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Ted has resigned and the Boss asks Asok to find Ted's hidden files.
Management, resign, file, hide, clue, disgruntle, negatory, porcelain, Boss, Asok

Asok finds Ted's files and a skeleton in the closet.
Office Politics, file, hide, skeleton, closet, babe, home wrecker, Asok, Wally

It's against company policy to date a skeleton, Catbert tells Asok.
Dating, policy, skeleton, closet, friend, swear, chip tooth, Catbert, Asok

The company can't meet demand for their product, so instead they hope to drive away customers.
Management, product, demand, arrogant, teach, bah, Boss, Dilbert, Dogbert

Dilbert will receive a new, company-approved, personality, Catbert says.
Personnel, personality, non-standard, approve, sycophant, glad hander, sadist, quantoid, prima donna, empty suit, whining misfit, spec sheet, Catbert, Dilbert, Wally

The Boss shows a new employee to his cubicle but with no network connection for six weeks.
Management, cubicle, network, connection, six weeks, status, update, IT department, checkup, Boss, new employee

Webmistress Ming says they don't pay enough to hire brilliant web people.
Management, pay, brilliant, web, webiot savant, stock options, reject, Ming

Wally says only ten percent of R and D projects succeed and others should be cancelled.
Management, research, development, project, succeed, fail, statistics, cancel, crazy idea, anger, lunch, Wally, Boss, Alice, Dilbert

The Boss asks Dilbert to change a one-page report into a two-page executive summary.
Management, report, executive summary, elastic band, underwear, idea, Boss, Dilbert

The Boss sends an e-mail describing the Employee Appreciation Luncheon -- potluck at his house.
Management, e-mail, employee appreciation luncheon, potluck, dish, groceries, Boss, Dilbert

Alice quantifies the benefits of the new knowledge management systems.
Presentation, quantify, knowledge management, benefit, intern, head, measure, drag coefficient, sandwich, fetch, Alice, Boss

The Boss asks Alice to not wear stirrup pants at the office.
Fashion, stirrup pants, patent, license fee, budget request, crisis, bad pants, Boss, Alice

Wally suggests changing the department name from Engineering to e-Engineering.
Meeting, staff meeting, department, name, e-engineering, marketing, idea, Wally, Boss, Dilbert

Dilbert's date is a basket case, and he tells her so.
Dating, swell, beach ball, IRS, jail, summary, basket case, hate, restaurant, wine, Dilbert's date, Dilbert, Dogbert

A new psychologist will help the engineers handle stress, the Boss says.
Health, stress, quack, pill, goatee, Boss, Alice, psychologist, Dilbert, Wally

The psychologist says stress is normal when a merger is pending.
Health, stress, merger, pending, normal, surprise, goatee, psychologist, Alice

Wally is uncertain which path to take: discover a shared vision or modify his conceptual map.
Management, shared vision, enrolment, compliance, conceptual map, organisational complexity, work, pay, Wally, Boss

Asok says he didn't accomplish much and maybe it would be better if he hadn't been born.
Management, meeting, task, accomplishment, born, slap, remind, Asok, Dilbert, Boss, Wally

Dilbert tells a sales rep about bugs in software, and the sales rep says it will cost to fix them.
Technology, software, bug, fix, defective, product, evil euphoria, fortune, single source, strategy, choice, raspberry, Dilbert, sales rep

Dilbert finds a unique way to accomplish more work with fewer people. The solution involves time travel.
Start of saga: Future Dilbert comes to the present.
Presentation, request, plan, more work, fewer people, future, time machine, unmotivated, projector, Dilbert, Boss

A Dilbert from the future comes back to meet Dilbert.
Family, ZZOOP, future, time machine, invention, weird, head, finger, hole, future Dilbert, Dilbert, Boss

Dilbert introduces his future self to the Boss.
Family, future, time machine, project, miserable, solid sewerage, assignment, Dilbert, future Dilbert

Alice meets the future Dilbert. The future Dilbert says Alice will be all over him at the next party.
Family, future, time machine, holiday party, drink, Dilbert, Alice, future Dilbert

The future Dilbert says he knows about all tragic events in Dilbert's life.
Family, future, time machine, tragedy, event, coffee, spill, crotch, ow, burn, scald, future Dilbert, Dilbert

The future Dilbert calls Dogbert "Your Majesty."
Family, future, time machine, majesty, retroactive, dance, future Dilbert, Dogbert

Tina reacts badly when the Boss touches her computer screen.
Management, computer, screen, finger oil, title, move, clean, hover, aura of infallibility, touch, Tina, Boss

Dilbert gives a CD-ROM business card including a list of his character flaws to a woman at a party.
Dating, CD-ROM, business card, film archive, character flaw, wine, Dilbert, woman

Dilbert saw his date's personal web page and she looked at his CD-ROM business card.
Dating, CD-ROM, business card, web page, conversation, restaurant, wine, Dilbert, Dilbert's date

Dilbert asks Anne L. Retentive to review a first draft.
Pun, review, first draft, world, fly apart, kill, comma, Dilbert, Anne L. Retentive, Wally

Dilbert uses bad assumptions and flawed logic to arrive at the Boss's predetermined answer.
Management, analysis, assumption, logic, flaw, predetermined answer, disillusion, pie chart, Dilbert, Boss

The Boss has cancelled dumpster service to save money.
Management, dumpster service, cancel, money, alternative, trash, garbage, pocket, Boss, Wally, Dilbert