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Dogbert deactivates a pupil's moral compass in his management training class.
Training, management, twist, ear, skull, moral compass, deactivate, leadership, working weekends, unlock, brain, Dogbert, management trainee

In Dogbert's management training class, Tim demonstrates the cloak of invisibility.
Training, management, cloak of invisibility, demonstrate, hide, slide, desk, Dogbert, Tim, Alice

Alice doesn't like being a manager anymore so she asks Wally to smother her with a pillow.
Management, like, favour, house, smother with a pillow, kidding, struggle, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

Fred, the incompetent VP, gets fired by Catbert. They discuss the format of the announcement.
Personnel, incompetent, favour, resignation announcement, terse, smile, ambiguous, e-mail, VP, Catbert, Fred

Alice gets her soul back after being demoted.
Management, soul, claim ticket, demotion, non-management, cubicle, Alice, Phil, Alice's soul

Wally uses a huge bottle of water to avoid work.
Management, bottle of water, glug, avoid work, assignment, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert decides on a product to buy, but the sales person talks him out of it.
Start of saga: Honest vendor
Sales, close, mistake, truth, XQ-7, security, reliability, Dilbert, honest vendor

Dilbert tells Wally about an amazing thing: a vendor who tells the truth.
Sales, vendor, truth, amazing, focus group, meeting, afraid, sandwich, Dilbert, Wally, honest vendor, Asok

A vendor says Dilbert will want to throw the product through a window five minutes after he buys it.
Sales, vendor, truth, throw, window, loss, repair, component, shame, die, gizmo, honest vendor, Dilbert

The honest vendor says goodbye to Dilbert, saying he'll probably spank his hamster.
Sales, vendor, honest, goodbye, handshake, spank, hamster, repeat business, overrated, honest vendor

The Boss asks Dilbert to return a phone call to a vendor so the Boss can save himself two minutes.
Management, delegation, stalk, prey, surprise, vendor, save two minutes, guess, background, telephone number, question, answer, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss tells everyone to not be afraid of change. Ted says he wants to move to China and change gender.
Management, afraid of change, gender change, operation, China, wonder, listen, Boss, Ted, Wally

The Boss was suspicious about Alice calling in sick on a Monday.
Health, suspicion, sick, Monday, sneeze, cough, optional guts, internal organs, hair, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

Wally, wearing a gas mask, tells Alice it's OK for her to sneeze.
Health, germ, sick, sneeze, gas mask, explode, hair, Wally, Alice

The Boss promotes Dilbert to president of their dot-com subsidiary.
Management, promotion, dot-com, subsidiary, president, fire, raise, billion shares, stock, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert, CEO of a dot-com, lays everyone off because there's no profit. The staff wonder what "laid off" means.
Management, CEO, profit, laid off, compliment, bottle, wonder, Dilbert, baby, dot-com employee

Dogbert, tech support, advises the Boss to reboot his mousepad because it's incompatible with his operating system.
Tech Support, mousepad, incompatible, operating system, reboot, watch, telephone headset, monitor, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss asks Dilbert to get approval from Marketing for a plan. Dilbert gets a cloud of doom.
Marketing, approval, cloud of doom, reject, plan, smite, enemy, customer, shorts, staple, demon, proposal, Boss, Dilbert, marketing guy

Catbert wants to reduce staff by twenty, and gives the Boss a list of people who are almost worked to death.
Personnel, reduce, staff, headcount, layoff, almost worked to death, project, Catbert, Boss, Ted

Dilbert phones a woman and gets trapped in her voicemail.
Dating, telephone, Paris, lousy movie, voicemail, bad feeling, Dilbert

Dilbert's date says she likes men who take charge.
Dating, take charge, c'mon, bowling alley, dumb, realise, Dilbert's date, Dilbert

Dilbert's date asks him why he won't give an opinion on anything.
Dating, opinion, spineless, environment, invitation, unnecessary pain, yell, cry, public, restaurant, wine, Dilbert's date, Dilbert

The Boss wants to show the VP only the areas they're doing well.
Management, loser, numbers, doing well, internal subterfuge, eighty percent, moustache, dark glasses, disguise, Boss, Dilbert, VP

Catbert describes two programs, Golden Handcuffs for the best employees and Prickly Panties for the rest.
Personnel, retain, golden handcuffs, program, prickly panties, bowl of candy, dental plan, Catbert, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss rates Tina's performance as poor because she did no work.
Performance Review, rating, poor, no work, technical documents, e-mail, forward, attachment, Boss, Tina, Dilbert

Dilbert asks for advice before going to a job interview. Dogbert says to juggle items from the desk.
Professional, job interview, advice, juggle, confidence, staple, Dilbert, Dogbert, interviewer

Dogbert makes Ratbert VP of Operations for his new power utility company.
Start of saga: Dogbert's power utility company
Dogbert-Schemes, good news, bad news, power utility company, VP of Operations, office, wheel, generator, Dogbert, Ratbert

Dogbert gets Bob to be the Director of Marketing for his new power utility company.
Dogbert-Schemes, power utility company, director of marketing, revenue, monster under the bed, light, blanket, kid, Dogbert, Bob, Billy

Dogbert, in a television commercial, asks everyone to buy electricity from his new utility company.
Dogbert-Schemes, power utility company, electricity, television, advertisement, California, environmentalists, furnace, incinerate, Dogbert, maintenance worker

Asok gets Ted to admit the delays are his fault and declares victory.
Meeting, delay, fault, agree, win, excite, victory lap, sore loser, trip, immature, injury, Asok, Ted, Wally

An interviewee tells Catbert he has five years experience as a dot-com president.
Personnel, job interview, five years experience, dot-com, president, burn, luck, profit, joke, smile, dot-com president, Catbert