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Dilbert kicks off the project to integrate the different systems.
Project, meeting, kickoff, team, compose, #$%!, doughnut, eat, fang, Dilbert, nitwit, ogre

Alice and Dilbert compare the composition of their project teams: a nitwit, ogre and #$%!.
Project, stall, nitwit, hate ogre, #$%!, ate, blame, borrow, requisition, Alice, Dilbert

A vendor describes their processes but could not mention their product or service.
Vendor, pitch, win-win scenario, customer focused solution, product, service, partner, shovel, buy, vendor, Dilbert

A vendor still can't describe his company's product or service.
Vendor, integrate, resource, optimise, performance, technology, vendor, Dilbert

Dilbert is to put together a team to decide on the membership of a strategy council.
Strategy, team, council, committee, produce, document, ignore, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Asok

The Boss gives Wally his annual performance review and has to refer to the thesaurus for appropriate words.
Performance Review, word, situation, thesaurus, feral, leadership, squirrelly, coot, landscaping, compost, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert says the company's television advertising has not been effective and recommends a new strategy.
Marketing, survey, TV, effective, ad, commercial, boring, rat hole, Dogbert, Boss, Wally

Dogbert asks Ratbert to dig a rat hole for companies to throw money into.
Marketing, rat hole, throw money, dig, smell, feet, pillow, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dogbert has people lining up to throw money into his rat hole.
Marketing, rat hole, business plan, investment, banking fee, low margin, push, moneybag, investor, Dogbert

An investor can't decide whether to throw money into Dogbert's rat hole or buy a ticket for a rocket ride.
Dogbert-Schemes, rat hole, space shuttle, Russian rocket, ticket, poor, moneybag, investor, Dogbert

The Boss asks for suggestions on how to reduce inventory.
Strategy, suggestion, reduce, inventory, sell, customer, board, idea, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert gets ready to leave on vacation.
Management, vacation, loose ends, walk, reporter, design, computer, recycled paper, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss presents a slide that says they are a pyramid with three pillars: communication, integrity and teamwork.
Management, pillar, pyramid, communication, integrity, teamwork, question, shut up, problem, idiot, stool, answer, team player, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok

The Boss says they can build a computer out of recycled paper.
Project, analogy, flaw, man on the moon, computer, recycled paper, call, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss selects Dilbert to lead the team that will build a computer from recycled paper.
Project, team leader, computer, recycled paper, doom, fail, laugh, teach, joy, misery, Boss, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Wally sends an e-mail by sleeping with his face on his keyboard, and marketing people misinterpret it.
Marketing, e-mail, sleep, keyboard, launch, product, lunch, penguin, typo, Wally, marketeer

A marketing person invites Dilbert to a product launch party.
Marketing, product launch, party, product, mime impression, marketeer, Dilbert

Dilbert asks the Garbageman if his latest project looks impossible.
Professional, assignment, impossible, speed of light, cloning, hope, gravity, sun, reanimate, trashcan, Dilbert, Garbageman

Dogbert helps Dilbert get out of his impossible project.
Project, assignment, impossible, weasel, reword, objectives, match, analyse, feasibility, discontinue, bathrobe, Dilbert, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss is upset with Alice because she talked to his boss without permission.
Management, talk, boss, permission, unwritten rule, proud, esp, skull, transmit, ear hole, Alice, Boss

Dogbert, the investment banker, recommends a company the Boss should buy. The company is facing a trillion dollar asbestos lawsuit.
Dogbert-Schemes, investment banker, deal sheet, company, lawsuit, asbestos, earning, stock analyst, minutiae, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert says the conditions are right for the company merger: corruption and greed.
Dogbert-Schemes, investment banker, merger, elements, corrupt, auditor, stock analyst, greed, board member, banker, Dogbert, Boss

A weasel teaches the Boss how to answer media questions.
Dogbert-Schemes, investment banker, media questions, reporter, answer, it will be good for stockholders, run over, parking lot, microphone, television camera, Dogbert, weasel, reporter, Boss

Asok worries the upcoming merger is a scam on the stockholders.
Dogbert-Schemes, investment banker, merger, scam, stockholder, laugh, accretive to earnings, Asok, Boss, Alice

The Boss asks Dilbert to rough up a stockholder who is suing to stop the upcoming merger.
Start of saga: Dilbert's Mom sues the company
Business, stockholder, sue, lawsuit, merger, rough her up, assignment, disturb, holiday, tense, blah, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert asks his mom to drop her lawsuit against his company. She says she'll defend herself against their goons.
Family, stockholder, lawsuit, drop, fight dirty, tae bo, goon, dispatch, Billy Blanks, butt, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

Dogbert recommends some ways to improve the company after an epic year of unethical behaviour.
Dogbert-Schemes, epic year, unethical behaviour, rebranding, image consultant, stinkingweasels inc., slogan, spokesperson, standards, moneybag, Boss, Dogbert, pirate, diseased parrot, Wally

Dilbert says he'll be fired unless she drops her lawsuit against his company.
Family, fire, lawsuit, drop, management, despicable, weasel, challenge, DNA test, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

Dogbert, the lawyer, says the best defence against the lawsuit is to plead ignorance of the stock manipulation.
Law, attorney, defence, ignorance, stock manipulation, judge, chocolate pants, Las Vegas, photography convention, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert the lawyer presents his defence against the lawsuit: his client was too dumb to embezzle.
Law, lawsuit, client, prove, embezzle, dump, court, Dogbert, judge, juror

The jury says the defendant is guilty and is sentenced to death.
Law, jury, defendant, sentence, death, deliberate, evidence, Jay Leno, monologue, court, jury foreperson, juror