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Dogbert tells the Boss how to rob his small suppliers.
Dogbert-Schemes, rob, steal, small supplier, unauthorised, deductions, invoices, complain, standard, industry, practise, chickens, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert explains stock investing.
Investment, stock, schedule, project, footnotes, nanotechnology, gibberish, discount brokerage firms, secret society, Dogbert, Boss, Wally, CEO, accountant, investor, Donald Trump look-alikes, analysts

Alice complains to Catbert about barely having time to bathe.
Overwork, bathe, hygiene, tongue, bath, loofah, crazy, Alice, Catbert

The Boss tells Dilbert to call the faults "future development" and ship the product.
Management, software development, faults, bugs, ship, label, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss goes to a meeting with his boss without first stretching his lying muscles.
Management, meeting, stretch, lying, muscles, strain, pain, Boss, Carol, Boss's boss, manager

The Boss announces they've moved their call centres to Elbonia.
Start of saga: The Elbonian call centre
Outsourcing, call centre, tech support, name, telephone headset, Boss, Elbonian, Wally, Asok, Dilbert, Alice

The Elbonian call centre operator tells a customer they are out of that software.
Outsourcing, call centre, tech support, software, stock, porcelain unicorn figurine, pants, country, money, Elbonian

The Elbonians are reminded to use their American accents.
Outsourcing, call centre, tech support, American, accent, dawg, Chevy, missile, cafeteria, Elbonian

Dilbert has to get approval to go to a mandatory meeting.
Meeting, mandatory, approval, request, writing, rules, murder, cash, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

A non-credible co-worker does some name dropping at lunch.
Start of saga: The non-credible guy
Character, dance, Madonna, vogue, music video, liar, Gandhi, co-worker, Alice, Dilbert

The non-credible co-worker makes some more outrageous claims.
Character, reality TV, preposterous, hostility, curiosity, Einstein, co-worker, Dilbert

The non-credible co-worker claims to have approval for his expenses.
Character, approval, expenses, suspicious, heart transplant, surgeon, illiterate, co-worker, Dilbert

The Boss has Wally update and distribute the safety manual.
Start of saga: Safety manual update
Safety, update, distribute, manual, budget, binders, cheapest, deadly, injure, injury, bandages, attack, Boss, Wally, Asok

Wally asks for the Boss's approval on the new safety manual.
Safety, approval, manual, attack, blood, protective gloves, goggles, injury, Wally, Boss

Wally announces the new safety manuals are safety hazards.
Safety, bandages, injuries, manual, binders, sharp edges, curse, web site, carpal tunnel, RSI, eye strain, high blood pressure, hypertension, Wally, Asok, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert asks Dilbert to review his celebrity business plan.
Dogbert-Schemes, celebrity, business plan, crime, media, lawyer, Johnny "Red" Galipigos, fame, reality TV, cheat, weight gain, fat, tabloids, weight loss, children's books, rehab, addicted, painkillers, narcotics, drugs, Dogbert, Dilbert

Carol delights in the secret society of executive secretaries' plan to take over the world.
Start of saga: The secretaries plan to take over the world
Secretary, secret society, executive secretaries, world, schedule, subjugation, humiliation, misery, Carol, Boss

The secretaries' plan to rule the world fails because they'd need their own secretaries.
Secretary, secret society, executive secretaries, power, evil overlords, rule the world, fell apart, plan, ceremonial robes, Carol, secretary

The CEO says he wants to change the DNA of the Company.
Management, CEO, DNA, medical, frightened, stale, rejection, Boss, Catbert

The Garbageman loans Dilbert is anti-stupidious gun.
Management, stupidity, trashcan, gun, annihilate, intact, directions, pointy hair, meeting, disintegrate, vaporise, Garbageman, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, Asok, Wally

The Boss tells Alice she's exceeded her e-mail storage allocation.
Management, exceed, e-mail, storage, allocation, server, real work, document, Boss, Alice

An annoying co-worker asks Dilbert for a favour.
Office Politics, Dilby, Dil-Boy, Dilly-Dally, Dilbo Baggins, Dill Pickle, favour, spit, grave, dead, Dilbert, co-worker

The Boss says people are saying Dilbert is too negative in meetings.
Performance Review, negative, meeting, marketing, ideas, cold fusion, perpetual motion, antigravity, MRI, attitude, tongue scraper, flagpole, electrified, Boss, Dilbert, marketeer

Dilbert visits a customer's offices.
Engineer, office, science, feng shui, technical merits, witch doctor, astrologer, new age, Dilbert, customer

Dilbert visits a customer who was a liberal arts major.
Start of saga: Dilbert visits a customer
Engineer, visit, zombie stare, technical, language, liberal arts major, colour, Dilbert, customer

The Boss introduces their new mascot: Kudos, the Bear-er of Good Morale.
Office Politics, kudos, bear, morale, meeting, mascot, suit, costume, punishment, Boss, Asok, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Wally escapes a meeting by daydreaming.
Meeting, escape, horror, work avoidance, mind, happy place, pool, coffee, giant cup, doughnut, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert about cutting his budget by 25%.
Start of saga: The Boss cuts Dilbert's project's budget
Project, product development, budget, ulcer, heart disease, pustules, envy, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert has a plan for finishing the project with the reduced budget.
Project, meeting, plan, cut corners, bungling, budget, design, prototype, testing, manufacturing, product recall, shipping, juggle, Dilbert, Boss, Alice

The Boss complains to his employees they're on a tight budget and can't afford frills.
Management, document, paper clip, budget, salvaged, inefficient, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert, Asok

Alice rips a co-worker's heart out of his chest.
Philosophy, check, forgiveness, permission, heart, Internet, Alice, co-worker, Dilbert