doughnut product.
Product, revenue, killed, customers, health risks, technically, scum, suicide, Boss, Asok, Wally, Alice

Dilbert tells his mom about their new Ultra-Doughnut.
Product, gigantic, shard-filled, Ultra-Doughnut, calories, weight gain, theory, pleasure-seeking, taste, delicious, bandage, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

Dogbert observes Dilbert can't resist the Ultra-Doughnut, even though he knows the hazards.
Dogbert-Schemes, resist, shard-filled, Ultra-Doughnut, hazard, free will, illusion, greatest pleasure, rationalise, decision, mindless, pink robot, bandages, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert asks Dogbert about the morality of selling the super unhealthy Ultra-Doughnut.
Ethics, immoral, calorie, weight gain, shard-filled, Ultra-Doughnut, force, irresistibly delicious, Dilbert, Dogbert

Catbert bans cell phones with cameras from the workplace.
Policy, cell phones, cameras, ban, workplace, pictures, proprietary information, digital, e-mail, copied, scanned, steal, scrapbook, Catbert, Asok, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

The Boss leads a brainstorming session before lunch.
Product, product development, brainstorm, ideas, boredom, chocolate cake, lunch, roast beef, mittens, food, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

How you allocate management overhead expenses determines the success of the new product.
Product, successful, allocate, management overhead, expenses, party hat, champagne glass, noisemaker, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert meets with the vendor who couldn't say no.
Vendor, schedule, order, customise, assembled, installed, loathing, advance, promises, Dilbert, vendor

Dilbert wasn't listening to the conversation, so he tries some optimism.
Society, conversation, listening, optimism, situation, record growth, prostate, Dilbert, co-worker, Alice

The Boss gives Catbert his theory of managing.
Management, vague directions, punish, mind reading, play, game, genius, self-centred, Boss, Catbert

The Boss tells Alice her biggest defect is her inability to handle criticism.
Performance Review, defect, inability, handle, criticism, misperception, argue, smarter, Boss, Alice

The Boss doesn't understand the technical analysis the Dilbert gave him.
Management, technical analysis, understand, embarrass, second opinion, stupid, distribute, wrong, hope, whistling, air, shred, pile of indecision, accident, Dilbert, Boss, Carol

Wally tells Asok his experience with the thrill of victory and the pleasures of the flesh.
Personal, age, thrill, victory, pleasure, flesh, convenience, mistress, listener, talking, Wally, Asok

Wally reports his progress is being thwarted by inconvenience.
Work Avoidance, progress, thwart, obstacle, inconvenient, soul, enthusiasm, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss confronts Alice about forwarding off-colour jokes via e-mail.
Start of saga: Alice forwards off-colour e-mail jokes
Policy, forwarding, jokes, e-mail, object, morale, face, photoshop, cow's butt, art, Boss, Alice

Catbert confronts Alice about forwarding off-colour jokes via e-mail.
Policy, forwarded, e-mail, joke, funny, complained, punish, sensible, Catbert, Alice

Alice finds out who complained about her e-mail joke by bribing Catbert with catnip.
Office Politics, complained, e-mail, joke, conversations, human resources, confidential, catnip, bribe, eyeballs, tongue, Alice, Catbert

Alice confronts Wally about his complaint of her e-mail joke.
Office Politics, complain, human resources, e-mail, joke, psychologically damaged, mirth, empty shell, hungry, Alice, Wally

Asok finds out why he shouldn't inform the Boss of his project's problems.
Management, project, report, update, inform, problems, big mistake, help, upgrade, disk drive, image data, e-mail, database, extra disk space, necktie, strangle, lose consciousness, Dilbert, Asok, Boss

The Boss admits to enjoying getting paid for other people's inventions.
Management, product, patent, profits, plunge, bonus, fair, shallow, inventions, Boss, Catbert

The Boss tells Dilbert to meet with a huge distributor and agree to anything they want.
Start of saga: The huge retail distributor, Walgetco
Business, retail distributor, Walgetco, Wal-Mart, yes, unreasonable, need, special packaging, RFID tags, bones, store brand, foot powder, Boss, Dilbert, distributor