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To save money, the Boss hires a consultant who has many personal problems.
Consultant, personal problem, hire, luck, ex boyfriend, chopper, sober, cell phone, Boss, consultant, Dilbert

Dilbert criticises a co-worker's budget because there is no maintenance. The co-worker takes exception to the engineers always thinking they're right.
Office Politics, budget, maintenance, right, anticipate, disagreement, audio clip, chimp, recorder, jump, prepare, PDA, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert wonders how correct medications are achieved with doctors' handwriting.
Start of saga: Mood altering drugs
Health, rash, mild, scribble, indecipherable, prescription, handwriting, pharmacy, medication, marketing, stethoscope, doctor, Dilbert

The pharmacist can't read the prescription so wants to give Dilbert a drug to make him happy.
Health, pharmacy, doctor, prescription, handwriting, mood-altering drug, happy, rash, cash register, pharmacist, Dilbert

The Boss encounters Dilbert, who is under the influence of mood-altering drugs.
Health, mood-altering drug, prescription, rash, itch, care, weasel, benefits, cancel, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert tells off his project team and calls them lazy, selfish weasels. Dilbert is under the influence of mood-altering drugs.
Health, project, death spiral, selfish, weasel, mood-altering drug, expression, doctor, team member, lazy, skull, Dilbert, co-worker

Dilbert worries his prescription drug-induced happiness is not genuine happiness.
Start of saga: Exoskeleton
Health, prescription drugs, happy, worry, cure, exoskeleton, bathrobe, stethoscope, Dilbert, Dogbert, doctor

Dilbert with an exoskeleton talks to a woman at a party.
Pun, medication, carefree, exoskeleton, beauty, shellfish, dating, martini, party, Dilbert, woman

After Dilbert designs a perfect product, marketing people want him to add flaws to guarantee future upgrades.
Marketing, design, needs, upgrade, flaw, interface, freeze, electric shock, marry, mullet, diagram, Dilbert, marketing person, Boss

Dilbert decides free will must be an illusion.
Health, medication, exoskeleton, social life, chemical, soul, free will, illusion, engineer, Dilbert, psychologist

Wally wonders if what Dilbert had is contagious. Dilbert says he was addicted to prescription drugs and grew an exoskeleton.
Health, cold, addiction, prescription drug, exoskeleton, rehab, surgery, contagion, Wally, Dilbert

Catbert asks for blood, hair and urine samples among other things from a potential new hire.
Personnel, blood sample, hair sample, urine sample, fingerprint, background check, lover, despicable, Catbert, Boss

Catbert is not allowed to give references for ex-employees, he says on the phone.
Personnel, evil, reference, ex employee, rhyme, mazy loron, telephone, Catbert

The Boss asks the engineers to stagger their lunch periods so someone is always there.
Management, stagger, lunch hour, coverage, pecking order, eat, pill, errand, Boss, Asok, Alice, Wally

The Boss announces huge raises and layoffs.
Downsizing, good news, bad news, raise, layoff, ran the numbers, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Asok

The engineers go to see a numbing, where an employee gets numb to the pain of working here.
Office Politics, numbing, cubicle, brain, pain, work, beautiful, happy place, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Ted, Asok

Ted interrupts a discussion with Dilbert to take a phone call. Dilbert hates Ted in return.
Office Politics, cell phone, hate, inconsiderate guts, important, crush, head, Ted, Dilbert

Catbert announces flex time with core hours of eight to five.
Policy, flex time, hours, eight to five, unpaid overtime, flexible, Catbert, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

A potential employee tells the Boss he will work 100 hours a week and never ask for a raise.
Interview, hire, hours, raise, top secret, super geniuses, resume, honest, interviewee, Boss, Catbert

Wally describes his fantasy: to own a motor home and drive it to work and sleep in the parking lot.
Office Politics, fantasy, luxury, motor coach, drive, sleep, paradise, parking lot, television, lunch, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

A sales rep gives Dilbert a list of customer references.
Sales, customer reference, call, telephone, parking lot, later, cell phone, Dilbert, sales rep

The Boss says they will outsource the IT department, and then hire employees to replace the outsourcing.
Management, save money, outsourcing, IT, full time, employee, panic, warning sound, presentation, Boss, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss invites Carol to a strategy meeting. She suggests not using coffee filters as popcorn bags.
Meeting, strategy meeting, secretary, administrative assistant, chimp, shout, idea, global domination, coffee filter, popcorn, pantyhose, Boss, Carol, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss asks Wally to do something that has no value to the company.
Management, assignment, value, company politics, pretend, actual work, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert travels four hours to see a product demo of an empty case and a blank CD.
Product, appointment, demo, unit, case, empty, software, travel, blank CD, vendor, Dilbert, sales rep

The Boss asks a sales rep how often an annual fee is charged.
Sales, annual fee, joke, serious, monthly, how often, Boss, sales rep, Alice

The Boss introduces a new co-worker, Toxic Tom who constantly complains.
Office Politics, complain, interview, new hire, happy, stupid, question, Boss, Toxic Tom, Dilbert

Toxic Tom tells Alice other employees are talking about her, but he defends her.
Office Politics, believe, defend, slow, bloat, salary, Toxic Tom, Alice