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The Boss gives a morale improvement award to Ed, who complains more than half is deducted for taxes.
Management, morale improvement, award, after tax, wonder, Boss, Ed, Wally, Dilbert

The Boss reports to Ming everyone says their web site is ugly.
Technology, web site, ugly, everyone, Tibetan Monks, confuse, entire planet, Boss, Ming

The Boss pretends to turn invisible so he doesn't have to make decisions.
Management, invisible, desk, quiet, decision, silent, see, Boss, Alice

Catbert says auditors discovered bikini pictures on Wally's PC and says it's grounds for dismissal.
Personnel, auditor, gigabit, bikini, picture, PC, grounds for dismissal, plead, innocent, magnetic media, activate, godless, fire, justice, grey area, porn, Catbert, Wally, Dilbert

Mordac and Ming insult each other and get turned on.
Start of saga: Mordac and Ming date.
Dating, Preventer of information services, firewall, punish, HTML, COBOL, attraction, suspenders, romance, foreplay, webmistress, Mordac, Ming

The Boss tells Ming she now reports to Mordac of I.S.
Dating, report, protest, meeting, oblige, hate, works for me, suspenders, Boss, Ming, Mordac

Mordac writes Ming a love letter and includes a threat to fire her.
Dating, love letter, e-mail, garbage, recycle bin, terminate, boss, Mordac, Ming, Dilbert

Edfred, the two-faced employee, tells Dilbert he'll back him up at the meeting.
Office Politics, two-faced employee, plan, stupid, back you up, meeting, Edfred, Dilbert

Edfred, the two-faced employee, disagrees with Dilbert in front of the Boss, even though he agreed two minutes ago.
Office Politics, stab, disagree, meeting, brilliant, plan, face, deny, Edfred, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss decides to manage like a sadistic game show host.
Management, sadism, game show, host, insane, performance review, pecked to death, trained birds, Boss, Alice

The Boss advises Dilbert to be unethical with vendors because Dilbert's budget was cut.
Vendor, budget, cut, technology, install, unethical, purchase, hint, free, lie, hidden cost, Boss, Dilbert, sales rep

Dogbert tries to sell Intranet collaboration tools to the Boss.
Start of saga: Intranet collaboration software
Dogbert-Schemes, employee, ignorant, sell, Intranet, collaboration, tool, share, sign, contract, network, Dogbert, Boss

Asok wants to share knowledge with the Intranet collaboration software. Wally doesn't want to share.
Office Politics, share, knowledge, Intranet, collaboration, software, insult, hoard, network, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss complains to Dogbert no one uses the Intranet collaboration software.
Dogbert-Schemes, Intranet, collaboration, software, defective, cat scan, next, complain, pun, network, Boss, Dogbert, Catbert, Wally

Asok tells how he invited 50 people to a meeting to discuss a bug in their product.
Meeting, accomplishment, staff meeting, schedule, bug, discuss, fix, thanks, status report, Asok, Alice, Boss

Dilbert explains the network topology plan to the Boss and asks for money for a new server.
Technology, server, plan, network topology, load, pointy, haired, idiot, clueless, purchase order, sign, diagram, naming scheme, Dilbert, Boss, Alice, Wally

Ted gets enlightened when the meeting and all the strange words suddenly make sense. Disaster follows.
Meeting, enlightenment, word, explode, sense, card, head, Ted, Wally, Dilbert

An instructor at the workplace violence prevention training class describes how to identify potentially violent employees.
Training, violence prevention, workplace, potential, beard, stupid answer, creepy, ineffective, male, disrespect, change seats, instructor, Wally, Dilbert, Alice

Dilbert suggests adding an FAQ section to their web site. Ming refuses.
Start of saga: Dilbert goes on a date with Ming
Technology, web site, FAQ, suggestion, ignorance, merit, dating, weekend, frustration, Dilbert, Ming

Ming asks for an explanation why Dilbert asked her out after she treated him like dirt.
Dating, understand, male, brain, dirt, personality, overrate, hot, sexually aroused, Ming, Dilbert

Ming is insulted when Dilbert asks her out.
Dating, insult, level of attractiveness, sexy, car, electric car, Ming, Dilbert

Ming prefers humming to talking on her date with Dilbert.
Dating, talk, car, radio, hum, pretend, bad, cognitive dissonance, Ming, Dilbert

Ming and Dilbert establish ground rules for their conversation -- chattering nonstop and gawking at women.
Dating, restaurant, chatter, people, gawk, male, trait, mind, wine, Ming, Dilbert

Ming complains to a friend on a mobile phone she's having the worst date ever.
Dating, mobile phone, ass, worst date, inspection, butt, bend over, Ming, Dilbert

Dilbert asks for a raise. The Boss says challenges are more valuable than money.
Management, raise, underpaid, money, challenge, valuable, change, kill, infect, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss finishes presenting the plan and the engineers go wild.
Meeting, plan, scream, inspire, PDA, webvan split, stock market, investment, Boss, Wally, Alice

The Boss says Dilbert must work eighteen hours a day to compete.
Management, work hours, compete, industry, inspire, competition, Boss, Dilbert

Ratbert becomes the company's new concierge.
Start of saga: Ratbert, the company concierge
Office Politics, concierge, errand, personal, degrade, loofah, lather, Boss, Ratbert, co-worker, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Wally asks Ratbert, the company concierge, to get him a date.
Dating, concierge, hot, errand, promise, employee, movie, theatre, wig, dress, Wally, Ratbert

The Boss asks Ratbert, the company concierge, to attend a doctor's appointment for him.
Health, no time, appointment, doctor, sleep, desk, sweet-talk, diet, exercise, pill, concierge, Boss, Ratbert