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Asok informs Dilbert he won't be allowed to move his own computer.
Project, Office Relocation Project, permission, move, computer, steal, movers, cubicle, Ethernet, stapler, theft, clipboard, Asok, Dilbert

Asok explains to Alice her cubicle is below an air duct.
Project, desirable, cubicle, air duct, cooler, colder, facilities, penguin, ice, clipboard, Asok, Alice

Asok explains to Tina her new cubicle is smaller than her old one.
Project, clipboard, butter, small, torso, slide, rats, Asok, Tina

The VP of marketing introduces the new version of their product.
Marketing, new version, product, unveil, customer, engineer, boxing glove, fist, punch, spit, vice president, Dilbert, Wally

Wally adds a finger holder to his piece of paper.
Work Avoidance, paper, finger holder, hallway, work, Wally, Asok, co-worker

Wally wins the expense cutters award.
Management, expense, cell phone, bill, speech, award, Dilbert, Boss, Wally, Asok, Alice

The Boss takes an employee's new computer for his own.
Management, power shopping, new computer, mood, Boss, employee

Ted experiences an "involuntary separation from payroll."
Downsizing, involuntary, separation, payroll, fire, Boss, Ted

Dilbert has a plan to generate electricity from smokers taking smoking breaks.
Engineer, smoke, cigarette, presentation, proposal, kinetic energy, electricity, break, power, ramp, slope, testing, smoker, Dilbert

Dilbert asks to fly with the CEO.
Start of saga: Dilbert flies halfway around the world for a presentation
Travel, CEO, speech, conference, save money, corporate jet, inhale, exhale, breathe, Boss, Dilbert, secretary

The Boss reacts to Dilbert informing him of a hole in their Internet security.
Management, hole, Internet, security, job, 24-7, network, fixed, blame, Al Gore, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert needs the Boss to approve his business travel.
Travel, approval, exhausted, bored, stiff, headache, constipated, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert suggests Dilbert smuggle a weapon on to the plane.
Travel, suitcase, smuggle, airplane, upright position, rights, advice, jail, complain, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert goes through airport security.
Travel, airport, security, jacket, shoes, epidermal layer, epidermis, skin, skeleton, crime, Ishtar, Glitter, Gigli, X-ray, Dilbert

Dilbert has trouble finding overhead storage on the plane.
Travel, overhead storage, anxiety, anxious, delay, flight, schedule, New York, Iowa, Dilbert, stewardess

The guy in the seat in front of Dilbert wants to lay back and sleep.
Travel, flight, work, laptop computer, sleep, Dilbert, traveller

The hotel staff member is hyper-friendly.
Travel, hotel, iron, socks, suspicious moles, second job, over-trained, shaved, donate, kidney, organ donor, Dilbert, man

The Boss orders Dilbert to ask for a price reduction of an already-signed contract.
Business, price, contract, hurt to ask, self-loathing, Boss, Dilbert, vendor

Dilbert's hosts think he's giving a presentation, but he's there to get a presentation.
Meeting, world, flew, presentation, proprietary document, unprepared, man, Dilbert

Dilbert learned to not call anybody named Jack from a plane.
Travel, key learning, lesson, call, airplane, hijack, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok

The Boss contradicts Dilbert. Dilbert loses credibility.
Start of saga: Dilbert loses credibility
Management, change, telephone, credibility, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss contradicts Dilbert in a meeting.
Management, resources, project, contradict, credibility, good cop, bad cop, beg, Dilbert, co-worker, Boss

The company fired the sales department to cut costs.
Management, profit, fire, sales department, cost, strategy, warehouse, beg, write, read, book, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert points out the contrast in greatness between himself and Dilbert.
Philosophy, breakfast, bathrobe, contrast, greatness, notice, Dogbert, Dilbert

The CEO demonstrates why he deserves his large salary.
Management, question, answer, special ability, golden egg, Asok, Boss, CEO, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert suggests a new name for the company.
Business, change, name, illusion, progress, onomatopoeia, sound, awareness, Duhflushtech, Inc., Dogbert, Boss

Asok asks Wally who he should report a deadly safety flaw to.
Start of saga: Asok discovers a deadly safety flaw in their product
Safety, deadly, lethal, flaw, defect, inform, report, stock, layoff, career, negligence, negligent, death, customer, first dozen, Asok, Wally

Asok tells Alice he will be a murderer if he fails to report their product's safety problem.
Safety, blow, whistle, problem, defect, murder, kill, wuss, squirrel, flavor, scone, Asok, Alice

Asok goes over the Boss's head to report their product's safety problem.
Safety, flaw, defect, problem, CEO, die, death, forward, pointy-haired, ignore, delegate, Asok, Boss, secretary, CEO

Dogbert is hired to put a spin on the company's deadly product.
Safety, public relations, PR, deadly, lethal, death, sued, taint, jury pool, victims, ethics, moral, strategy, Dilbert, Dogbert, Boss, Wally, Asok

Dogbert's P.R. plan includes preserving the Boss's karma.
Dogbert-Schemes, public relations, PR, risk, plan, bad karma, universe, inoculate, Britney Spears, hairstyle, back hair, Dogbert, Boss