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A suspicious-looking employee asks Ratbert, the company concierge, for an alibi.
Office Politics, alibi, police, truth, break, lye, barrel, crime, murder, employee, Ratbert

Dilbert doesn't believe the data being presented and he takes issue with it.
Meeting, presentation, system failure, software, data, actionable, practical value, crime, guilty, awkward, interest, ugly, incident, Ted, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss introduces Lulu who has no sense of proportion for problems.
Start of saga: Lulu has no sense of proportion for problems.
Character, normal, sense, proportion, problem, funny, Boss, Dilbert, Lulu

The Adventures of Lulu: the Boss gives Lulu an assignment.
Character, proportion, assignment, war, scream, hate, sense, Lulu, Boss

Lulu asks for help with her assignment because it's a huge crisis.
Character, proportion, crisis, assignment, wonder, God, soften, smite, static guard, lightning, Lulu, Dilbert

Lulu complains her project was in a death spiral until she reorganised her filing system.
Character, project, proportion, death spiral, meeting, leap, action, reorganise, filing system, stress, Lulu, Boss, Dilbert

Lulu wins the employee of the month award.
Character, proportion, employee of the month, win, odds, award, random, protest, taint, victory, Boss, Lulu, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Alice tells Lulu her project is stalled waiting for Lulu's input.
Character, proportion, project, stall, input, now, jaw, unhinge, mad, fright, hoagie, lunch, Alice, Lulu, Asok, Wally

Asok presents his idea for creating human simulations from DNA samples.
Technology, presentation, software, human simulation, DNA, sample, market application, genome, map, dating, simulation, watch, computer, button, feed, punish, diagram, Asok, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to write his own performance evaluation, and tells him what raise to shoot for.
Performance Review, write, do it yourself, raise, invention, billion, dollar, steal, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert wants the Boss to hire him as a consultant for web strategy.
Dogbert-Schemes, free sample, management, idiot, web strategy, recommend, change company name, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss buys a used consulting report from Dogbert. He will assign rights for DOS to Microsoft.
Dogbert-Schemes, consulting report, used, exclusive rights, DOS, Microsoft, good feeling, Boss, Dogbert, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert offers to bean the CEO with a golf ball -- for a price.
Dogbert-Schemes, CEO, golf, dollar, bean, ball, helmet, clubhouse, Dogbert, Boss

Asok hits the outer boundaries in describing his week.
Meeting, staff meeting, render, useless, stress, bad management, cafeteria, inappropriate, terrific job, middle ground, Asok, Dilbert, Boss

Asok asks Wally for advice on how to deal with stress.
Health, stress, excuse, exercise, Good Thing, advice, Asok, Wally

Dilbert complains the Boss's plan is impractical. The Boss says it isn't worth doing if it isn't hard.
Philosophy, plan, impractical, management, hard, walk, hop, recant, absurd, bow, reason, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss wonders why Dilbert won't release information to Marketing.
Dogbert-Schemes, marketing, information, respect, decline, invitation, hallucination, join, system, bah, Boss, Dilbert, Dogbert

Ted gets a t-shirt with a target printed on it for an achievement award.
Downsizing, award, t-shirt, achievement, agenda, staff cuts, target, Boss, Ted

All satellites will be de-orbited and turned into flaming balls hurtling toward Earth, the Boss says.
Technology, shut down, global communication, de-orbit, satellite, flame ball, Earth, city, swimming pool, presentation, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Alice

A reporter gets hit with a falling satellite just as he was about to identify the responsible company.
Technology, news, television, satellite, investigation, behind, whump, plan, assassinate, accident, Boss, news reader, Dilbert

Dilbert is tired of not being respected and plans to send out his resume.
Professional, respect, work, resume, company, place, wonder, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert finishes updating his resume to send to a company in an undesirable location.
Professional, resume, computer, slave, potential, location, sarcasm, supportiveness, Dilbert, Dogbert

The new CIO, a baby, meets the engineers at a meeting. He answers the call of nature in mid-meeting.
Management, baby, young, integrate, meeting, e-commerce, plan, nature calls, diaper, soil, decentralise, procurement, gramps, Alice, Dilbert, CIO, Asok

The project has finished ahead of schedule, the project manager announces. Dilbert wants to know which schedule.
Project, finish, schedule, original, question, meeting, revision, calendar, change, project manager, Dilbert, Wally

A technician from I.S. comes into Tina's cubicle and takes over her computer.
Start of saga: Tina's computer gets upgraded.
Corporate Services, IS, upgrade, reformat, computer, hard drive, guilt, tool, circuit board, technician, Tina

The I.S. technician hides under Tina's desk for three days.
Corporate Services, IS, desk, upgrade, computer, hide, food, licorice, feed, Wally, Tina, technician

The IS technician breaks Tina's computer when he upgraded it.
Corporate Services, IS, upgrade, broke, ahead, broken, fast, computer, tool, technician, Tina

Dilbert finishes upgrading the sales support network. A sales person complains he can't unlock his Lexus anymore.
Office Politics, upgrade, sales, support, network, Lexus, unlock, own, look like, sales rep, Dilbert

The Boss complains his computer screen is fuzzy.
Technology, computer, screen, fuzzy, fiddle, clean, handkerchief, flu, subject, monitor, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss and Dilbert interview Paul, who claims to have invented e-commerce.
Personnel, interview, candidate, invent, e-commerce, teach, lie, engineer, hire, Boss, Dilbert, Paul

Catbert tells Asok he needs approval for any outside jobs.
Personnel, approval, outside job, realise, control, life, think, predict, Catbert, Asok