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Dilbert meets Topper, who tops anything anyone says.
Office Politics, amazing, introduction, top, first, ruin, system, Boss, Dilbert, Topper

Dilbert complains of mouse cramp. Topper tops that complaint.
Office Politics, mouse cramp, chain, upside down, Elbonia, prison wall, risk, competitive, win, conversation, lunch, Dilbert, Topper, Wally

Dilbert and Topper compare the costs and benefits of their projects.
Office Politics, project, save, completion, cost, half a mind, Dilbert, Topper, Boss

Ming complains of a headache. Topper tops that complaint.
Health, headache, doozy, bam, win, start, self inflicted, dent, Ming, Topper

Asok creates software that makes all copyrighted works available for free on the Internet.
Society, software, Internet, free, copyright, destroy, creativity, plunge, depression, neat, Asok, Dilbert

The Boss announces a plan to give away their product for free and charge for deinstallation.
Management, plan, product, give, free, bill, customer, deinstall, consumer, decapitation, report, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert tells a co-worker battery technology can't handle her requirements. She hears something different.
Technology, battery, size, close, mind, memory, erase, motive, transformation, avoid, serial killer, preach, choir, Dilbert, co-worker, Dogbert

The Boss describes how he retains employees -- whittle at their confidence.
Management, plan, retain, employee, confidence, whittle, sluggish, Catbert, Boss

The Motivation Fairy greets Wally.
Start of saga: The Motivation Fairy
Professional, magic wand, enjoy, work, futility, knock out, myth, wing, Motivation Fairy, Wally

The Motivation Fairy thinks Wally will be a big challenge.
Professional, challenge, minimum wage, pay, reimburse, travel, wing, career path, Motivation Fairy, Wally

The Motivation Fairy and Wally discuss the aspects of hard work.
Professional, work hard, respect, peer, stress, outlive, luck, Wing, Motivation Fairy, Wally

Wally delivers the knock-out blow to the Motivation Fairy.
Professional, job, reward, vision, blur, hour, raise, cubicle, hair, speech, clump, Wally, Motivation Fairy

The Boss tells the engineers to work hard, achieve great things, and then die.
Management, work hard, achieve, die, reality, inspiration, speech, cry, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

The engineers get the results of their personality tests to improve teamwork.
Personality, type, test, preference, teamwork, style, logic, problem, solve, moral, value, idiot, illogical, menace, personality tester, Dilbert, Randy, Alice

The Boss introduces the new ad agency's creative team: Pete Peters, Robert Roberts and Holly Hollister.
Advertising, creative team, witty remark, imagination, goatee, Boss, Pete Peters, Holly Hollister, Robert Roberts, Wally, Dilbert

The ad agency presents an idea for a commercial about cats and sarcasm. The Boss is the only one who is amused.
Advertising, story board, cat, picture, yeah right, sarcasm, laugh, explain, goatee, Pete Peters, Boss, Dilbert, Wally

The ad agency presents an idea for a commercial with a stick man, a tire fire and a giant wolverine.
Advertising, story board, stick man, tire fire, wolverine, exact science, goatee, Pete Peters, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss wonders whether it's wise to insult minority groups in a commercial.
Advertising, insult, minority group, commercial, worst, spit, flag, difficult client, goatee, Boss, Pete Peters

The "Exactly" man doesn't like Dilbert's idea.
Office Politics, idea, buy, product, exactly, The "Exactly" Man, Dilbert

Alice proves the "Exactly" Man wrong and gets a predictable response.
Office Politics, exactly, proof, wrong, humanoid, response, Alice, The "Exactly" Man

A man seeks out Dogbert's, a professional liar, services.
Dogbert-Schemes, professional liar, producer, embarrass, review, movie, author, quote, cover, dot-com, founder, IPO, underwrite, television, ear, suspenders, Dogbert, dot-com founder, underwriter

Asok complains to Mordac his new PC has no monitor.
Corporate Services, PC, monitor, memory, memorise, calendar, cheese, whine, suspenders, Asok, Mordac

Dogbert tells Dilbert he is starting up a discount brokerage firm.
Start of saga: Dogbert's Discount Brokerage
Dogbert-Schemes, discount brokerage, commission, customer, advice, verbal abuse, records, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert interviews a potential investor to find out his knowledge of investing.
Dogbert-Schemes, discount brokerage, account, stringent, requirement, true or false, evaporate, photosynthesis, yee-haw, hick, Dogbert, investor

An investor asks for Dogbert's advice on creating an estate plan. Dogbert tells him to stay dead.
Dogbert-Schemes, discount brokerage, estate plan, dead, zombie, gift, telephone, investor, Dogbert

Dogbert explains opening an account gets you a free dart board and a monkey.
Dogbert-Schemes, discount brokerage, account, dart board, monkey, balance, drop, kill, telephone headset, Dogbert

An investor asks Dogbert for free investment advice. Dogbert threatens him.
Dogbert-Schemes, discount brokerage, free, advice, demand, shout, pay, ear, flip, threat, telephone headset, investor, Dogbert

The Boss wants to know why all projects fail and if there is a common point of failure. Everyone thinks it's him.
Project, post mortem, fail, obvious, source, blame, point, sneeze, common, Boss, Alice, Wally, Dilbert, Asok

Dogbert explains to the Boss how to get their stock price to rise.
Dogbert-Schemes, stock, price, analyst, weasel, pick-and-shovel, basket of money, core holding, Dogbert, Boss, weasel

The weasel equity analyst will rate the company's stock as "must buy now" if he also gets their investment banking business.
Finance, stock, rate, must buy now, investment banking, Chinese Wall, door, weasel, Boss

The Boss announces Sales and Fulfilment have been outsourced to an Elbonian country.
Management, outsource, sales, fulfilment, Elbonia, sell, complex, technology, telephone, string, tin can, Boss, Dilbert, Elbonian, Elbonian pig