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The Boss asks Dilbert to not reply to his boss's e-mail until the Boss has reviewed it.
Management, e-mail, review, walk, cubicle, route, mention, release, Boss, Dilbert

Asok wins the clean desk award.
Office Politics, win, clean desk award, facilities people, desk, appearance, unused, paycheque, tax bracket, Boss, Asok, Wally

Catbert suggests the Boss write on Alice's performance review, "needs too much supervision."
Performance Review, supervision, protest, purr, lips, evil, Catbert

Alice protests when the Boss writes on her performance review, "needs too much supervision."
Performance Review, supervision, insane, time waster, lard filled suit, cubicle, crane, trap, win, Alice, Boss

The Boss and Dilbert discuss the best way to circulate an idea throughout the department.
Management, socialise, idea, department, buy in, dialogging, feedback, consensus, flagpole, straw man, stakeholder, sympathy, salute, temperature, inoculate, Boss, Dilbert, Scott Adams

Alice reads minutes from the last staff meeting. Irrelevance and bad decisions, she says.
Meeting, minutes, read, irrelevant, decision, men, idiot, imply, Zzzz, sleep, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

The Boss distributes an inspirational book to the engineers about a fish market.
Management, staff, inspirational book, fish market, success, character, depress, capture, toss, eat, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Asok wants to improve his interpersonal skills, he tells Catbert.
Start of saga: Asok becomes a cyborg
Training, interpersonal skills, improve, CD, cubicle, wild, human, weak, computer, strong, side, Asok, Catbert

Asok says his training CD is turning him to be a cyborg.
Training, CD, brainwash, cyborg, smart, stupid, implant, lunch, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Asok goes to the doctor because he has been turned into a cyborg.
Training, CD, brainwash, cyborg, insurance, cosmetic surgery, game, system, roof, jump, line, queue, follow up, stethoscope, Asok, doctor, employee

Dilbert says they can fix their incomprehensible user interface -- for a million dollars.
Project, incomprehensible, fix, dollars, user interface, close, eyes, wish, save, presentation, Dilbert, Wally, Boss, Alice

Asok complains to Wally about the "working lunch," where he is forced to give up his free time.
Professional, outrage, working lunch, steal, free time, sandwich, sacred, wind beneath my wings, sorry, fart, pass gas, Asok, Wally

The Boss says the CEO is visiting next week and all real work must be discontinued in favour of diversity.
Start of saga: Preparing for the CEO visit
Management, CEO, visit, real work, productivity, illusion, diversity, sign-up sheet, slot, hat, clipboard, Boss, Dilbert

The CEO is visiting next week so the Boss asks Wally to hide in the restroom.
Management, CEO, visit, hide, restroom, dream, assignment, newspaper, Boss, Wally

Alice previews her slides with the Boss in preparation for the CEO's visit.
Management, CEO, visit, PowerPoint, slide, focus, fix, wrong, information, joke, gasp, kidding, Boss, Alice

The CEO arrives for a visit and doesn't want to tour the cubicles.
Start of saga: The CEO visits
Management, visit, tour, cubicle, box, pretend, work, plan, Boss, CEO

Alice and Dilbert give a presentation to the visiting CEO.
Management, visit, presentation, curious, department, improve, efficiency, teamwork, Boss, CEO, Alice, Dilbert

The visiting CEO says the Boss's department is bloated and will cut half his budget.
Management, visit, presentation, department, bloat, eliminate, budget, marketing, CEO, Boss, Dilbert

A vendor says his new system will pay for itself in three years.
Sales, system, buy, pay for itself, cost, save, math, emotionally invested, tauntage, vendor, Dilbert, Asok, Wally

The Boss introduces the new senior VP, Cyrus the Virus, who will replace managers with his old cronies.
Start of saga: The Boss is demoted to engineer
Management, new, virus, senior vice president, infection, attack, replace, crony, cell phone, Boss, Cyrus the virus, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss is demoted to engineer so his job can go to the new VP's crony.
Management, demote, job, crony, survive, real work, pretend, Cyrus the virus, Boss, Wally

After being demoted, the Boss goes to his new cubicle and convinces himself it's respectable.
Management, demote, cubicle, respectable, cry, loser cruiser, Boss, Catbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to teach him to be one of the little people.
Management, demote, buddy, teach, eyebrow, little people, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss plans to get his old job back by spreading rumours about his replacement.
Management, demote, rumour, fire, clueless, idea, Boss, Wally

The Boss gains empathy with the rest of the engineers, he tells Dilbert.
Management, demote, noble, little people, empathy, serve, promotion, Boss, Carol, Dilbert

An employee quits to go to a job at a competitor, so Catbert drains all his technical knowledge first.
Professional, quit, job, competitor, employment agreement, knowledge, skill, brain suck, shrunken head, golf ball, Ted, Boss, Catbert

The Boss uses inappropriate buzzwords at a meeting.
Meeting, ping, Director of Marketing, double click, budget, interface, scope, bandwidth, engineer, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss downsizes Ted because they haven't made any revenue in three months.
Downsizing, performance, excellent, billing system, defective, revenue, Boss, Ted

Wally uses a metal detector at the office.
Office Politics, metal detector, priceless treasure, bottle cap, calling, waste, explain, Alice, Wally

Dilbert asks Wally how it's going with the metal detector.
Office Politics, metal detector, treasure hunt, loot, thrill, carpet, seed, nickel, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss's latest book says people can choose their attitudes.
Management, book, choose, attitude, dopey, gullible, theme, choice, enlightenment, Boss, Alice