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Dilbert prepares to go home when he encounters the six o'clock monster.
Office Politics, happy, prepare, home, too late, cubicle, six o'clock horror, scream, workspace, Dilbert, Boss, Asok, Wally

Ratbert falls for an Internet scam to get 30 million dollars out of Nigeria.
Family, Nigerian banker, Internet, scam, country, bank information, commission, e-mail, tube sock, dryer, e-mail, Ratbert, Dogbert

Dilbert complains to Ming there's slime trails everywhere and the office must have snails.
Office Politics, snail, office, slime trail, sign, addiction, hand lotion, giant bottle, Dilbert, Ming

The Boss asks Alice why their software expenses are higher than Marketing's software expenses.
Management, software, expenses, marketing, monkey, wristwatch, fur, Boss, Alice

A tech support person suggests to Alice she reboot her computer. Alice kicks it off the roof.
Start of saga: Wally impersonates a customer who was killed by a computer Alice threw of the roof.
Tech Support, telephone, reboot, suggestion, kick, roof, feel better, tech support person, Alice

The Boss introduces the too helpful guy, who talks nothing but cheese to Dilbert.
Office Politics, meet, cheese, truckload, Parmesan, message, bread, fondue, ticket, world-o-cheese, exhibit, Wisconsin, nickname, weird, obsession, leather, Boss, too helpful guy, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss says their biggest customer has been killed by someone who threw a computer off their roof.
Management, throw, computer, roof, kill customer, replace, look alike, club, Willy, Boss, Wally, Alice

Wally impersonates a customer to continue buying from the company.
Management, impersonation, customer, dead, purchase, briefcase, work, Boss, Wally

Alice says Wally is in jail for impersonating a dead person.
Note: A web-only strip with a different last panel was published this day. The different panel showed Wally looking at a toilet and saying he will ask his cellmate to look away in a few hours. The tamer version showed Wally wanting to get some temporary tatoos at the gift shop.
Society, jail, impersonation, dead, street smarts, survive, temporary tattoo, gift shop, weight lifter, close your eyes and whistle, toilet, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert helps get Wally out of jail for impersonating a dead person.
Society, jail, help, door, pretend, lock, lifer, embarrass, lunch, Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, Alice

The Boss wants to change Wally's work assignments because of his criminal record.
Management, criminal record, important, assignment, quality, fake name, police, Boss, Wally, Asok

Catbert says there aren't enough friendly people to fill the call centre jobs.
Tech Support, friendly people, call centre, shortage, angry, telephone headset, microphone, mouth, Catbert, call centre person, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss rates Carol's performance as "good." Carol interprets that as "bad" and wants to know what she did wrong.
Performance Review, rating, humiliation, telephone message, flight, connection, war zone, save money, press conference, Parkside Strangler, responsibility, vague objectives, serial killer, good, bad, Boss, Carol, Wally

The Boss asks Carol to screen calls and not let any sales people through.
Start of saga: Carol doesn't screen sales people from the Boss
Secretary, screen calls, telephone, customer, childhood friend, flirt, hot, Boss, sales person, Carol

The Boss asks Carol why she lets sales calls through to him when he wanted them screened.
Secretary, telephone, screen calls, sales person, bribe, supplement, income, empower, micromanagement, brew, Boss, Carol

The Boss and Catbert confront Carol about her accepting bribes from sales people wanting access to the Boss.
Secretary, telephone, sales person, bribe, access, screen calls, vendor, golf trip, Las Vegas, price sheet, Boss, Catbert, Carol

Wally asks Carol if she feels guilt about taking bribes.
Secretary, bribe, vendor, sales person, guilt, walk around, coffee, hard, fur coat, Wally, Carol

Dilbert's date compliments Dilbert for being a terrific conversationalist.
Dating, dinner, good night, hug, conversationalist, write code, complain, discover, kiss, Dilbert's date, Dilbert

Dilbert's date complains about her life all night long, but Dilbert complains about one thing and she calls him a loser.
Dating, complain, loser, personality, Dilbert, Dogbert

Catbert counsels Jittery Jeff, who is nervous because he was in a busy aisle near a doorway.
Personnel, counsel, cubicle, busy aisle, doorway, nervous, relax, scare, yell, instinct, Boss, Catbert, Jittery Jeff

Alice says she's meeting a vendor after work because that's the only time he can answer questions.
Start of saga: Alice meets a vendor after hours
Dating, sales, vendor, drinks, question, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

Alice tells the Boss she's meeting a vendor after work for drinks.
Dating, sales, vendor, drinks, bait-lube-and-switch, wife, understanding, product, trench coat, marriage, Alice, Boss

Alice wants to make sure her meeting with a vendor at a bar will be strictly business.
Dating, sales, vendor, bar, strictly business, product, chug, bet, Chardonnay, slur words, wine, hair, drunk, Alice, sales person

Ming gives advice to Alice about what to do when dating an unattractive man.
Dating, vendor, sales, unattractive, project, fix up, comb over, wind, Alice, Ming, sales person

In the Boyfriend Project, Alice starts fixing up how her boyfriend looks and acts.
Dating, boyfriend project, turtleneck, jeans, fish, marathon, cry, movie, training, Alice, sales person

Alice's unattractive boyfriend makes good progress under her guidance and she takes him out in public for the first time.
Dating, boyfriend project, progress, seen in public, talk, Nobel Prize, wrestling, before and after, party, wine, Alice, sales person

Dilbert recommends using an outside vendor instead of internal developers who are clueless weasels.
Project, vendor, internal developer, four steps, clueless, weasel, contract, VP, plan, steaming mounds of worthless code, grunt, Dilbert, Boss, Dogbert

The Boss introduces Incredulous Ed, who reacts to all questions as if you're inventing words.
Office Politics, introduction, react, invent, word, question, family, Boss, Dilbert, Incredulous Ed

Alice asks Incredulous Ed for the latest budget numbers.
Budget, budget manager, why in the world, report, Alice, Incredulous Ed

The Boss shows off his latest gadget which does absolutely everything.
Technology, ultimate tool, mobile professional, PDA, telephone, pager, digital camera, fax, e-mail, laptop, shredder, clip, belt, satellite dish, antenna, gizmo, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss gets a spare battery for his new ultimate gadget.
Technology, battery, mobile technology platform, strap on the back, wheelbarrow, lost a lung, gizmo, Boss, Carol