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Catbert is out of kitty litter so he asks Asok to shred resumes.
Personnel, kitty litter, resume, gather, shredder, match, opening, Catbert, Asok

Asok handles harassment complaints. Wally complains about Alice checking out his caboose.
Personnel, assignment, harassment, complaint, eyes, caboose, psychic, pal, eye, Catbert, Wally, Asok

Catbert wants to eliminate vacation days and increase sick days so employees will be sick to get days off.
Personnel, eliminate, vacation, sick day, employee, trap, evil, Catbert, Asok

The Boss wants Alice to spend more time in her cubicle to make the department look more productive.
Management, time, cubicle, productive, priority, important, raise, project, flounder, blank, paper, Boss, Alice

Dilbert suggests adding a feature to the product and a co-worker twists his words.
Office Politics, product, feature, useful, Earth, change, bizarre absolute, Dilbert, co-worker

Wally signed up for a yoga class, he tells Dilbert.
Start of saga: Wally's yoga class
Health, yoga class, harmony, balance, fail, stare, stretchy women, Wally, Dilbert

Wally has lost two pounds since he signed up for a yoga class, he tells Dilbert.
Health, lose weight, yoga class, sick, prodigy, weight loss, Wally, Dilbert

Wally looks different since he started his yoga class, Alice tells Dilbert.
Health, look, yoga class, Yoda, Star Wars, suspicious, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss announces a town hall meeting, with questions prepared in advance.
Management, town hall, meeting, communication, questions in advance, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Asok wins an attendance award, but Carol misspells his name.
Secretary, win, prestigious award, attendance, misspell, obscenity, typo, Carol, Asok

The Boss tells Ted he is downsized but not for the usual reasons of doing a bad job or his function being eliminated.
Downsizing, bad job, complicate, essential function, eliminate, marketing, trade show, booth, potential, cost reduction, telephone list, e-mail attachment, whiner, Boss, Ted

The Boss wants to fire an employee and hire him back as a contractor, the opposite of what happened last week.
Management, CEO, goal, revenue per employee, contractor, fire, hire, cheese moved, Boss, employee

Catbert hires a new employee with excellent psychological profile test results.
Personnel, psychological profile, test results, excellent, employee handbook, weekend, gentle biker, look, knife, beard, shirtless, eye, Catbert, Psycho Hillbilly, Dilbert, Alice

Asok meets the psycho hillbilly, a network design engineer who dresses with a theme.
Office Politics, gaaa, introduction, network design engineer, theme, dress, crazy old coot, knife, beard, shirtless, Asok, Psycho Hillbilly

Wally and the psycho hillbilly compare dress themes.
Office Politics, preppy, biker, heart of gold, theme, knife, beard, shirtless, Psycho Hillbilly, Wally

Asok will be moving from a handicapped stall to a storage facility because of his raise.
Personal, move, raise, home, handicapped stall, storage facility, housewarming gift, flashlight, kind, lunch, Asok, Wally, Dilbert

Asok asks for a day off to move. The Boss offers an hour instead.
Personal, move, day off, negotiate, hour, try, vehicle, Asok, Boss

Tina must use the corporate approved font, but cannot get approval to purchase the software.
Management, corporate approved font, communications department, budget freeze, software, Danville font, performance evaluation, mandatory, ding, binge eating, sob, cubicle, negativity, Boss, Tina

The Boss asks Dilbert to go to Elbonia to shut down their mud delivery business.
Start of saga: Dilbert shuts down the Elbonian mud delivery business
Management, Elbonia, shut down, mud delivery, stockholder, profit, illegal, optimism, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Dogbert that he will be shutting down their Elbonian mud delivery business.
Family, Elbonia, travel, suitcase, pack, engineer, analyse, business model, mud delivery, fix, attention, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert talks with Elbonians about why their mud delivery business is failing.
Business, mud delivery, Elbonia, economic slowdown, dot-com meltdown, fudge, sell, Dilbert, Elbonian

An Elbonian describes how they diversified from mud delivery to pet grooming and lingerie.
Business, business plan, mud, offering, pet grooming, lingerie, ad agency, pig in lingerie, Elbonia, advertising, Elbonian, Dogbert, Elbonian pig

An Elbonian describes the mud manufacturing process, using bottled water and bags of fertile soil.
Business, manufacture mud, bottled water, bags of fertile soil, demand, bottled air, moron, Elbonia, Elbonian, Dilbert

Dilbert gives severance pay to the Elbonians when he shuts down their mud delivery business.
Business, severance pay, rich, motivation, slogan, Elbonian, Dilbert, Elbonian

The Boss announces they've been acquired by a foreign company, but it's a merger of equals.
Meeting, acquisition, foreign, dominate, merger, equal, CEO, leader, giant, psychic, pain, blind, worry, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Dogbert tells Dilbert he will start an airline with no planes.
Start of saga: Dogbert Airlines
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert Airlines, airline, plane, money, waiting room, ex-cons, luggage, mechanical difficulties, tool, gizmo, Dogbert, Dilbert

A passenger complains to Dogbert he's been waiting 35 hours for his flight.
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert Airlines, airline, flight, computer, delay, weather, direct sunlight, plane, passenger, Dogbert

Dogbert announces yet another flight delay at Dogbert Airlines.
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert Airlines, airline, PA system, traveller, hub, south pole, permafrost, primitive society, terminal, Dogbert Miles, Dogbert

Dogbert appears before a congressional hearing because of inhumane service.
Dogbert-Schemes, Dogbert Airlines, airline, accusation, congressional hearing, inhumane service, paw, bah, hab, take it back, microphone, congressman, Dogbert, Ratbert

The Boss thinks aloud. Much incoherence.
Management, think aloud, cost, focus, monkeys are funny, tongue, digest, mouth, help, hope, Boss