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Dilbert goes to Marketing to see if any of them know first aid.
Health, CPR, first aid, marketing, engineering, dead pool, team building, potluck lunch, Dilbert, marketing guy, Asok, Alice, Wally, Boss

Asok recovers and wants to know who saved his life.
Health, CPR, recover, angel, Lifesavers, Asok, Ratbert, Dilbert, Wally, Boss, Alice

Wally proposes working flex hours, where he works before hours and after hours.
Management, flex time, early, late, co-worker, witness, cubicle, filth, staff meeting, scheme, sarcasm, separate, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert goes to a jury room and looks forward to a week of quiet time away from his job.
Start of saga: Jury duty
Law, jury, quiet time, book, cell phone, noise, Dilbert, juror

Another juror asks Dilbert what excuse he plans to use.
Law, jury duty, excuse, happy, civic responsibility, insanity, moustache, juror, Dilbert

The judge asks a juror with a hole in his head about potential medical problems.
Law, jury, selection, medical problem, hole, head, judge, juror, Dilbert

A potential juror says it's against his religion to judge others.
Law, jury, selection, religion, judge, excuse, God, juror, judge, Dilbert

The trial goes to deliberations but one juror is snoring.
Law, summary, deliberation, snore, jury, please rise, lawyer, juror, Dilbert

Dilbert delivers the jury's verdict: guilty.
Law, jury, defendant, guilty, crime, brochure, witness protection, Dilbert, judge, juror

Ming says her change will make the response time to be sub-second, but Dilbert argues the change will add to the response time.
Technology, sub-second, response time, jerk, laws of physics, fault, right, wrong, Ming, Dilbert

Dilbert complains to the Boss the engineers can't handle all the requests from the Sales Department.
Management, staff, request, sales support, online database, stare, contempt, disbelief, meditation, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss doesn't want to say if Dilbert did a good job.
Management, performance review, want, good, rub, sorry, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss asks for Dogbert's help to make a succession plan.
Management, succession plan, die, Satan, flaming worm, tiptoes, eternity, hell, Boss, Dogbert

The Boss appoints Wally to be the leader if anything happens.
Management, succession plan, leader, multi-vitamin, safe, mixed blessing, stethoscope, Boss, Ming, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert wonders why Ted charged time to his project when all Ted did was attend a meeting.
Budget, cross charge, meeting, sit, drunken monkey, refund, fair, ka-ching, Dilbert, Ted, manager

Dilbert finishes a presentation, but no one has any questions.
Meeting, presentation, question, interest, alone, diagram, Dilbert, Dogbert, co-worker

Dilbert says the project is ready except for the budget. The Boss forgot to get the funding.
Management, budget, ready, funding, project, task, meeting, holler, Dilbert, Boss

Wally thinks wearing a turtleneck sweater will encourage flirtatious behaviour in the office.
Fashion, casual dress, flirt, behaviour, turtleneck sweater, concentrate, adorable, warning cone, cubicle, Wally, Boss

The Boss wants to cancel casual dress days because they are hurting productivity.
Fashion, casual dress, productivity, irrational management, comfortable pants, problem, Boss, Catbert

Catbert cancels casual dress days and wants everyone to wear uncomfortable clothing.
Fashion, casual dress, uncomfortable clothes, armour, space suit, helmet, motivation, Catbert, Wally, Dilbert

Wally says he'll adopt an incomprehensible accent when people ask him questions.
Office Politics, adopt, incomprehensible accent, question, coffee pot, empty, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert wants to go to lunch with Wally so he can look good by comparison.
Office Politics, lunch, free, remind, lazy, personality, looks, renaissance, loser, Dilbert, Wally

Wally thinks others should be punished for padding their objectives since he's the only one who's not exceeding his objectives.
Management, expectation, exceed, padding, objectives, punish, lie, weasel, whistle blower, award, Wally, Boss

Dilbert tells his mom it's inefficient to wrap her birthday present so he'll just wrap it in a towel instead.
Family, birthday, present, wrapping, inefficient, towel, borrow, surprise, cookie, Dilbert, Dilbert's Mom

The Boss meditates by clearing his mind of all thoughts.
Management, knock, clear, mind, thought, market space, going forward basis, practise, useless, Boss, Dilbert

A doctor examines the Boss after he tried to meditate.
Health, meditate, problem, management, mind, empty, rifle, pocket, stethoscope, Dilbert, doctor, Boss

The engineers try to figure out how to bring the Boss out of his coma.
Health, coma, meditate, work, punch, remember, left-handed, right-handed, Wally, Dilbert, Boss

Since the Boss is in a coma, Wally wants to forge his signature to get a raise.
Ethics, tape, pencil, raise, forgery, moral compass, hiccup, Wally, Asok, Boss

Catbert explains how to bring the Boss out of his coma.
Health, brain, pump, empty, prime, learn, foundation, perception, smack, Catbert, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert asked for more e-mail storage and tech support deleted Dilbert's files.
Tech Support, e-mail, storage, delete, file, request, choice, suspenders, Dilbert, Mordac

Dogbert says Dilbert should act less like himself on his date.
Dating, advice, crystal, collect, heal, point of view, scientific evidence, ignorance, angry, restaurant, flowers, wine, Dilbert, Dogbert, Dilbert's date