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Wally asks the Boss if he can switch from engineering to administration.
Management, engineer, administration, report, shift, vegetative, Wally, Boss

The Boss introduces the new sales manager, who makes inappropriate comments every five minutes.
Sales, inappropriate comment, screening, censor, clever, swear, one-eyed carpenter, sales manager, hair, forked tongue, explode, Boss, Pigboy, Alice

An employee gets really excited at his termination.
Downsizing, excited, severance package, generous, Boss, downsized employee, Catbert

Profits are down because of the weak economy, even though they went up because of great management.
Philosophy, profit, economy, blame, leadership, context, meeting, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

Wally reports no problems, just issues, opportunities and challenges.
Meeting, problem, report, issue, opportunity, challenge, work, necessary, learning experience, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss complains his keyboard types only asterisks when he enters his password.
Tech Support, keyboard, broken, asterisk, password, remember, telephone headset, Boss, Dogbert

Dilbert wants to know if there is more to life than working.
Family, life, work, complain, sleep, death, kid, joy, bathrobe, breakfast, Dilbert, Dogbert

Alice must learn to take risks, the Boss says.
Management, risk, learn, quit, better company, misunderstand, three o'clock, Boss, Alice, Catbert

Wally asks Dilbert if he wants to join the lottery pool. Dilbert is reluctant.
Office Politics, lottery pool, rational, money, bet, cubicle, dance, Dilbert pool, gamble, Wally, Dilbert, Alice, Asok

The Boss says their data is bad, but he needs good data to manage.
Management, data, inaccurate, concentrate, bad, credit, harder than it looks, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

An employee is excited to be moved to the magic portal, cubicle 4S75OR.
Downsizing, move, magic portal, cubicle 4S75OR, sit, better job, first round, cruel, downsized employee, Wally, Dilbert

Ed crosstrains Asok on the accounting system.
Accounting, crosstrain, accounting system, respect, job security, accounts receivable, expense, complain, Boss, Asok, Ed

Asok complains the accounting system is dysfunctional and its results are meaningless.
Accounting, accounting system, dysfunctional, result, meaningless, notice, payroll expense, genius, management, Asok, Ed, Boss

Dilbert complains the supplier has doubled his delivery time.
Contract, negotiate, delivery time, incompetent, devious, false nose, whiskers, disguise, Dilbert, weasel

Dilbert complains the weasel rewrote the contract in incomprehensible language.
Contract, negotiate, deal, English, weaselese, choice, sign, lawyer, deadline, heck, frat brother, hassle, pitchspoon, Dilbert, Phil, weasel

Dilbert wants to tell his mother about work, but she doesn't want to hear.
Family, work, story, boring, interest, hurt, electrical impulse, agony, air gap, insult, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

The Boss and Catbert are happy to hear the job market is getting worse.
Personnel, job market, worse, newspaper, afraid, abuse, evil dance, laugh, Boss, Catbert

The Boss taunts Dilbert the job market is getting worse, so it's hard to leave.
Management, job market, work, unemployed, leader, say it, who's your daddy, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert tells the Boss an easy way to create a strategy -- add the phrase "increase our market share by..." to everything.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, strategy, increase our market share by..., sell, advice, Dogbert, Boss

Dilbert asks his cubicle neighbour to turn down the loud music.
Office Politics, cubicle, loud music, concentrate, complain, nuts, shy, creep, Dilbert, Ted

Alice asks Asok to come to an important meeting across the bridge.
Office Politics, meeting, bridge, car, carpool lane, intern, invitation, Alice, Asok

Dilbert gets a new haircut and asks the opinion of Dogbert and Ratbert.
Fashion, haircut, opinion, gargantuan, mistake, fright, bruise, fruit, froze up, Dilbert, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dilbert creates a schematic diagram of the office politics in his company.
Office Politics, schematic, ruin, career, rumour, yoga class, ethics, circuit, quit, charisma, diagram, test, Dilbert, Dogbert, Tina

Dilbert calls in a problem with network service to his home and has to deal with incompetence.
Tech Support, computer, network, e-mail, web, service, telephone, accounting information, Dilbert

The Boss comes to Dilbert because he wants a brilliant employee to be his assistant manager.
Start of saga: The Boss wants to be cloned.
Technology, brilliant employee, assistant manager, clone, nice thing, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert complains the Boss wants himself cloned.
Technology, clone, request, soul, if, doubt, lunch, Dilbert, Ming, Wally

Dilbert tries to talk the Boss out of cloning himself because it's illegal.
Technology, clone, illegal, human, cop, frame, crime, wrong, blame, Dilbert, Boss

The Garbageman says cloning the Boss may be either normal or an abomination.
Ethics, clone, soulless abomination, normal, irrelevant, original, truck, trashcan, sunglasses, Dilbert, Garbageman

Using the Garbageman's cloning machine, Dilbert prepares to clone the Boss.
Technology, operation, theatre, clone, hurt, machine button, eager, surgical mask, Boss, Dilbert, Alice, Wally, Asok

Dilbert comes upon some slow walking women in a hallway and tries to get around them.
Office Politics, hallway, etiquette, slow walking women, squeeze, throw, go around, Dilbert, Alice, slow walking woman