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The Boss hosts a quarterly employee feedback meeting and asks for suggestions. Asok wants to know the company's long-term strategy.
Leadership, employee feedback meeting, quarterly, long term, strategy, leak, competitor, suggest, crush, stupid, trap, optimist, Boss, Asok, Wally, Alice, Carol

Dilbert asks for a code for charging his project expenses to.
Corporate Services, code, charge, project, expense, hate, assign, freakin' hard, Dilbert, project code guy

Dilbert finally realises he hates everyone in the world.
Philosophy, realise, hate, weasel, think, innocent, child, love, tiny, unconditional, Dilbert, Dogbert

Tina signs up Dilbert for the mandatory mouse training class.
Start of saga: mouse training
Training, sign up, mandatory, mouse training, class, western grip, carpal tunnel, weak, two handed, Tina, Dilbert

A trainer kicks off the mouse training class by asking why mouse training is important.
Training, mouse training, opinion, share, important, trainer, Wally, Dilbert, Asok, Tina

The mouse training instructor introduces the concept of premature clickage.
Training, mouse training, premature clickage, contort, visualise, pair off, finger exercises, Three Stooges, trainer, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss says the latest customer satisfaction survey shows improvement from last year.
Management, survey, customer satisfaction, improve, focus group, research, pencil, attack, spontaneous, shiv, premeditated, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

The Boss decides to stay in his office and communicate only by e-mail.
Office Politics, cancel, meeting, office, e-mail, communication, report, magic, out of the office, situation, wave, Boss, Carol

The Boss introduces Rufus T. Skwerrel, new CEO and former burglar.
Start of saga: new CEO, a former burglar
Leadership, CEO, job, trailer park, burglar, merger, acquisition, accounting, suspicious, wallet and watch, buckteeth, mugger, knife, Boss, Rufus T. Skwerrel, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Wally has been robbed by the new CEO. They discuss how much charisma he has.
Leadership, CEO, charisma, rob, miracle worker, duct tape, wallet, classy, underwear, Dilbert, Wally

Dilbert relates how the new CEO robbed the building with a moving van.
Leadership, CEO, rob, moving van, break, law, opinion, tax lawyer, board of directors, duct tape, underwear, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss wants to reduce expenses, so has everyone dress in barrels.
Fashion, expense, dress code, barrel, casual barrel day, ride up, sit down, Boss, Dilbert, Carol, Wally

Dilbert has a meeting with customers. The company is poor now, so he has trouble with clothing and food.
Sales, meeting, customer, demonstrate, technology, humiliate, poor, feed, barrel, cat food, Boss, Dilbert, customer

The Boss sends Dilbert to Elbonia for a meeting and Dilbert must conserve money.
Start of saga: Cheap Elbonian trip
Travel, Elbonia, budget, meeting, limo service, airport, cheap, taxi, barrel, talker, newspaper, Boss, barrel driver, Dilbert

Dilbert says the project can't succeed and the Boss says to do it anyway.
Management, feasibility analysis, product, obsolete, succeed, credible, stupid, schedule, evil, Dilbert, Boss, Catbert

Dilbert checks in at Elbonia Air.
Travel, Elbonia, reservation, airline, check in, computer, cardboard, prop, steal, security, frisk, glove, barrel, airline clerk, Dilbert

Dilbert asks for a recommendation for a bad hotel in Elbonia.
Travel, Elbonia, cheap, direct, bad hotel, Bubonic Inn, flea, mattress, lazy, barrel, rat, Dilbert, Elbonian

Dilbert explains to the Elbonians why he is dressed in a barrel.
Travel, Elbonia, broke, dress code, lack of fashion, barrel, Dilbert, Elbonian

The Boss announces the dress code will go back to regular business attire. He'll keep changing the dress code until he finds one that will make the profits rise.
Fashion, dress code, business attire, change, style, profit, lab test, sartorial alchemy lab, spark, lab coat, safety glasses, Boss

The Boss introduces Dilbert to a woman who gets peeved at any question.
Office Politics, question, ask, question, poink, show, Boss, Dilbert, Peeved Eve

Dilbert asks Wally to floss in front of Peeved Eve.
Office Politics, dental floss, explain, follow, mutant, expression, new hire, Dilbert, Wally, Peeved Eve

Bob Weaselton, full service stockbroker, describes the different ways to relate to Dilbert, the honest way or the dishonest way.
Investment, stockbroker, stock, trust, compare, portfolio, benchmark, direct, garbage, commission, lie, haircut, whiskers, Bob Weaselton, Dilbert, Dogbert

Alice sees Dilbert's new interface design and throws up.
Start of saga: Alice gets sick at seeing a bad interface design
Product, user interface, design, colour, puke, throw up, flu, sick, vomit, Dilbert, Alice

Alice sees a doctor because she threw up after seeing Dilbert's interface design.
Health, chronic, Mahjobbis Crappus, Mahjobis Crappus, puke, user interface, design, engineer, poison, dead, stethoscope, doctor, Alice

Alice, after being given one week to live, asks the Garbageman for a cure for her poisoning.
Health, one week to live, poison, interface design, cure, ugly memory, staggering beauty, trashcan, Alice, Garbageman

Dilbert's Mom complains to Dilbert a friend's son did more projects than Dilbert and has a bigger cubicle.
Family, project, count, cubicle, double wide, CEO, elevator, Scrabble night, living hell, counterfeit vowel, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert

Dilbert's Mom complains Dilbert did only one project last year, while her friend's son did three.
Family, project, count, measure, worth, ROI, track, lose, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert, Norma, woman

Wally says at school, he was always the last kid picked to be on a team.
Office Politics, school, team, pick, super power, Wally, Alice, Asok

The Boss coughs directly on Alice.
Health, office, sniff, cold, cough, sneeze, cootie, burrow, skin, unclean, motivation, direct hit, hair, Boss, Alice, Catbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to integrate the sales database with the inventory and finance system.
Start of saga: Dilbert's project team: nitwit, ogre and $#!%
Project, integrate, sales database, inventory, finance system, nitwit, ogre, $#!%, fire, Boss, Dilbert