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The Boss introduces Dilbert and Peri Noid.
Personality, team member, meet, meeting, paranoid, hand, soft and clammy, undead, engineer, Boss, Peri Noid, Dilbert

Peri Noid interrupts a meeting.
Personality, data, invitation, meeting, enjoy, plot, paranoid, Alice, Peri Noid, Dilbert

Dilbert takes Peri Noid to the shop for repairing defective co-workers.
Personality, fireman's carry, repair defective co-workers, paranoid, trade in, moron, liar, whistler, cash register, Dilbert, Garbageman, Peri Noid

The Garbageman tells Dilbert defective co-workers can't be repaired, only traded in.
Personality, repair, defective co-worker, trade in, defect, discover, hair, part in the middle, Garbageman, Dilbert

Dilbert introduces Carol to Harry Middlepart.
Personality, new guy, approve, hair style, fashion, workspace, forbid, seventies, telephone, Dilbert, Carol, Harry Middlepart

Carol sends out an unimportant e-mail to the company. co-workers then clog the servers with complaints.
Technology, pen, e-mail, mailing list, complain, company wide, reply to all, feature, correction, overload, bid deadline, layoffs, Carol, Ted, Alice, Dilbert, Boss

Dogbert encourages a CEO to change jobs with praise.
Dogbert-Schemes, headhunter, telephone, stock, CEO, credit, random upturns, legal, book, victim, Dogbert

Dogbert rewords a CEO's resume: don't use the word "plundered."
Dogbert-Schemes, headhunter, resume, plunder, reword, sucker, P/E ratio, stockholder value, Dogbert, CEO

Dogbert suggests the Boss get a body double.
Start of saga: The Boss's body double
Security, body double, popular, despot, ambush, decision, take the hit, personal dress code, disguise, wig, false nose, Dogbert, Boss, Asok

The Boss instructs Asok on how to be his body double.
Security, body double, ambush, false hair, wig, false nose, trap, disguise, Boss, Asok

The Boss sends his body double out to scowl and walk around in the cubicles.
Security, body double, leave early, appointment, dentist, cubicle, scowl, menace, wig, false nose, disguise, Boss, Asok, Wally

Ted reports on the name for the new product: Geneous mistro.
Product, geneous mistro, orchestra, conduct, data, domain name, irony, spell, Ted, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert takes his business case to some venture capitalists. They sandbag him with useless what-ifs.
Investment, business case, wisdom, resource, billion dollars, stock, revenue, burn, factory, civil unrest, cash flow, Microsoft, IBM, market, lawsuit, natural disaster, locusts, Dogbert, Dilbert, venture capitalist

The VP has complained about people leaving too early. The Boss asks people to not walk past his office.
Management, mad, leaving work early, leap, dumpster, alley, leadership, triumph, Boss, VP, Alice, Wally

Dilbert has been accused by nameless co-workers of having unspecified shortcomings.
Performance Review, co-worker, nameless, accuse, shortcoming, witness protection program, Boss, Dilbert

Asok's performance has been excellent but the Boss puts in a rating of "poor."
Performance Review, excellent, rate, poor, paper trail, fire, surge, motivation, feedback, cry, Boss, Asok

The Boss introduces Dilbert to Irene, who has mood swings.
Personality, defect, rude, yell, piece of dirt, mood swing, hug, Boss, Irene

A woman asks Dilbert for advice about digital cameras.
Professional, digital camera, doctor, free advice, physical, appetiser, duty, engineer, stethoscope, woman, Dilbert, Wally

Ted's six month training of a new employee turns out to be a practical joke.
Professional, training, practical joke, criminally abusive behaviour, fun, fine line, Boss, Ted, new hire

The Boss gives Dilbert a script for the meeting with the CEO.
Meeting, script, smooth, proclaim admiration, leadership, motivation, moist, eye, onion, underling, morale, cry, Boss, Dilbert, CEO

Wally complains to the Boss about a hostile work environment.
Start of saga: Wally in coffee rehab
Health, hostile, work environment, pressure, coffee, cut back, Wally, Boss

Catbert sends Wally to a coffee rehab program.
Health, coffee rehab, program, forty cups, double digits, monster, survive, Catbert, Wally, orderly

Wally, entering coffee rehab, learns the rules of the place.
Health, coffee rehab, soda, tea, chocolate, luggage, carry, bag, cup, contraband, rehab worker, Wally, orderly

A coffee rehab worker wants people to introduce themselves and say how long they've been without coffee.
Health, coffee rehab, meeting, name, beard, death, beat, panic, sleep, goatee, podium, microphone, rehab worker, man, Wally

Wally completes his coffee rehab program.
Health, coffee rehab, finish, congratulations, recidivism, critic, blame, location, Starbucks, world headquarters, vat, taxi, goatee, rehab worker, Wally, taxi driver

Dilbert describes the breakthrough that came when the processor load was distributed. A co-worker celebrates because he gave advice.
Technology, presentation, breakthrough, distribute, processor load, advice, laser pointer, lightsabre, torso, joke, Dilbert, co-worker, Alice

The Boss describes how the customer disservice program has been expanded.
Tech Support, customer support, disservice, technical, telephone, hold, support database, article, support group, train, manufacturing, shipping, Boss, Wally, customer, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert wants more business cards but doesn't know how many to order. Carol doesn't want to give him too many because he might be laid off.
Downsizing, business cards, depend, complex formula, burn rate, layoff, likelihood, Dilbert, Carol

Dilbert tells Dogbert he has been seeing signs of impending layoffs and worries he might be next.
Downsizing, sign, layoff, imagination, ignore, admit, jumpy, you might be next, Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert, Boss

Dogbert suggests to Dilbert he can survive the next round of layoffs by sacrificing a co-worker. Make the other guy look worse.
Downsizing, survive, round, layoff, sacrifice, co-worker, worse, believe, explain, revenue, embezzlement, customer, Dogbert, Dilbert, co-worker, Boss, Alice, Wally