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The Boss complains he keeps clicking on a web link and nothing happens.
Technology, click, definition, insanity, insane, precedent, crazy, computer, web, browser, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss asks Dilbert to explain his project.
Management, project, top priority, bored, sleep, awake, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss hasn't done anything for awhile, so he decides to reorganise his department.
Management, managerish, criticise, meeting, reorganise, department, beat, keyboard, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss tells Dilbert to lie about the speed of their new chip.
Leadership, chip, slower, faster, competition, benchmark, old driver, wire, bug, snitch, marketing, crime, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert's advice is to never listen to your customers.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, listen, customer, dumb, buy, purchase, product, credibility, service, don't talk, Dogbert, Boss, Alice, Wally, Asok

Dogbert advises the company to focus on either incompetence or crime, but not both.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, synonymous, incompetence, crime, logo, graphics, composite face, Dogbert, Boss, Alice, Wally, Asok

The Boss tells Alice to train a replacement for herself.
Office Politics, train, redundant, downsize, threaten, e-mail, board of directors, Boss, Alice, Ned

The Boss introduces Buff Bufferman to Dilbert.
Character, co-worker, rock climbing, blizzard, eagle, fly, leap, river, surf, white water, keyboard, dangerous, hunch, Boss, Dilbert, Buff Bufferman

Asok reports a typo that affects the company strategy.
Strategy, typo, market forecast, everyone, joke, free delivery, Asok, Boss

Dilbert finished the prototype for the wireless hassock-buddy.
Start of saga: The wireless hassock-buddy
Technology, prototype, wireless, hassock, footrest, ottoman, buddy, GPS, stalk, feet, PowerPoint, antenna, presentation, Dilbert, Dogbert

The company's salespeople resort to electroshock pants in order to sell their new product.
Sales, unit, wireless, hassock, teamwork, electroshock, pants, close the deal, threat, payback, Boss, Alice, Dilbert, Wally, Asok, customer, salesman

Dogbert interviews the Boss for "Morons on Parade" magazine.
Start of saga: The Boss makes the cover of "Morons on Parade"
Dogbert-Schemes, writer, reporter, author, morons on parade, magazine, question, interview, promise, look bad, cover story, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss makes to cover of "Morons on Parade" magazine.
Management, cover, magazine, morons on parade, misquote, writer, reporter, accurate, Carol, Boss

The Boss suggests to Catbert they sell the company's confidential database of customer information.
Ethics, sell, confidential, database, customer, information, profit, undetectable, yank you chain, Boss, Catbert

Dilbert explains what went wrong with their projects this year.
Project, explain, problem, aloof, unapproachable, smile, engineer, food, gifts, poems, replace, distraction, Dilbert, Boss, CEO, Alice, Wally, Asok

Dogbert, the consultant, suggests disruptive innovations that redefine the market.
Start of saga: Dogbert recommends creating "disruptive innovations"
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, survive, disruptive, innovation, market, difference, Dogbert, Wally, Alice, Boss, Asok

Dogbert, the consultant, recommends forming a separate group for disruptive innovations.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, separate group, disruptive, innovation, glorious, glory, fully funded, ambiance, brilliant, bureaucracy, tour, bean bag chair, Dogbert, Wally, Alice

The Boss has a new home theatre, but doesn't know how to operate it.
Technology, home theatre, DVD, HD, DVR, FM, satellite dish, widescreen TV, speaker, universal remote, remote control, Boss, Catbert

Dogbert teaches the first lesson in his "School for Worthless Sycophants."
Start of saga: Dogbert's sycophant school
Dogbert-Schemes, school, sycophant, head nodding, beginner, snap, forward, Dogbert, student

Dogbert continues his lessons at his sycophant school.
Dogbert-Schemes, sycophant, school, agree, superior, practise, fake smile, insult, Dogbert, student

The Boss asks Catbert how to make Ted quit.
Management, quit, aggressive, replacement, resource, pants, Boss, Catbert, Ted, co-worker

Asok tells the Boss he is ready for a promotion.
Office Politics, senior engineer, intern, functions, promotion, hire, fury, tiny fists, empire, despair, searing psychological pain, training, Asok, Boss

Dogbert offers to make the Boss's competitors tired and unfocused.
Dogbert-Schemes, competitor, tired, unfocused, pester, charity, birthday parties, blood drives, Dogbert, Boss

Catbert and the Boss discuss how to deal with employees who are afraid to take risks.
Management, report, employee, afraid, risk, training, stretch goal, punish, failure, raise morale, complaints, Catbert, Boss

Wally is trying to suffocate the Boss by sealing air holes in his office.
Creativity, office, sneak, seal, air hole, door, hobby, Wally, Dilbert

Carol greets the Boss with a threat.
Secretary, dance, death, work, early grave, dangerous, business trip, good morning, Carol, Boss

The Boss visits a therapist.
Psychology, employees, kill, murder, paranoid, answer, e-mail, couch, therapist, Boss

Dogbert, the consultant, recommends offering their customers easy financing.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, customer, financing, disguise, cost, product, price-gouge, leasing, lease, advice, Dogbert, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

Dilbert has an encounter with the Boss's boss.
Management, headcount, poorly managed, perfect, confused, lying, misinformed, funding, budget, communicate, Wally, Dilbert, Boss, Boss's boss