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Dogbert looks for an unethical scientist to verify is wealth-building system.
Dogbert-Schemes, wealth, verify, ethics, human cloning, infomercial, advertising, cigar, booze, prices, Dogbert, scientist, clone, Dilbert

Dogbert needs a name for his new company.
Dogbert-Schemes, name, company, infomercial, disguise, treachery, krap2idiots, catchy, television, bathrobe, Dogbert, Dilbert

Wally anonymously sends faxes to Alice's telephone.
Office Politics, telephone, fax, voice line, punishment, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Wally asks the Boss about the proper time charging for a hypothetical situation.
Management, project, time, corrective lenses, eyeglasses, urinal, toilet, 911, building up, Wally, Boss

The Boss figures out a way around budget limitations.
Budget, product development, features, scope, theory, change requests, free, Dilbert, Boss, Carol

The Boss is bribed into recommending a company's products.
Start of saga: The Boss is bribed by a vendor
Business, restaurant, martini, recommend, product, board, bribe, DVD, narrator, name, dance, Boss, vendor

The Boss announces his decision to buy their server upgrades through Bribertek, Inc.
Business, server, upgrades, Bribertek, Inc., buy, overpriced, hardware, job offer, coincidence, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok

The Boss shows up to claim the job offer that was his bribery pay-off.
Business, single source, job offer, VP, empty office, waiting period, bribe, Boss, vendor

Wally's outfit forces the Boss to update the dress code.
Office Politics, update, dress code, tank top, belly shirt, ruin, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert is has to handle a grey area social situation.
Society, grey area, social situation, look away, ambiguity, smile, stomach ache, confused, story, suck, Dilbert, Dogbert, co-worker

A security guard stops Alice because she looks bloated, like she's hiding something under her clothes.
Security, guard desk, bloated, PMS, stealing, hiding, clothes, instincts, injury, Alice, security guard

Wally asks Tina to go to lunch with him.
Dating, lunch, co-worker, date, colleague, jacket, face, fifty percent, half, paying, salad, water, New York steaks, restaurant, Wally, Tina, waiter

Carol's has to work from home since her daughter got sent home from school.
Secretary, sneeze, daughter, school, home, answer, phone, messages, real, fake, Carol, Boss

The Boss approaches Alice with a question about making photocopies.
Feminism, secretary, copies, photocopier, woman, sexist, copy machine, Boss, Alice

Wally asks the Boss for permission to take on a huge workload.
Work Avoidance, projects, deliverables, motivation, e-mail, help, Wally, Boss, Alice

The Boss hires a man who interviews very well.
Interview, hire, brain, develop, products, pay, cubicle, eat, used paper, defence, interview, job applicant, Boss, Dilbert

Carol asks the Boss when she's going to be promoted from executive assistant to executive.
Secretary, executive, assistant, promotion, leadership, ear wax, Carol, Boss

Wally tells Dilbert people continuously bother you while you're trying to work, while Dilbert is trying to work.
Work Avoidance, bother, work, realisation, unpleasant, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert wants the market demand numbers from a co-worker.
Teamwork, market demand, numbers, information, later, ASAP, slack, Dilbert, co-worker

Carol calls the ethics hotline with a question.
Start of saga: Dogbert's ethics hotline
Ethics, question, hotline, retype, directions, prescription, medication, nude, Carol, Boss

The Boss announces the Company will hold a series of ethics seminars during lunch.
Ethics, corporate, steal, lunch hour, executives, seminar, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

The Company hires Dogbert to be their ethics manager and run the ethics hotline.
Ethics, hired, manager, hotline, dental, evidence, telephone headset, Boss, Dogbert, Dilbert, Wally

Asok calls Dogbert's ethics hotline with a question about naughty thoughts during work hours.
Ethics, hotline, conundrum, question, naughty, thought, work hours, reimburse, productivity, cost, fortune, Dogbert, Asok, Wally, Dilbert, co-worker

The Boss tells Catbert about his plan to avoid paying bonuses.
Management, plan, pay, performance, bonus, merge, average, begging, lunch, Boss, Catbert

The Boss is reading a book of leadership secrets.
Leadership, reading, secret, book, famous, Roman, general, Dogbertious, friend, private office, slave, cubicle, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Heck is full, so Phil arranges for the overflow to be put in cubicles.
Management, heck, space, full, cell phone, bathroom, restroom, cubicle, crime, heinous, blindfold, pitchspoon, punishment, troll, Phil, Boss, man, Dilbert

The Boss considers getting liposuction.
Start of saga: The Boss gets liposuction
Personal, liposuction, fat, weight loss, head, collapse, Boss, Alice

The Boss got liposuction and his head collapsed.
Personal, liposuction, younger, self-discipline, weight loss, weight gain, doughnuts, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Wally plans to have unnecessary body parts removed so he can miss work.
Start of saga: The removal of Wally's unnecessary body parts
Work Avoidance, underwear, price sheet, price list, remove, unnecessary, body parts, organs, stethoscope, television, nap, inflamed coccyx, Wally, Boss, doctor

Wally tells Dilbert his plan to have unnecessary body parts removed to miss work.
Work Avoidance, coccyx, removed, unnecessary, body parts, organs, time off, brain, tonsils, Dilbert, Wally