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Dilbert tells the Boss there's a problem with the clone -- Wally spilled soda on the DNA.
Technology, clone, problem, hospital, recovery, spill, soda, horse posterior, DNA, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss's clone is not all that everyone expected. He's very short and mostly a horse's posterior.
Technology, clone, procedure, problem, human, knickknack, mutant, god, Boss clone, Dilbert

Dogbert wants the Boss to implement a six sigma program.
Dogbert-Schemes, six sigma, program, doom, TQM, different name, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert explains to the meeting the six sigma program will increase company profits.
Dogbert-Schemes, six sigma, profit, consultant, downturn, flat growth, meeting, increase, Dogbert, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert begins teaching the six sigma course and puts everyone to sleep.
Dogbert-Schemes, six sigma, consultant, selfish, training, dimwit, meeting, process, sleep, Dogbert, Asok, Wally, Carol

The first step in the six sigma process is to identify problems, Dogbert says.
Dogbert-Schemes, six sigma, consultant, meeting, step, problem identification, fist of death, belt, Dogbert, Boss, Alice, Asok, Dilbert

The Boss gives Alice twenty one-year service pins instead of a twenty-year pin, even though she's only been there for six years.
Management, service anniversary, twenty-year pin, card, fist of death, older, Boss, Alice

The CEO slashed his own pay down to four million dollars per year, the Boss reports.
Management, CEO, pay cut, slash, voluntary, written statement, share the pain, underpants, sandwich bag, Boss, Asok, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Dogbert his dream of being a teacher, so he can educate the leaders of tomorrow.
Family, teacher, career, educate, leader of tomorrow, moron, doughnut, dream, crush, bathrobe, breakfast, Dilbert, Dogbert

Catbert tells Carl contractors are not allowed to breathe company air.
Personnel, contractor, breathe, air, supply, understand, light, scuba gear, Catbert, Carl, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss asks Carl the contractor to use less company resources.
Consultant, contractor, company resources, breathing apparatus, gravity, hover, scuba gear, Boss, Carl

The Boss tasks Anne with a deliverable. She complains task is not a verb.
Management, task, deliverable, verb, world, falling apart, timeline, project, Boss, Anne L. Retentive

Asok reports someone keeps unplugging the server, thus causing network outages.
Technology, discover, meeting, presentation, network outage, idiot, unplug, server, waitress, noise, Asok, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss asks Carol to say he's in a meeting, any meeting. She invents something embarrassing.
Corporate Services, secretary, meeting, telephone, vague, morons anonymous, shoe-sniffing contest, chair, instructions, pandemonium, Boss, Carol

Dogbert becomes a stock market expert to recommend stocks.
Dogbert-Schemes, stock market expert, recommend, fundamentals, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert prepares to go on television as a stock market expert.
Dogbert-Schemes, stock market expert, television, microphone, camera, wag, tail, recommend, honest work, television camera, floor director, Dogbert

Dogbert, the stock market expert, recommends stocks but the television host is sceptical.
Dogbert-Schemes, stock market expert, television, house, P/E, track record, recommend, chart, television camera, suspenders, telephone, Dogbert, Ron, Boss

Dogbert speaks in incomprehensible jargon as a stock market expert on a television show.
Dogbert-Schemes, stock market expert, television, core holding, dollar cost average, dead cat bounce, cash allocation, falling knife, economic model, churn, learn, suspenders, laptop computer, Dogbert, Ron

Catbert asks the Boss to have a company meeting about layoffs. He get hostile questions.
Downsizing, all-company meeting, layoff, hostile question, newspaper, trail of slime, slither, podium, microphone, Catbert, Boss

At a company meeting, the Boss takes questions about the layoffs.
Downsizing, layoff, question, all-company meeting, odour, DNA, rodent, snake, weasel, Boss, Carol, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Catbert tells the Boss the employees have realised there are no raises this year.
Management, raise, profit, rational, tyranny, delicate balance, attitude, performance, dipweed, downsize, guess, Catbert, Asok, Wally, Boss

The Boss asks Dilbert to explain a charge.
Start of saga: Dilbert visits the accounting trolls during budget season.
Accounting, explain, charge, budget season, headless, entrance, wooden door, decapitate, Boss, Dilbert, troll

Dilbert asks an accounting troll for an explanation of the numbers. They send him away.
Accounting, explain, number, budget season, spit, data, send away, 95%, body, Dilbert, troll

Larry, the accounting troll, spits on Dilbert's data.
Accounting, data, spit, ptoo, tour, department, troll, Dilbert, Larry

The accounting department's random number generator spits out all nines, Dilbert learns.
Accounting, tour, random number generator, nine, sure, problem, spit, troll, Dilbert

The accounting troll tells of his transformation from a human to a troll.
Accounting, change, transform, rock, hair, gym, horn, tail, realise, look, Dilbert, troll

The accounting troll shows Dilbert a list of people who will change into trolls.
Accounting, change, transform, unaware, list, wait, pimple, horn, I know something you don't know, Dilbert, troll, Wally

Catbert tells a psychologist about his obsessions: being evil and jumping on small objects that fall to the floor.
Health, director, human resources, evil, appearance, hag, quack, fall, jump, eat, hungry, psycho, eraser debris, Catbert, psychologist

The Boss tells Dilbert his telephone turns into a talking clock after midnight.
Technology, home telephone, talking clock, midnight, teach, 3:14, idiot, bathrobe, Boss, Dilbert

Ming describes her thought processes in detail to Dilbert in the lunch room.
Office Politics, circuit design, notice, bug, mention, psychic, out loud, thought, conversation, lunch, Ming, Dilbert

The Boss assigns Asok to work for Catbert while his assistant recovers.
Start of saga: Asok is Catbert's assistant
Personnel, secondment, assistant, recover, cold, flu, evil, soul, winged demon, Boss, Asok