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Dilbert asks the Boss for approval to buy a computer, but there's a freeze on the capital budget.
Management, approval, computer, freeze, capital budget, CEO, ask, limit, component, cubicle, bang, soft-walled containers, Dilbert, Boss

A co-worker codes for another company while appearing to work here.
Professional, code, company, crime pays, benefit package, sandwich, dinner, lunch, co-worker, Wally

A carpenter provides a cost estimate and start date to Dilbert. The start date is somewhat vague.
Start of saga: Dilbert hires a roofer for his house.
Contractor, cost estimate, builder, Monday, service industry, space-time continuum, calendar, tool, roofer, Dilbert

Dilbert builds a device to search the service industry's space-time continuum.
Technology, invention, search, service industry, space-time continuum, plumber, roofer, carpenter, electrician, furnace, house, tool, Dilbert, roofer

A roofer takes off Dilbert's roof, and says he'll return next week.
Family, roof, return, finish, rain, indoor, ruin, control, weather, tol, roofer, Dilbert

Dilbert worries about his half-repaired roof. The Garbageman loans him his weather control device.
Family, roof, rain, shingle, personal, chaos-driven climate control, loan, randomiser, apparatus, weather control, Dilbert, Garbageman

In the lunch room, Asok tells about his thoughts to grow a unibrow.
Office Politics, lunch, lunchroom, grow, unibrow, ban, work-related conversation, Asok, Dilbert

Wally becomes a fly on the wall at a manager's meeting about layoffs.
Downsizing, layoff, downsizing, fly on the wall, wish, budget, fire, hate, doughnut, ugly, Dilbert, Wally, Boss, manager

The Boss thinks Alice is understaffed and overworked so he hires another manager to glare at her and a stress counsellor for himself.
Overwork, understaff, manager, relax, deep breaths, hair, Boss, stress counsellor, Alice, manager

The Boss says he'll be managing by exception so he won't be talking to people unless they screw up.
Management, managing by exception, talk, assume, project, remember, important, Boss, Wally

The Boss wants the product so easy to use somebody's mother could use it. He argues with Dilbert as to whose mother should be the test.
Management, easy, product, mother, moron, test, fed, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss hires a person with no brain.
Management, job, no-brainer, resume, brief, doughnut, experience, ruin, Boss, Wally, new hire

Ted asks the Boss about the layoff rumour.
Downsizing, rumour, layoff, deny, day off, request, Friday, Monday, Ted, Boss

The Boss and Catbert decide who will be downsized, those with excessive nose hair and who are called "doctor."
Downsizing, fire, nose hair, doctor, creep, Boss, Carol, Catbert, Dr. Wolfington

Alice thinks of a great idea to save money on building their product. The Boss takes credit for the idea with the VP.
Management, unit, money, build, idea, credit, admit, fist of death, hit, control, Alice, Boss, VP

Dilbert wonders about his purpose in life. Dogbert says it's to scratch his back.
Philosophy, life, purpose, scratch, back, service, useful, bank, stream, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert says their lives are pathetic because they do nothing but eat, work and sleep.
Philosophy, life, pathetic, eat, work, sleep, lunch, hungry, Dilbert, Wally

A sociopath realises using his speakerphone will annoy his co-workers, but doesn't really care.
Start of saga: Ron the sociopath
Office Politics, sociopath, cubicle, telephone, speakerphone, annoy, co-workers, loud, lunch, delicious, Ron, Dilbert

Alice complains the sociopath is using his speakerphone to listen to voicemail.
Dating, voicemail, speakerphone, socially defective, mind, dinner, invitation, sociopath, restaurant, wine, Alice, Ron

The sociopath says he never tips at a restaurant because it's optional.
Dating, tip, optional, prior, bread, fling, sociopath, Ron, Alice, waitress

Alice falls completely for the sociopath even though he rifles through her purse.
Dating, love, rifle, purse, telephone, call, ring once, wait by the telephone, sociopath, Alice, Ron

The Boss asks everyone to keep Carol informed of their whereabouts. Wally gives Carol too much detail.
Policy, locate, inform, whereabouts, wander, coffee, newspaper, intern, pepper spray, cancel, marketing, flirt, Boss, Alice, Wally, Carol

The Boss sends Monty to an accelerated evolution class.
Start of saga: Dogbert's evolution training
Society, grow, quick, hope, evolution, program, training, class, million years, pack, opposable thumbs, fire, tail, ape, accelerate, Boss, Dogbert, Monty

Dogbert introduces his evolution training. A gorilla student eats the banana student.
Training, evolution, class, seat, eat, slip, peel, problem, Dogbert, banana

Zoltar demonstrates speed evolving by growing new sideburns, although he doesn't get it right.
Training, evolution, class, graduate student, speed evolving, grunt, sideburns, extra face, arm, Dogbert, Zoltar

Dogbert describes the one surviving student from his evolution class -- a three thousand pound squirrel.
Training, evolution, class, student, survive, cockiest squirrel, three thousand pounds, unlucky, janitor, bathrobe, Dogbert

The Boss gives Wally his bonus even though Wally did no work all year.
Management, bonus, work, fire, replace, hiring freeze, shrink, empire, hand-shake, paycheque, Boss, Wally

The Boss was trapped in his office for three days.
Management, trap, office, three days, scream, staple remover, claw, wall, push, pull, safe, hair, Boss, Carol

Dilbert says the power supply in the product overheats. It gets exaggerated up to a four-star general who thinks it's a weapon.
Engineer, exaggeration, power supply, overheat, flames, level, city, military application, free hammer, consulting job, uninhabited atoll, trouble, uniform, blow up, Dilbert, Boss, customer, general

An angry dumb guy dares anyone to ask his opinion.
Office Politics, opinion, beat, let's see, meeting, threat, angry dumb guy, Dilbert

At an exit interview, Ted complains about working for an unethical weasel.
Management, exit interview, reason, unethical weasel, personal problem, collect, data, Boss, Ted, Catbert