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Wally tells the Boss he will spend the next year adding automatic registration to their product.
Management, plan, goal, staff meeting, automatic registration, product, feature, scowl, Wally, Dilbert, Boss

Ted gets a promotion in title to Senior Vice Duke and Imperial Majesty of all Engineering.
Management, promotion, title, senior vice duke, imperial majesty, business card, engineering, Boss, Ted

The Boss wants to start tracking time spent with internal clients so he can send fake bills to other departments.
Management, time tracking, client, fake bill, helpful, time sheet, internal, Boss, Wally

Alice reacts to the theft of her purse by booby-trapping her cubicle.
Security, steal, purse, Navy Seal, training, booby-trap, cubicle, aaiee, mail, scream, Alice, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert hangs upside down in a snare, caught by Alice for entering her cubicle.
Security, booby-trap, cubicle, snare, borrow, guest chair, rope, Dilbert, Alice

Catbert announces video camera surveillance, ID badges, telephone and Internet monitoring, and mandatory drug testing.
Note: The newspapers published a censored version of the strip. The uncensored version showed Wally's ass crack, a very small line. The censored version removed that line.
Personnel, video camera, ID badge, Internet, telephone, usage, monitor, drug test, brand, hot iron, butt cleavage, awareness, Catbert, Boss, Wally

Carol wonders why the Boss makes five times as much as her when she works harder.
Management, work hard, pay, compensation, kill, Carol, Boss

The Boss contemplates creating an Internet start-up company.
Start of saga: The Boss's Internet start-up company.
Business, Internet, start-up, business plan, VC, B to B, Viet Cong, breakfast in bed, Boss, Carol

The Boss tries to recruit Dilbert to work for his Internet start-up company.
Business, Internet, start-up, poach, employee, wink, moron, shout, Boss, Dilbert

Carol creates a business plan for the Boss's potential Internet start-up company.
Business, Internet, start-up, business plan, investigation, SEC, securities fraud, handcuff, song, Boss, Carol

The Boss almost hired another engineer when he remembered he could just make Dilbert work twice as hard.
Management, plan, hire, engineer, motivation, nomination, cost-saving, award, Boss, Dilbert

Ted's ten-year service party is scheduled for when he is having surgery.
Office Politics, ten-year service, party, surgery, casserole, potluck, Carol, Ted

Rasputin, the new consultant, demonstrates his charisma on Asok and Wally.
Consultant, paper cut, bleed, charisma, demonstration, evil eye process, anti charisma, goatee, Boss, Alice, Asok, Rasputin, Wally, Dilbert

Wally comes in to work ten minutes early because of the Boss's pep talk.
Management, motivation, pep talk, early, cost, start time, Wally, Boss

Alice presents the disaster recovery plan which consists of panicking and screaming.
Presentation, presentation, disaster recovery plan, panic, scream, help, budget, hope, projector, Alice

During a long presentation, an audience member screams with pain.
Presentation, slide, scream, pain, sleep, PowerPoint, poison, diagram, Dilbert, Wally, co-worker, Alice

Dilbert's salary is 115% of the mid-point of the range. Dilbert is more pessimistic of that statistic.
Performance Review, salary, mid-point, range, exciting, system, supervisor's page, peek, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss sends a memo to allow non-essential personnel to go home early.
Downsizing, memo, computer, binoculars, storm, non-essential, home, spy, layoff, parking lot, Boss

An employee asks for an exception for the e-mail address rule of first initial and last name.
Policy, e-mail, address, initial, name, exception, whine, butthead, Brenda Utthead, Boss

The Boss says good managers hires smarter people than himself.
Management, staff meeting, smart, dumb, CEO, doom, motivation, high five, Boss, Wally, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss asks an applicant how he would handle a letter.
Personnel, interview, mail, inbox, letter, chain letter, Boss, job applicant, Carol

Catbert says funerals waste time and heating costs are too high.
Personnel, waste, funeral, heating cost, cremate, furnace, opinion, Catbert, Dilbert's Mom, Dilbert, co-worker

Catbert says pay slips will be more complex.
Personnel, pay slip, complex, rip off, yeeha, bug, Catbert, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

Tina wants to work part time. The Boss asks her if she can work on days off to finish urgent projects.
Management, part time, day off, urgency, project, pay cut, negotiate, lunch, Tina, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert sits in a box and checks his stocks.
Finance, box, stock, will power, check, Internet, cubicle, Dilbert

The new corporate slogan is "The power of the Internet lies in converging the future with the here and now."
Management, slogan, Internet, future, converge, itch, goosebump, psoriasis, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert's date complains she hasn't received training for the new computer.
Dating, computer, replace, training, class, request, manual, read, time, cold, coat, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dogbert gets into self-service consulting where the Boss writes down his strategy and Dogbert sends massive bills.
Dogbert-Schemes, self-service consulting, strategy, bill, business card, Dogbert, Boss

Dogbert introduces himself, the self-service consultant, to the employees who are dumber than a crate of anvils.
Dogbert-Schemes, self-service consulting, hire, dumb, crate, anvil, operations, centralise, decentralise, strategy, Dogbert, Asok, Dilbert

Wally wants to follow Tom Peters's advice and become his own brand.
Professional, Tom Peters, advice, brand, phrase, I gotta get me some of that, evaluation, Wally, Alice

A certified technician pushes Dilbert away from the network server.
Professional, network, server, certification, summon, power, embarrass, class, memory, costume, cape, superhero, certified technician, Dilbert