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The Boss asks Wally to do a gap analysis for the department.
Management, gap analysis, honest, pointy, hair, office, Boss's head, Boss, Wally

Ted returns to the company and describes his resignation manifesto.
Office Politics, sing, dance, resign, manifesto, e-mail, picture, video clip, sound, web site, off Broadway, theatre production, motivation, disgust, Ted, Dilbert, Dogbert

Wally wants to go out on a fake disability claim.
Start of saga: Wally's fake disability claim.
Health, fake, disability, claim, leave, note, doctor, believe, obvious, Wally, Dilbert, Boss

Catbert wants Asok to spy on Wally, who's out on a fake disability claim.
Health, disability, claim, leave, evidence, spy, vigorous, activity, camcorder, video camera, Catbert, Asok, Alice

Asok takes pictures of Wally at home on disability leave.
Health, disability, claim, leave, test, spy, camera, picture, move, jiggle, camcorder, video camera, Asok, Catbert, Wally

Wally returns from his fake disability leave.
Health, disability, claim, leave, return, early, camaraderie, stimulating conversation, Wally, Dilbert

Dogbert suggests asking a question "What would Dogbert do?" to help Ratbert cope.
Family, question, what would Dogbert do?, bumper sticker, blindfold, WWDD, what would Jesus do?, WWJD, blind, Dogbert, Ratbert

Ratbert asks himself "What would Dogbert do?" as he's walking down the sidewalk.
Family, question, what would Dogbert do?, brain, dry, peanut, hungry, thought, WWDD, Ratbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to fly to Austin to answer some customer questions even though the telephone would be faster and easier.
Management, fly, Austin, question, customer, telephone, concept, Boss, Dilbert, customer

Dogbert plants memories in Dilbert's subconscious he went skydiving.
Family, skydive, remember, false memory, plant, subconscious, college, believe, remote control, Dogbert, Dilbert

Dilbert tells Alice about the time he went skydiving.
Family, skydive, false memory, plant, bah, parachute, trampoline, plane, bounce, lunch, Dilbert, Alice, Wally

Dilbert takes a report to the Technology Buddha for enlightenment.
Technology, enlightenment, report, meditate, wise, bowl, ice cream, vanilla, trance, Boss, Dilbert, Technology Buddha

Dilbert shows a report to the Technology Buddha.
Technology, enlightenment, eat, idea, stink, shoe, scrape, Dilbert, Technology Buddha

Alice says she's quit but would lose an extra week of vacation.
Professional, quit, job, vacation, week, service, happy, plan, Alice, Dilbert

Dilbert admits he would work harder if offered stock incentives.
Personnel, work hard, stock, offer, incentive, admit, beat up, customer, trap, Catbert, Dilbert

A telemarketer offers the Boss a long-distance telephone service.
Technology, telephone, long distance, mile, short, interest, telephone headset, Boss, telemarketer

Ken says he received severance packages from previous employers and hopes for another one.
Professional, severance, package, employer, retire, ka-ching, fire, downsize, Ken, Boss, Wally, Dilbert

Wally takes a self-paced online training course to improve himself.
Training, self-paced, Sharpen My Saw, online, subject, confuse, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

The new sadist arrives to thwart Dilbert's every move.
Start of saga: The new company sadist.
Office Politics, misery, thwart, paradise, auditing department, company sadist, Dilbert

The company sadist invites Dilbert to a four-hour meeting.
Office Politics, meeting, long, agenda, hurt, doughnut, floor, odds, company sadist, Dilbert

The company sadist forwards Alice's e-mail to everyone in the company.
Office Politics, e-mail, forward, insult, project, theory, brown hair, company sadist, Alice, co-worker, Dilbert

Alice deals with the company sadist in her own fashion.
Office Politics, fist of death, note from the author, violence, friend, bag, dumpster, drag, differences, lunch, Alice, company sadist, Dilbert, Wally

Wally proactively complains about his workload so he won't get more assignments.
Office Politics, sleep, alarm, complain, workload, ounce of prevention, assignment, project, deliverable, task, action item, fire drill, dog and pony show, glare, Wally, Boss

The Boss finishes Dilbert's project plan without Dilbert's help.
Project, project plan, input, lie, skip, assignment, failure, preliminary, blame, Boss, Dilbert, Alice

A liaison is assigned to Dilbert to keep him away from normal people.
Management, social misfit, job, normal, title, Boss, engineering liaison, Dilbert

Dilbert tells the engineering liaison about his project status.
Management, project status, translate, client, project, idiot, requirement, drunk, engineering liaison, Dilbert

Wally finds out what "engineering liaison" really means.
Office Politics, think, mean, hidden meaning, claim, sex, flowers, Wally, engineering liaison, Asok

Wally says demons have possessed his PC and the Boss should approve a new one.
Technology, demon, PC, web site, abomination, solution, approve, fast, porn, Wally, Dilbert, Boss

The new project manager gives Dilbert a difficult assignment.
Project, project manager, assignment, difficult, complain, painful, Bucky, Dilbert

Dogbert recommends repackaging buggy software as a rust inhibitor.
Dogbert-Schemes, consultant, software, product, bug, repackage, rust inhibitor, computer, advertisement, error message, stupid, research, spit, exclamation point, laptop computer, presentation, Dogbert, Dilbert, Boss