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Ted complains he is running out of time. He has an "O" spray-painted on his shirt.
Downsizing, thirty day, job, window, shut, loser, spell, Ted, Dilbert

Ted asks the Boss for a job in his area. Ted has an "E" spray painted on his shirt.
Downsizing, thirty day, job, find it, heart, empty, Ted, Boss

Ted says farewell to Wally on his last day of work. Ted has an "R" spray painted on his shirt.
Downsizing, thirty day, last day, farewell, stranger, stay in touch, Ted, Wally

Dilbert's date says she's an incurable romantic, but somehow Dilbert manages to cure her.
Dating, romantic, incurable, shoe, fungus, air, cure, scratch, table leg, mistake, oops, restaurant, wine, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

The Boss reclassifies Ted's job to require a Ph.D. and an Olympic gold medal, but Ted is free to reapply.
Downsizing, fire, e-mail, joke, top ten, sign, hairless rodent, reclassify, PhD, Olympic, gold medal, synchronised swimming, posthumous, congressional medal of honour, Ted, Boss

Tina posts a "do not disturb" sign outside her cubicle.
Office Politics, sign, do not disturb, post, keep away, undesirable, Tina, Wally, Dilbert

Wally convinces the Boss to put an "E-" in front of his title of Director of Information, Operations and Technology.
Management, title, director, information, operation, technology, e-diot, easy, remember, idiot, Wally, Boss, Carol

Dogbert advises the Boss to compensate for his lack of knowledge by talking too much.
Management, compensate, knowledge, talk too much, limit, society, expect, interesting, sit quiet, think, idea, Dogbert, Boss

Alice is learning to golf so she won't be excluded from the male-dominated golf events.
Sports, golf, learn, exclude, male-domination, event, putt, miss, television, Alice, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss calls Alice "Hun" and Alice takes it as a sexist comment.
Management, Hun, hon, thanks, sexist, burn, village, anger, shout, slave, Attila, harsh, Boss, Alice

Hawaiian Shirt Day is coming up, the Boss says, and Wally recognises it as a punishment.
Management, fashion, Friday, Hawaiian shirt, punishment, perk, disguise, fake, smile, Boss, Wally, Catbert

Ming signs Dilbert up for a trip to the south pole. Dilbert wonders why.
Office Politics, south pole, trip, travel, control freak, manipulate, parka, arctic gear, Ming, Dilbert, Dogbert

The database of customer behaviour information can be used for data mining or other purposes.
Marketing, database, customer, behaviour, non-linear, math, data mining, retail, channel, spam, good meeting, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss asks Catbert for advice on the most evil way to use the database of customer information.
Marketing, evil, database, customer, mailing list, spam, mercy, blackmail, clumping problem, kitty litter, Boss, Catbert

Dogbert announces he uses genetic engineering to grow workers for his temp agency.
Start of saga: Genetic engineering at the Dogbert Temp Agency
Management, Dogbert Temp Agency, genetic engineering, grow, danger, safety goggles, hand, mutant, Dogbert, Boss, temp, Alice

Alice shakes hands with the new temp.
Office Politics, handshake, genetic engineering, Dogbert Temp Agency, mutant, temp, Alice

The temp asks Dilbert if he needs a "hand."
Pun, Dogbert Temp Agency, hand, mad, count, fifteen, mutant, temp, Dilbert, Wally

The temp makes blank photocopies for Asok.
Office Politics, photocopy, blank, original, copy, side, talk to the hand, mutant, Asok, temp

Dogbert writes a business book called "Change Happens. Get Over It."
Dogbert-Schemes, book, business, title, filler, parable, bull, hamburger, picnic, foreword, Dogbert, Dilbert

Wally thinks all music on the Internet should be free and artists should get their money from digital tips. Catbert thinks the same idea be applied to engineers.
Start of saga: Engineers work for tips
Engineer, music, Internet, free, artist, money, digital tip, engineer, idea, brilliant, Wally, Catbert, Dilbert, Alice

Wally acts like a waiter as he offers his engineering skills to a co-worker.
Engineer, waiter, today's special, incomprehensible mumbling, acronym, sauce, snide, attitude, technical review, sarcasm, tip, apron, Wally, Ted

Wally, working for tips, brings the RFP instead of the spec binder.
Engineer, waiter, tip, RFP, spec binder, arrogant cow, anger, apron, Wally, co-worker

Wally counts his tips from the day's work as an engineer waiter.
Engineer, tip, waiter, breath mint, death threat, scrawl, napkin, forget, apron, cash, Dilbert, Wally

A co-worker spouts sayings that have no meaning.
Office Politics, my man, stayin' real, keepin' to the core, no meaning, dude, goatee, co-worker, Dilbert

The Boss used to not care about his subordinates, but that's changed now.
Management, care, subordinate, change, delegate, what's her face, Boss, Asok, Carol

Dilbert says the project isn't feasible and the Boss wants to work the numbers instead.
Management, analysis, pet project, feasible, work the numbers, underlying reality, massage the numbers, hallucination, fiddle with the numbers, idea, phrase, Dilbert, Boss

Catbert can't find the CPR dummy and wants Wally's help.
Start of saga: CPR training
Health, CPR, dummy, help, find, lie, first aid, back, mouth, open, training, Catbert, Wally

Catbert announces mandatory CPR training.
Health, CPR, mandatory, training, pear-shaped, beef-eating, middle-aged, touch, stress, Catbert, Asok, Dilbert, Boss

Asok faints and the engineers want to know if anyone knows CPR.
Health, down, CPR, kidney, first aid, tub, ice, strip, shave, Dilbert, Boss, Catbert, Asok

The engineers vote on the best method to help Asok, who has fainted.
Health, vote, CPR, first aid, Heimlich manoeuvre, sneak, boo, drill, Dilbert, Boss, Asok, Wally, Alice