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The Boss builds up a really stupid assignment for Asok.
Project, assignment, career, asset tag, office equipment, cry, Boss, Asok

Asok discusses his asset tag assignment with anyone who'll listen.
Project, asset tag, assignment, stapler, equipment, conversation, Asok, Dilbert

A CEO brags about being wealthy to the staff.
Management, speech, obscene, wealth, guest house, cash, brick, speech writer, microphone, CEO, Alice, Wally, Dilbert

Dilbert summarises a project into three bullet points. He had to invent words.
Presentation, summary, project, bullet point, invent, word, splurby, noobah, pizkwat, projector, Dilbert

Dilbert confesses he's starting to get an inferiority complex.
Family, inferiority complex, feel better, excuse, wicked wag, bathrobe, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert wants to take a class for a new technology but the Boss says to learn from the sales rep.
Sales, training, technology, class, vendor, moist towelette, sponge bath, trade rag, Dilbert, Boss, sales rep

Dilbert asks his date which presidential candidate she likes.
Society, presidential candidate, hair, social policy, view, tax plan, economist, pollute, vote, intelligence, lie, date, Dilbert, Dilbert's date, Dogbert

Dogbert becomes a generic self-help consultant, where he tells people to keep their thoughts in a journal.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, generic, self-help, journal, thought, bill, lead by example, bathrobe, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dogbert tells an overweight man to lose weight by recording meals in a journal.
Dogbert-Schemes, weight-loss pencil, lose weight, journal, meal, patent, big, pencil, giant pencil, Dogbert, overweight man

Dilbert tells a marketing rep a product would melt the ice caps and destroy humanity.
Marketing, product, polar ice caps, doom, humanity, destroy, planet, free, t-shirt, Dilbert, marketing rep

A marketing rep says her plan will annihilate all of Earth's life.
Marketing, plan, annihilation, life, Earth, competitor, company, tobacco, junk food, volunteer, accomplish, performance review, marketing rep, Asok, Dilbert, Wally

Wally says although it looks like he does no work, he is actually a resource for strategy and knowledge management.
Professional, untrained eye, work, knowledge management, strategy, think, raging sea, head, stomach, gurgle, sound, Wally, Boss

Dogbert offers to build an e-commerce site for the Boss.
Consultant, team, e-commerce, site, build, document, maintain, cool, deliver, flying pig, IS group, Dogbert, Boss, Wally, Alice

The Boss asks Carol to answer his phone because important people don't use voicemail.
Technology, telephone, inefficient, morale, voicemail, information, message, scream, live person, important, Boss, Carol, Dilbert

Alice tells the Boss she scheduled a meeting with his boss.
Start of saga: Alice dates the Boss's boss (a vice-president).
Management, schedule, meeting, problem, speak frankly, cute, date, fear, Alice, Boss

Alice says her meeting with the Boss's boss was good and they laughed a lot.
Management, meeting, boss, story, laugh, urban legend, Boss, Alice

The vice president expresses doubt about dating Alice since she's in his division.
Dating, division, tool, restaurant, doubt, indifference, arouse, nuts, VP, engineer, subordinate, wine, vice president, Alice

The vice president brings Alice a bouquet of pencils.
Dating, bouquet, cubicle, pencil, flower, telephone, fire, secretary, stalk, vice president, Alice

Dilbert says it's the Boss's fault he didn't show initiative this year.
Performance Review, initiative, fault, atmosphere, fear, distrust, note to self, Boss, Dilbert

At his performance review, Dilbert says his main weakness is he works so fast, he becomes invisible.
Performance Review, weakness, improve, fast, invisible, work, blur, multitasking, often, once a year, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert says his project is behind schedule because the schedule is an artificial deadline with no basis in reality.
Project, schedule, artificial, knowledge, future, wild guess, surrogate, deadline, trade show, reality, budget, apologise, role, knowledge, failure, Boss, Dilbert

Dogbert recommends using the new female CEO in the company's advertisements.
Start of saga: Female CEO in company advertisements which Dogbert directs.
Dogbert-Schemes, CEO, power, hi-tech, exploit, fame, advertisement, suggest, wardrobe, bikini, woman, industry, Dogbert, Boss

The Boss asks the new CEO to appear in the new company advertisements.
Dogbert-Schemes, advertisement, power, tan line, high tech, consultant, industry, Boss, CEO, Dogbert

The CEO wonders why she's leaning on a chair in the advertisement.
Fashion, product, advertisement, studio, camera, director, megaphone, shout, hair, nun, chair, makeover, bullhorn, television camera, CEO, Dogbert

Dogbert uses blue-screen technology in his advertisement with the new female CEO.
Technology, pose, chair, product, advertisement, studio, model, blue screen, blouse, towel, spokesperson, camera, beret, breasts, nude, CEO, Dogbert, body double

Carol and the Boss come up with an efficient way to fire Ted.
Downsizing, fire, goodbye, party, organise, efficiency, surprise, party hat, Carol, Boss, Dilbert, Wally, Asok

Dilbert gets a random drug test and free cashews.
Note: Part of the tribute to Peanuts and Charles Schultz. Panel 1 refers to urine ("pee") and Panel 2 refers to cashews ("nuts"). Together, they form "Peanuts."
Health, random, drug, test, unpleasant, cashews, Charlie Brown, think, urine, doctor, Dilbert, Dogbert

The Boss gets a fake video surveillance camera and wants Dilbert to install it in the break room.
Management, pssst, fake, video surveillance, camera, break room, theft, cheap, criminal, hide, trash, secret, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert tries to impress women by talking about how long he can wear his socks before they start to smell.
Dating, socks, antimicrobial, polymer, bond, chlorine atom, cotton, stink, wear, pick-up line, hi, Dilbert, Dogbert, woman

Dogbert has the patent for "No-Click Shopping."
Technology, patent, no-click shopping, whiner, obvious, idea, ship, book, one-click,, Dogbert, Dilbert

The Boss tries to start a documentation trail on Wally.
Management, documentation trail, fire, inactivity, form, Boss, Wally